The Term “Conspiracy Theory” Was Created by the CIA to Silence Dissidents


Paul Craig Roberts

The Term “Conspiracy Theory” Was Invented by the CIA In Order To Prevent Disbelief of Official Government Stories

Ron Unz reports on the cold shoulder given to an extensively researched book that concludes that World War II hero General George Patton was murdered by the CIA because he became a powerful critic of Washington.

The book was ignored because the US media and public have been programmed to regard the US government as a truth-teller and those who expose government crimes as “conspiracy theorists.”

In 2013 Professor Lance Dehaven-Smith in a peer-reviewed book published by the University of Texas Press showed that the term “conspiracy theory” was developed by the CIA as a means of undercutting critics of the Warren Commission’s report that President Kennedy was killed by Oswald. The use of this term was heavily promoted in the media by the CIA.

It is ironic that the American left is a major enforcer of the CIA’s strategy to shut up skeptics by branding them conspiracy theorists.

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2 thoughts on “The Term “Conspiracy Theory” Was Created by the CIA to Silence Dissidents

  1. I have to agree with Carlos Porter about this. Some seeming conspiracies, like the JFK assassination, don’t matter – because who the fuck cares? He was their tool, not ours. Patton? It’d be nice to know but he was even too little too late. He destroyed Europe for the benefit of those he later came to doubt.

    But these are National Enquirer type, individual, stories. The real dangerous conspiracies are the business of the men who pull the strings in Washington. To conspire means to plan, and who can doubt that they do that?

  2. Eisenhower left Berlin to the Russians to the fury of his own subordinates and also to Churchill who was not consulted. Eisenhower also delayed winning the war so that the Russians would get all of Eastern and Central Europe. Eisenhower was a traitor who naturally enough later became President. He was too busy fucking his young Irish female driver. Incredible today to think that 70 years ago the Supreme leader was allowed to blatantly have a sexual affair during an invasion of which he was the Supreme Commander. Winning the war meant losing her and going back to his wife so he was in no hurry.
    Ike was a Commie lover, like so many in the US Government including Roosevelt.
    Patton told the truth about the Jews and the Commies (both being the same people) so he was murdered by a Coon driving a US military truck head on in to Pattons jeep. then a US military hospital finished off the murder job.
    Some reward for patriotism and defeating the only white army capable of fighting the Soviet Union Jew Communists. Patton said “We fought on the wrong side”.
    Like Eisenhower, Patton was also unfaithful and carting a fake niece around during the invasion of Europe, so he could have regular sex with a young woman.
    These guys made the disciplined Germans look good. Also the Allies did a lot more looting in France than did the Germans, of things like wine in cellars and farm animals.

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