Burkini Furor Heats Up in France


The left (via feminism) constantly preaches sexual freedom for white Western women. Let your inner slut hang out, madam. That’s the message.

But sexual freedom (or any kind of freedom) for Muslim women isn’t on the agenda. Thus, there is widespread condemnation of France’s #BurkiniBan on Twitter. French leftists want to see Muslim women in burkinis because colonizing France with a hostile people and religion will help push the world into a globe where there are no more white people and no more Christians. Social justice demands it.


French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve warned Wednesday against stigmatising Muslims, as a furore over the banning of burkinis grew with the emergence of pictures showing police surrounding a veiled woman on a beach.

Speaking after a meeting with the head of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), Cazeneuve said: “The implementation of secularism, and the option of adopting such decrees must not lead to stigmatisation or the creation of hostility between French people.”

Dozens of French towns and villages, mostly on the Cote d’Azur, have banned beachwear that “conspicuously” shows a person’s religion — a measure aimed at the full-body Islamic swimsuit but which has also been used against women wearing long clothes and a headscarf.

CFCM president Anouar Kbibech requested an urgent meeting with Cazeneuve after pictures emerged of a veiled woman sitting on a beach in Nice removing her tunic, watched by four policemen.

The images, which went viral on social media, were interpreted as showing the woman being pressured by police into removing the garment.

“We have seen images of police officers forcing a woman on a Nice beach to remove her tunic when she wasn’t even wearing a burkini,” the CFCM said indignantly.

Nice mayor’s office, however, denied she had been forced to remove clothing, telling AFP the woman was showing police the swimsuit she was wearing under her tunic, over a pair of leggings, when the picture was taken.

The police issued her with a fine and she then left the beach, the officials added.

The left is protesting the burkini ban by posting many images similar to the one above, with similar messages. The campaign against the burkini ban is intended to confuse the public and break the will of the people to see the ban implemented.

There is a logical flaw in the argument.

The photo on the left is about decency on the beach, as expressed by the standards of the time. The goal was to prevent men from being overly sexually stimulated in an era in which skin was not much seen. Men of that era were also typically covered up just like women.

The burkini ban is about rejecting a statement by Muslims that says to the West, “We will not assimilate.”

Nuns have also become a symbol of protest against the burkini ban as seen in the Tweet below.

The logic of invoking nuns is also flawed. A nun’s habit is not beachwear. The burkini is beachware. The comparison doesn’t work. Besides, nuns habits are a part of the history of French culture.

In the end, this raging battle is not about religious rights or women’s rights. It’s a power play, intended to result in Muslims saying to France that the country is run by Muslims, that it is an Islamic country, transitioning from the West to a slice of the Middle East in the heart of Europe.

Actually, the burkini ban is a weak response by the French. The strong response would involve deportation back to their homelands. Ultimately, one culture and one race will control France. Let it be the indigenous French people and culture. If not, a new Dark Ages is upon us.

6 thoughts on “Burkini Furor Heats Up in France

  1. How chubby and mostly unattractive are Sand-Negresses, it’s probably better to stick with their burkini rags. Also their piss and feces will remain within burkini shit-catching inclosure, as we know that they often use swimming pools as a restrooms.

  2. Actually, i am against france criminalizing burkinis or whatever they’re called.

    Because if they do, less women will wear them and as such, less people will see just how many they are.

    So instead, it would be better for our cause to let them have their swimsuit burkas just so that people can be repulsed at what they represent.

    Which is why we should actually, instead of being against it, use sources from islamic sharia and whatever law they have that makes women wear it and make others see that they wear it so that they won’t get raped by (arab) men who can’t control themselves, supposedly. But it’s kinda ironic how their countries have the biggest rape rates isn’t it?

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