Prophecy: God Sent Donald Trump to Wage War Against Destructive Spirits


In this post we hear from a Christian to whom God has spoken. Sadly, God did not mention Jews in his explanation of why Donald Trump has been chosen. It is not antisemitic to bring up the J word because there are elements in the Jewish Talmud that explain why an immoral, degenerate nonwhite nation is the goal of a select group of elite Hollywood Jews.

Excerpt from Charisma News

You have to wonder: What is it about this man, Trump, that unhinges liberals, media, academia and the establishment class in politics? This is more than an issue of personal style. There is a spiritual storm surrounding this election. Those who see Donald as a hateful, unstable, shallow, blusterous billionaire need to consider whether they are responding to the man and what he actually says or reacting to a caricature of the man. Barak Obama deliberately ran as a blank canvas that voters could paint on to make him become what they wanted him to be. Trump is the opposite. He is in some strange way a mirror that reflects back whatever you are. Some people “get” him and others don’t, and those who don’t never will. But if he is a mirror, what does it tell us about the American left when they burn our flag, smash police vehicles and unleash violence and invective against peaceful gatherers at Trump events?

There is a spirit assigned to destroy America. The strategy is laid bare if you read the 51-page democratic platform. It’s the manifesto Hillary is expected to enforce when she is president. They call this revolution a “reset!” Read it for yourself. Under Hillary, America will undergo the final phase of Obama’s radical socialist cultural transformation with astonishing speed. Just one man stands in its path.

When I first heard Donald Trump speak, he was returning from a trip to Iowa where he met “evangelicals.” Asked what he thought about them he replied, “Well, they’re interesting.” He sounded like he had encountered a rare bird species never seen in Manhattan.

With 15 candidates running, and many of them strong Christians, it didn’t seem likely that Mr. Trump, the business man outsider, would go very far. But I heard the Lord say something: “Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness.” That was the first word I heard about him. Immediately I began to wonder what God was doing. How far will Trump go? Could this odd man out be the unpredictable instrument of God for a nation entering what authors of The Fourth Turning call “the crucible,” a cycle of American history where we are put to the ultimate test?

Donald’s “P.C.” Gift to America

When I heard the words, “Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness,” I sensed that this man was about to break up the narrative driving the nation. Few people remember where we all were when he showed up. The media was highlighting gender change with Kaitlin Jenner, burning cities in Ferguson, and safe places on campuses. The terms homophobia and islamophobia were being attached like a scarlet letter on anyone who had concerns or convictions out of sync with popular opinion. No politicians were talking about borders.

We’ve been losing the culture war decisively for the last decade, largely because we never knew how it was fought in the first place. Christians (30-50 million) represent a sufficient number in America to impact the nation. Why do we fail?

I’ve researched this topic for 20 years and keep coming back to a conclusion my colleagues and I don’t like: Culture isn’t shaped the way we thought. We assumed that culture is a reflection of the values of the majority of the people. If you can turn the majority, you can tip the culture. Or so we thought. The truth is that culture is shaped by relatively few people, a remnant of elites in proximity to power. This is why you can’t evangelize a nation into transformation. Christians already outnumber other groups but keep losing influence. To put it in Christian terms, culture is shaped by a remnant of gatekeepers who sit at the culture-shaping gates of influence. This powerful elite is made up of dense overlapping networks located and largely concentrated in the coastal cities (think the Northeast and California) and distributed among the peak institutions of government, law, academia, journalism, banking and entertainment—institutions that touch us all. It’s a revolutionary distinction. Revival ignites from the bottom up, but cultural reformation solidifies from the top down. You must occupy the gates!

Christians by and large are not concentrated in these heights. This explains why a remnant in the progressive left has succeeded so radically since President Obama came to power. Just as Jesus said, the people of this world are shrewder in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light (Luke 16:8). Put simply, evangelicals and charismatics are a large but disjointed group. We don’t work together and we don’t occupy key “gates” in the high places of opinion shaping.

In spite of this, Trump sees this group as critically important.

So why is he a threat? By putting America first and building a people movement, Donald Trump becomes a wild card that messes up the elite globalists’ insider game. Whatever you bow to on the way up the mountain controls you at the top. Hillary Clinton comes to the top of the political mountain with 1,000 strings (attached to 30,000 missing emails). Donald Trump comes with none. This is why the lawless Left and establishment Republicans don’t trust him. He’s not tied into the system.

