The photograph above is an example of antiwhite propaganda. This particular photo is intended to demoralize the white male while offering encouragement to the white female to breed with the Negroid male.

Recognize it for what it is–crude propaganda spewed out now in Hollywood movies, music videos, and pornography on a large scale.

To innoculate one’s mind against this disgusting brainwashing, a person must first understand that there is an agenda to destroy all white countries and eventually create a world without a single white person in it.

The embedded video below offers an excellent introduction to the New World Order agenda that is forcing white countries to become nonwhite.

Spread a link to the video to those who might be interested in the issue of white genocide. You’ll probably be familiar with the topics covered, but the tens of million sheeple won’t be. A soothing female voice narrates, which makes this video a superior tool to redpill women.

Published on Aug 13, 2016

Check out more Clinton Crime Family videos here!
Through their forcing of immigration, integration and assimilation into all white countries, and only white countries, they have shown their intent to destroy the white race in whole. They are deliberately inflicting on the white race conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole.



  2. As I saw above picture, immediately something turned off in my stomach, and an immense rage overflowed me, to the point I could shoot with a greatest pleasure the White cunt that posed with this ape. So fucking humiliating! Hope that Jewish or Liberal author of this shit will get “properly serviced” by his own pets, sooner or later.

    Similarly to this advertisement, today I felt provoked with this one on the side of the YouTube page – Add for Virtual World (Play Free) – here is the image they used –

    No matter what, I am finding mudsharks exclusively responsible for all these disgust.

  3. Reblogged this on Stand or Die and commented:
    This otherwise excellent video fails to mention that it was jews who brought the niggers to America, knowing full well the future consequences, and that Israel, too, refuses to take in migrants.

    It is the jews that are exterminating Whites. As I saw a poster comment years ago: “Too bad the holocaust wasn’t true.”

    • I think i commented a lot of times too that too bad the holocaust wasn’t true. Though not sure if it was on this site or not.

      And the jews always do shit then blame it on whites. Slavery, priviledge etc.
      When they get caught doing shit they say it’s anti-semitic or something, but when they want to put a blame for something on whites (which either we did or didn’t do), suddenly they are white as well and like to preach to us what we should be doing. A lot of priviledge preachers are like that. Or just white traitors.

    • I noted that the role of the Jews was omitted. I wonder if in baby steps videos like this one, it might not be better to leave out the Jews. Too many evangelicals worship Jews and may need to be brought to the truth slowly.

      • We have all woken up slowly, damn few get it instantly. We have been fighting the NWO, Elites, military/industrial complex, Bilderbergs,Satanists, etc for 30 years or more, My friends and I used to fret and wonder who was REALLY behind it all. I had been walking baby steps all this time. It took 9/11 for me to realize that those were just masks of distraction and the jews are behind everything. Now I’ve devoted my life to exposing them, as most of us are.

        Now that we know the truth, the jews must be denounced at every opportunity. Unsung heroes like Irving, Duke and Mullins, have shown the jews dark hand throughout our history and who have shadowed us at every turn.

        I’ve always said that if we can show the doubters that the holocaust is a hoax and 9/11 was an inside job,the rest will be easy.

        There is plenty of pablum out there for those who are afraid to chew. The rest of us take our meat straight from the knife.

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