NYC Sex Cesspool Sign of the Times

interracial group sex ad equinox black male with white female

Yesterday Henry Makow offered up an on-the-ground report from the New York City dating, marriage, and sex scene.

God is going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah if He doesn’t destroy New York City.

Henry Makow

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

“The line between a prostitute and a good girl in Manhattan is practically invisible,” said my source, a longtime player who identified himself as “American Psycho.”

“It’s not uncommon for a woman to ask for “cab fare” after a “date” and expect to receive a $100 or more. These are career ladies. They all have a sideline.”

“Appearance is everything for women. It’s their only commodity. They have mobile plastic surgery in NYC. They will come to you for liposuction or botox or whatever. ”

“In general, young women are being medicated to become docile sex slaves. The richer ones all have counsellors or psychiatrists who prescribe ‘anti anxiety’ drugs like Klonopin, Adderol, Adavan or Zanex which overrides their natural nesting instincts and makes them sexually compliant and promiscuous.”

“Quasi pimps who work for nightclubs round up the poorer ones and hook them on these drugs. They are bait for men who attend these clubs. These young girls get to meet wealthy older men. It’s an orgy.”

“Ecstasy and Molly are also very pervasive.”

“The drugs for men are alcohol and cocaine.”

“The homosexual lifestyle (i.e. promiscuity) is promoted. Along with a counsellor, every young woman must have a gay friend. If you’re a man and don’t approve of the homosexual agenda, you won’t get a date with a woman.”

“It’s considered ‘healthy’ to be single and promiscuous. It’s a highly sexualized environment.”

” Traditional nuclear families are derided and undermined. Beautiful women will hit on the loyal husband. Feminists and lesbians will contaminate the mind of the homemaker: ‘He’s cheating on you.” ‘You’re life is oppressive.’ It’s a form of gang-stalking.”

” The smallest dispute will result in break ups and restraining orders. City laws are skewed against families.”

“Thanks to the Internet, new partners are so accessible that minute problems result in permanent break-ups.”

“It all originates in the Sabbatean-Frankist Jewish (i.e. Communist Illuminati) hatred of the family and belief that women should be public utilities. They believe the Messiah will come when society disintegrates into sin. So they practise every kind of sexual perversion – wife swapping, group sex, pedophilia and incest.”

Actually, this NYC cesspool of drugs, sex, and spiritual emptiness fairly well describes many university campuses. I know that the university that employed me fits the description exposed here by Henry. I would also add that a strong interest in the occult and Satanism permeated my campus, which was heavily Mexican in its student body and heavily nonwhite among the faculty, especially the younger faculty. Satanic sexual practices tied to the occult were common knowledge. Pornography use and the production of amateur pornography were also common.

Interestingly, during my 30 years working there, I only met one Christian faculty member. I also had a psychic tell me the campus was infested with demons. Maybe that holds true for New York City as well.

13 thoughts on “NYC Sex Cesspool Sign of the Times

  1. Lots of kids, especially young women, want to move to NYC for no other reason than to be part of that scene. Gone are the days where the pretense of ‘finding work’ was cited. These girls live 3 to a box, barely able to pay rent, just t pretend to be ‘sex and the city’ girls. Parents should simply forbid their daughters, and sons, from moving there. The gov’t should cite the ‘too many people’ excuse in order to prevent it.

  2. Many TV shows push this lifestyle such as Sex And The City and more modern ones which I do not watch. I did see the first episode of some recent show about a New York advertising agency in the 1950s. In this very first episode an ambitious incoming female to New York is obviously willing to prostitute herself to get on. The show was outrageously feminist and yet set in the 1950s.
    It may be that porn has affected women more than men. In terms of changing their personal behaviour.
    Sex has never been free for men except for free samples or traps to lead to marriage or being a visa mule or get the mans wealth/income or whatever.
    Once upon a time men got married for regular sex and put up with a lot in exchange. These men had several kids whether they wanted to or not. Now, it is all out the window. The better looking more sociable young guys do not need to get married to get sex. So those getting married often are the nerdier less attractive guys, often well paid however.
    So even now sex is not free for men. I am not against the idea of women expecting to be paid, almost “all men pay one way or another”. Why not? I just think the price is often way too high, and rarely worth say $100 a pop if both parties enjoyed the sex.
    Females are (and not just humans) unfaithful by nature and the male/s must control them by social rules and restrictions, just as the Muslims do, as do lions and gorillas. Chimps and baboons have the same control problems we do. Leading males must sleep eventually and the cunning female will seek out the male she wants regardless of rules.

    • Realistic comment Robert, as usual.

      QUOTE – “…male/s must control them by social rules and restrictions, just as the Muslims do, as do lions and gorillas”.

      We can’t do that anymore, which is why (((they))) invented feminism. Multiculturalism and feminism will collapse our civilization. Feminist cunts deserve Sharia and I would be delightful (to certain extent) to see the most ardent disciplined the Muslim way. Life has its own dynamics and wanton mud-cunts will learn this the hard way, some already did and more will follow.

    • It may be that porn has affected women more than men. In terms of changing their personal behaviour.
      I believe you’re right about that. I noticed it at the university.

      By the way, around here in Texas approving of sex for pay will get you demonized as a pervert, misogynist, etc. San Antonio claims to be (via the Mexicans) “Family City USA.” However, it’s all hypocrisy. The Mexican males are having sex with their nieces, dogs, etc.

  3. Trying to think of that song from back in the day….had a line that went like….

    Don’t want to get caught up in none of that funky shit going down in the city

    Sums it up

  4. Nauseating..We Homeschool our young Patriots to protect them from this moral decay of society and pray we have instilled good core values for when they will see this crap and go….WTF?! Then stay out in the country away from all the Liberal filth.

  5. It was years and years but two cities I visited twice were NYC and San Francisco. Hey were interesting places to explore…..but…..I felt relieved when it was time to return to my dull boring Yankee life……both were a bit too overwhelming and weird for me, plus I always had a nagging something big and bad is going to happen if I stick around here too long.

      • I catch Michael’s daily youtube transcript of his radio show. I have not found a local station that carries his show. I love his show, the only thing that gets tired is his never-ending tooting ho\is own horn every few minutes about his genius. I grew up surrounded by jews and at work was immersed in jew spew (a goy systems analyst working in finance and marketing groups. Where there is money there are bound to be hooked noses

        I agree with Savage that SF has really slid into the toilet based on what I personally saw and listening to others. I have been told many times that Boston/Cambridge are the twin sisters to San Francisco/Berserkely….oh lucky me

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