Alabama High School Student Uses Stun Gun on Teacher (Video)

stun gun attack al

This short video offers another reason for folks to home school their children. The public schools seem to be in chaos today.

An Alabama student pulled a stun gun on a teacher who tried to stop her fighting with another female student. The altercation was caught on camera, and the shocking footage made it to web. The girl has been arrested and charged with felony assault.
A Mary G. Montgomery High School student, whose name is not being released due to her age, was reportedly having a conflict with another girl when a teacher came to break up their fight, according to the Alabama Media Group.

The student in question attacked him with a stun gun she had on her, Mobile County Sheriff’s office said.

I don’t see the stun gun in this video. Is there a stun gun?

9 thoughts on “Alabama High School Student Uses Stun Gun on Teacher (Video)

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  2. Fucking groid “women” like to use pepper spray and tasers as offensive weapons. In most states, including California, the offensive use of those items is a felony. I hope the bitch is tried as an adult.

      • Here, in California, a few years ago, during a mad rush on, I believe, Black Friday, one of them pepper sprayed a whole bunch of other women, mostly white, to get to the merchandise first. The police investigated, but didn’t charge her with anything, because she claimed that she felt “threatened” by them. The lying bitch just wanted to get to the sale items first. TNB.

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