Rodeo Clown FIRED for Gender Joke: “You’re either a boy or a girl.”





The news media is probably lying to us again. It’s reported that families left the county fair in protest after rodeo clown Robbie Hodges made a joke about transgender individuals. That seems unlikely. County fair people are generally conservative Christians who don’t appreciate the LGBT agenda being rammed down their throats.

Washington Times

A Michigan rodeo clown is out of a job after he joked about gender identity at the Calhoun County Fair last week.
“You’re either a boy or a girl, y’all understand,” “Rockin’ Robbie Hodges told the audience Thursday. “If you’re confused, then you need help, OK?”

“Everybody in here who’s really sure they’re a boy, raise your hand,” he continued. “If you can tinkle on a fire, you go to the boys room. If you can’t, you go to the girls room, right?”

Some audience members appeared to laugh at the joke, but an attendee who recorded the skit said many people left out of protest, a local NBC News affiliate reported.

Megan Harvey, the executive director for the Calhoun County Fair, said she was disappointed by the comments.

“I was very disappointed, because we do not put on a platform for that to happen here,” she told NBC.

Mr. Hodges is an independent contractor with Lost Nations Rodeo Co., which has partnered with the Calhoun County Fair for the second year in a row. The rodeo clown’s boss, Shilo Walden, said Mr. Hodges was fired after the comments were brought to his attention.’

“Lost Nations Rodeo was unaware that those comments would be made and were off script,” the company said in a statement. “Hodges is a well-decorated entertainer, and while we appreciate his services, we do not share the same views or opinions. We sincerely apologize again to all of our fans and look forward to entertaining you in the future.”
The Calhoun County Fair Board is set to decide whether Lost Nations Rodeo will be invited back for another year, NBC reported.

“I never want to see anyone lose their job because we all have a family to support and so on, but I hope he takes home that he can’t do that and this is a family-friendly event,” Ms. Harvey said.


Robbie Hodges is a famous, well respected clown. He will work again. Trannies don’t have the political clout to keep him from working since they’re less than one percent of the population.

12 thoughts on “Rodeo Clown FIRED for Gender Joke: “You’re either a boy or a girl.”

      • I just wrote him and he just responded:

        to barrelclown3
        Dear Mr. Hodges,

        Thank you, first, for pointing out the insanity that we straight, normal people have been forced to put up with.

        And thank you again, for clarifying the entire matter.

        Stay well and keep ’em laughing.

        Cartier McCloud

        Robbie Hodges
        20:19 (1 minute ago)

        to me
        Thank you for the support and kindxwords . I cudnt have made thru this without you guys that supported me

        Sent from my iPhone

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  2. “If you can tinkle on a fire, you go to the boys room. If you can’t, you go to the girls room, right?” – RIGHT!

    If something else tinkles in your head – hmm…you might be some sort of degenerate … some transversely fucked-up sicko … “officially” recognized as transgender or someone who transitioned in the labyrinth of intimate madness.

  3. Robbie Hodges has issued the following Press Release

    My name is Robbie Hodges, aka Rockin Robbie Hodges, a PRCA rodeo barrelman (rodeo clown). I recently worked at a rodeo at the Calhoun County Fairgrounds during which I made statements that were intended to be entertaining while separating the boys from the girls for what is referred to in rodeo as a “sheep scramble”. I said, “”You’re either a boy or a girl, y’all understand? If you’re confused then you need help, okay? Everybody in here who’s really sure they’re a boy raise your hand. If you can tinkle on a fire you go to the boys room, if you can’t, you go to the girls room, right?” The crowd laughed. The boys went one direction, the girls went the other and the rodeo performance continued as usual.

    I was hired for this rodeo by Shilo Walden of the Lost Nations Rodeo Company and was there to entertain the spectators and to train another rodeo clown for Lost Nations Rodeo. To be clear, I was not fired from any employment nor was any contract terminated with Lost Nations Rodeo Company. I was hired as an independent contractor for this one weekend. As I do with most of my performances, I received a thank you, a hand shake and a paycheck for my services at the end of the rodeo.

