The Guardian Demonizes the Alt-Right as Racist and Antisemitic


The big British news organization The Guardian, leftist at its core, finds the alt-right to be a group of hatemongers in an article that appeared on its website yesterday.

The nascent white identity movement scares the antiracist Communists who have control of the narrative through control of the big media. They ignored us as long as they could. Now, they’re out to destroy us by turning public opinion against us.

This excerpt includes about half the article at The Guardian. The entire piece is well worth reading.

Excerpt from The Guardian

Richard Spencer, who coined the term “alt-right” in 2008, says he intended the term to describe a diverse, heterodox group whose members were “deeply alienated, intellectually, even emotionally and spiritually, from American conservatism”.

They were disillusioned at the end of the Bush presidency by Republican policies on war and immigration. They sought to draw on currents like the European New Right to transform what they saw as a moribund conservative movement. He and others connected with the succession of websites he edited – such as Taki magazine and – wrote extensively, focusing the alt-right into a more definite ideology, with increasingly hardline ideas about race.

stop racism

Spencer says that the term is still flexible, but affiliation has some minimum requirements. “Someone who is really alt-right recognises the reality of race, and the fact that race matters, and that race is an essential component of identity.”

Shane Burley, a journalist and researcher who has covered the far right extensively, says that Spencer’s orientation “is clearly under the umbrella of what we would call fascism”. Spencer’s so-called “race realism” underpins theories of racial hierarchy, and the idea that it has a basis in biology. Related ideas of “human biodiversity” attempt to buttress the notion that race is destiny, and the primary organising category of society and history. Radix is full of articles that link race with IQ or crime. This revival of previously discredited scientific racism is another recurring feature of alt-right thought.
Perhaps the most potent element of alt-right activism is the effort to build a sense of a specific white identity, and to claim that this identity is under attack.

“Anti-white animus in society at large is palpable,” says Spencer. Demands for diversity in the workplace mean “less white males in particular”. More openly extreme alt-right accounts on Twitter talk about immigration in terms of “white genocide”.

dees border

This sense of injured white identity is what defines the alt-right, according to Dan Cassino, a Fairleigh Dickinson University political scientist and the author of a new book on Fox News and American politics. “The founding myth of the alt-right is that the disadvantaged groups in American politics are actually running things through a combination of fraud and intimidation. By doing this, they’re actually oppressing white men.”

The “original sin” of current American politics, according to Cassino, is that neither liberals nor conservatives have a very good answer to the question of what is to be done about “the people who get screwed over” by economic policies.

If these sentiments are growing, it may mean a larger and more receptive audience for the more radical message of the alt-right. Adherents claim that the movement is expanding.

Spencer does not have solid figures, but claims to have seen many new faces at his events, including young people who have been “redpilled” – or racially “awoken” – in the last year. Enoch claims that the Right Stuff’s suite of podcasts gets more than 100,000 listeners a week.

We on the alt-right each have our own journeys to the truth. Mine took me from Reagean Republicanism to a brief admiration for Bush’s compassionate conservatism to libertarianis (of the Lew Rockwell variety) to Jared Taylor race realism, and then finally to the alt-right, which names the Jew,

My journey was speeded along by working under a Mexican university president (married to a white woman) whose goal was race replacing white students and professors at the university, while encouraging reconquista of the American southwest via La Raza. Specifically, his goal of exterminating the oppressor (the white race) is to be accomplished by f*cking it out of existence by race mixing. A womanizer, Ricardo Romo, practices what he preaches.

It’s much easier to understand the goal is white genocide when you have one of the genocidal maniacs as your leader. Not everyone is so “lucky.”


10 thoughts on “The Guardian Demonizes the Alt-Right as Racist and Antisemitic

  1. Oh the Guardian again. I think I posted this last week.

    Let’s take a look at someone who writes for them ….

    “[a]ll men are rapists and should be put in prison then shot.”””

    What a real cutie eh ? Also a bit dumb, as she has never heard of consensual sex. No prizes for guessing her gender.

    ” Anne Elizabeth Brown TEXAS AKBAR ! ! ! • 8 days ago

    No kidding! I am amazed and horrified we continue to give people like this paid platforms. Doesn’t seem so long ago it would have been widely frowned upon (to say the least) and she’d have been out of a job. This, being “the new normal” is pathetic. They’re all racing to see who can be the most repugnant.”

    Dare her to say something similar about all Moslems, blacks or even (((they))) who must never have the truth told about them.

    People lose their jobs for less than this.

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  3. That the explanation of why we are “alienated” right there — same exact hate speech brushed off when it’s target is white, and when it’s target is “Of Color” which means sacred and holy, the very same exact carbon copy verbatim comment can get you jail time. Yeah, I’d say that’s sickening and pretty fucking “alienating,” especially when the newsmedia itself will actually make fun of whites who are angry about it.

  4. A bit off-topic, but I’m wondering why I’ve searched all of the Wednesday posts and most of the Tuesday posts and found nothing about Trump’s flip-flop on amnesty. Odd. I’ve seen very good writing and a lot of integrity here, so I’m sure it will show up soon.

    It appears that “alt-right” is becoming a pejorative for constitutional whites.

    • My take on those stories about alleged flip flops by Trump is that they’re distortions of his statements. Tonight, just a few minutes ago, Google News had links to stories saying Trump was still a hardliner on immigration and another story saying he wasn’t. It’s all designed to confuse the voters.

      The median voter model suggests that candidates move to the middle in the general election. Reagan did it. Trump may be doing it too. Let’s keep an eye out for what he’s really saying, not what the liberal press interprets.

  5. From the original Guardian article but not above.”This willingness to make open racial appeals is reflected in another fundamental claim on the alt-right that, as Spencer puts it, is the preponderance of “Jewish power and Jewish influence”.
    Then they smear such people with believing in Salem witch hunts etc.
    Nowhere does the article mention the fact that Jews in fact control and own the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, Hollywood, the US Government at all three levels, the MSM, curriculum at school and college, the Ivy League etc etc. Not to mention that the most powerful appointed jobs in the US Government, especially finance and foreign policy, are mostly held by Jews and have been for generations.
    Nor is sending tens of millions of US jobs to China and the Third World mentioned.
    The Guardian is about as truthful as Pravda (“Truth”) before 1991.
    The Guardian is the mouthpiece for the Jews who run the world and have millions of white idiots as supporters that believe their lies. The comments there are sickening and way different to the Daily Mail readers.

    • I’m glad you brought in the Jews. I was hoping everyone would go to The Guardian and read the whole thing.

      As to the commenters there, they may be paid Jew trolls. I’ve had them here. I let one comment, Jacob, for quite a few months before I banned him.

      • Heh heh, I did not read the whole “vile spew” thing on the Turdian. I do what I often do which is to search for the word “Jew”.
        It is amazing how rarely this word is used even when a lengthy article is written about a famous Jew in say Jewpedia.
        An example, I was researching a disgusting Jew spy, Harry Dexter White I think it was. Wikipedia admitted he was a Jew. I looked up the same guy on Conservapedia (!) and the fact that this traitor and Soviet spy was a Jew was not even mentioned.

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