“British” Negress Abused Online After Taking Over @Ireland Twitter Account

michelle marie ireland


A British black woman who is curating the @Ireland Twitter account for a week has had to take her own profile down after she was subjected to abuse from online trolls.

Michelle Marie took over the account, which is run by a different Ireland resident each week, on Monday, sharing updates with more than 40,000 followers.

However, just hours after taking the helm, Michelle, who describes herself as “a mum and model” who is “passionate about quashing body shame culture”, was subjected to online abuse.

She received racist slurs, telling her to return to “return to your ancestral lands”, as well as comments criticising her body size and shape.

Attacking the plus-size model, one Twitter user said: “It is insulting for you, who genetically will never be Irish, to think you can represent Ireland. Return to your ancestral lands.”

While another, who called himself James, tweeted: “You’re an African with an IQ in the 80’s representing a Northern European Island nation that has nothing to do with you.”

These responses are exactly right. They’re perfect. They’re truth. They’re not racist. There is zero logic that would justify an African face representing the Irish. She’s not Irish, for heaven’s sake. Saying she is Irish is a racist insult to the true Irish people.

The lady’s response is weak. No one says she can’t Tweet her little heart out about any topic that interests her. It’s the misrepresentation of her as Irish that’s the issue.

michelle marie ireland model

One more thing. When I think of the Irish I think of fit people. This creature is obviously not physically fit. Having such a misshapen lump of **** represent Ireland to the world is another travesty in itself.

4 thoughts on ““British” Negress Abused Online After Taking Over @Ireland Twitter Account

  1. I visited Ireland for a few months in the 80’s. I never saw a fat person except for one homeless drunk. I also never saw a black person.

  2. Join Europe and get rich, they promised the gullible whiteys. Instead the (((elites))) flooded all Euro countries with Coons and sand niggers.
    Job done, pat on the back and a few million euros for you “leaders”, said the (((puppet masters))).
    Any white person that gives one cent to Africa in aid or handouts is an idiot. Any white country that does this is suicidal. End all aid for Africa and Dune Coon nations, except free contraception, sterilization, and abortions.

    • Weapons exports might be a good idea too, but only if they promise to use them on each other.

      I haven’t looked at TV for years, but we used to get long infomercials pitching donations for starving African children. Never gave a dime!

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