    In his initial statement, Mr Walden said that “Mr Hodges no longer provides services for Lost Nations Rodeo”. This is technically true because I have not yet been hired by Lost Nations Rodeo to work any future performances. I saw the first of many news stories stating that I was fired for my comments days later. Unfortunately, it seems that several news organizations including Fox News and The Washington Times misunderstood the stock contractor’s statement to mean that I was terminated for my comments. This is simply not the case. The Washington Times and several local Fox affiliates have since corrected their websites. Fox News and The Daily Mail in the UK have yet to update their reports.

    Lost Nations Rodeo Company subsequently issued the following statement in regard to the recent press coverage.

    Lost Nations did NOT fire Mr. Robbie Hodges. Mr. Hodges was hired for this one special event and is no longer employed by Lost Nations as he has fulfilled his contractual obligations. Lost Nations Rodeo would like to formally apologize for the comments made by our 2016 Calhoun County Fair Event Rodeo Clown Robbie Hodges. Mr. Hodges is an independent contractor who was hired for this lone event. Mr. Hodges is no longer employed by Lost Nations Rodeo because he fulfilled his contract in its entirety. Lost Nations was unaware that the comments made at the 2016 Calhoun County Fair would be made and were off script. The views expressed at this event belonged solely to Mr. Hodges. We sincerely apologize again to all or our fans and look forward to entertaining you in the future. – Lost Nations Rodeo

    Robbie Hodges is from CAVE SPRING. GA; Born: Jan 11, 1968.
    Family: sons Reed and Blake, daughter Carli.

    – PRCA Membership: contestant, 1991; Barrelman, 2004- present.
    – Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (“NFR”) Barrelman 2010
    – Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (“NFR”) Alt. Barrelman 2011
    – Coors Man In The Can Nominee 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
    – Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (“PRCA”) Clown of the Year Nominee 2006, 2010
    – Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (“PRCA”) Comedy Act of the Year Nominee 2010, 2011
    – Dodge Great Lakes Circuit Finals Rodeo Barrelman 2006 ,2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
    – Dodge Southeastern Circuit Finals Rodeo Barrelman 2005
    – Barrleman, Mount Isa Rodeo, Queensland Australia 2012

    Rockin’ Robbie Hodges has established himself as one of the hottest barrelman and funny guy personalities in the world of Professional Rodeo. In only five short years he was selected as barrelman for his first Wrangler Natinoal Finals Rdoeo in 2010. His quick wit and off the cuff banter, as well as carefully thought out acts, keep the crowd entertained and looking at him for the entire performance. Robbie always promotes positive, non-violent, clean family humor, and has an uncanny knack for instantly bonding with audiences of all ages. He genuinely enjoys being a rodeo clown because he likes to talk to and entertain people, especially children. He eagerly takes on the rodeo performance, attempting to personalize each show by taking the time to talk to and get to know as many families as possible. With his unusual skills as a barrelman he has been acclaimed by bull fighters, rodeo announcers, stock contractors, and cowboys alike, as being the most exciting barrelman in rodeo today.

    Robbie Hodges can be reached at (706) ***-**** or for further information.

    • Thanks for the update on this story.

      A grave injustice has been done to Rocking Robbie. I’ll bet the crowd did not take offense and leave, as reported in the media. In researching this post I saw numerous pictures of Robbie at various rodeos and I saw that very clearly he is a professional. No reasonable person anywhere in the world would find his comment offensive.

      I did have to delete his phone number as it violates WordPress policy. I believe his email address is public knowledge and so left it in case anyone wants to send him an email of support.

  4. “an attendee who recorded the skit said many people left out of protest,” Bullshit. How many LGBT nutters go to events like this? About zero, they are at Roman Baths and parading in big cities. They hate small towns, the hard work of farming, and the country life.

    “this is a family-friendly event,” Ms. Harvey said.”
    How can any event be both family friendly and LGBT friendly? All of the LGBT sexual activities including marriage, never result in pregnancy or childbirth. Except maybe for bisexual lezzos and some foolish normal women shagging bisexual men. This would not be an everyday event in the happily married lives of two married poofters and two married lezzos.
    LGBT is anti family.
    Two bum bandits married is not a family. If they adopt children this is not a family, it is a perverted human zoo and crime zone.

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