12 thoughts on “Prophecy: God Sent Donald Trump to Wage War Against Destructive Spirits

  1. Jesus H Christ on a stick, somebody please save us from these self righteous God-talks-to-me wankers who think ONE man can save us all. Thump is a blustery, red faced, running to fat asshole who has already promised to put Israel first. He has back pedaled so hard on his deportation stance of illegals, that he fell off his fucking tricycle. He called Hellary a bigot and couldn’t even defend that remark: He can’t even use the term bigot properly. He’s a fucktard.

    Washington (CNN)Donald Trump defended Thursday calling Hillary Clinton a “bigot,” arguing that her policies are a personal reflection because she knows they are destined to fail minority communities.

    Trump and Clinton are each portraying the other as discriminatory toward African-Americans, with Trump charging on Wednesday evening that the candidate herself was hateful. Pushed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper if Trump meant to make a personal argument about Clinton as opposed to a policy argument, Trump doubled down.
    “She is a bigot,” he said. “She is selling them down the tubes because she’s not doing anything for those communities. She talks a good game. But she doesn’t do anything.”
    Asked if he believed Clinton personally hated black people, Trump claimed: “Her policies are bigoted because she knows they’re not going to work.”

    Simple Definition of bigot
    : a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)
    Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

    a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.
    “don’t let a few small-minded bigots destroy the good image of the city”
    synonyms: chauvinist, partisan, sectarian;

    • I sent a link to a prophecy video to someone yesterday. The prophet was a black woman. God had told her something different. He said that Trump was sent as a decoy. Meaning according to the black prophetess that God sent Trump to get people to repent. But we haven’t repented, so now must face the consequences.

      I’ve never known a prophet who would get everything right. Thus, it may very well be that prophets are crazy, bored, looking for fame, or looking for money.

      Whatever, this prophet expounds a theory about Trump’s success. I do believe that he, unlike anyone for decades, would put America First. For decades, Israel has been put first. Trump will put it second, which is not ideal, but an improvement.

      • A decoy?? Hahaha! Sounds like god flip flops as much as Thump. Hahaha!

        Listen, kid, as long as jews exist, there will be NO improvements. They promised and delivered 2 world wars and are working on WW III.

    • For some reason, Cartier, you’re far more virulent about Trump than you are Hillary. I don’t get that.

      And as far as Jews go, yes they do mess everything up. I get that. But do you suppose we do with them? Unless we are willing to engage in violent bloody civil war and expel all these invaders all else is conversation.

      • I do so because 1. we all know how savage and jew controlled Hillary is doe to her past behavior. And 2. people slobbering all over Thump irritates the hell out of me because he, if he is PLACED in office, will continue to follow the jew agenda of our slaughter and extermination. I see him as a distraction for what the jews are planning. And yes, there will be a bloody war, and I hope we can rise up against it.

        The jews “mess everything up?” You’re kidding, right? Here’s what they’ve done and here’s what’s in store for us. Don’t you know that the jews tried to wipe out the entire German race during WW II?

      • Cartier, I’m FULLY aware of how dangerous kikes are. And no I’m not kidding.

        You see this election isn’t about Trump. It’s about white men and white women having a voice. Trump didn’t waken whites up. Abuse by non-whites, lacks of jobs, Obama care fines on their taxes, that’s what woke them up.

        Whites have NO one to speak for them. Not for a long time. Whites glummed onto Trump because he symbolized the frustration, rage and anger they’ve felt for years.

        Bloody war? Are you prepared? Are any of us? Do you practice weapons training on a daily basis? Are you ready to walk all day long to get to a place of refuse if need be?

        Civil War is not pretty. Having read many of the diaries here in the South and reading historical archives, it’s pretty damn brutal and harsh.

        That’s why I live in the country. I grow a lot of my own food. I preserve and can. I sew and patch things. I work on my own house and water and mow my own grass. I’m living it. I’m a former urban city woman, now a prairie homesteader.

        I’ve seen first hand what nogs can do. I lived in NYC for many years. Rode the subway on a daily basis. I know how vile and disgusting they are.

        I save my ire for people like Hillary and other open anti-whites.

      • Yeah, and the niggers thought they had a “voice” in Obama and look what happened. He has done nothing but promote race wars, which, of course, the jews want. And I save my ire for all the HIDDEN anti-whites out there. Anyone protecting the jews ie Israel, is anti-white.

    • Your liberalism blinds you like God said he blinds the Israelites until they seek Jesus. Then God unstops their ears and opens their eyes to the Lord.
      Before God sent his son Jesus to die for us he said he will not send any more prophets.
      These are prophecies about Trump. Trump is not a prophet. Trump does not act like a prophet nor does he claim to be one. The prophecies about Trump say God will use him to stop evil from destroying America. God will use Trump to make America great again and bring America prosperity like it has never seen before.

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