Bikini Clad Mom’s Wise Counseling of African Youths to Return to Africa Sparks Internet Outrage

bikini racist

Why the attractive bikini-clad mom in the embedded video below became upset with a group of our fine young colored folks is unclear. The video doesn’t show any “cross-racial interaction” prior to mom’s counseling of the street urchins.

Is it possible the street urchins were harassing mom, who cuts a fine figure in her bikini?

A WOMAN dressed in a bikini who began hurling racist slurs at a group of black youths has sparked online outrage.

The abhorrent rant saw the woman launch into a tirade ranging from drug use to Martin Luther King.

The public outburst was captured by one of the black youths targeted in the verbal assault.

Since the video, in which the woman hurled multiple discriminatory remarks and insults at the youths in front of her own daughter, was posted online it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, triggering an angry reaction from many viewers.

The unidentified woman’s outburst took place in March in Tallahassee, Florida.

She can heard telling the group of black teens: “You should have stayed in Africa.

“You can go back there if you want.

“And take your last names with you.”

The girl filming the entire outburst tells her friends to hold back from saying anything in response and avoid stooping to her level.

Following this, the bikini-clad mother, who repeatedly slurs her words, only escalates her racist rhetoric.

She says: “Martin Luther King was a s**t who was f****** white people.”

During the entire ordeal, the woman’s daughter can be seen on the phone calling for help.

Towards the end of the video, the daughter tries to grab hold of her mother.

She repeatedly asks her: “Can you stop. Can you just stop, please.”

The black teens reply that “it is ridiculous that your own child has to tell you to stop”.

Before the video cuts out mid-speech, the woman continues to hurl racist abuse at the young men and women.

She then says the black youths are just “n****** wanting to be white, but you’ll never be white”.

Rather than just report the news, the Express interjects its opinion that mom’s sharing of adult wisdom with such fine young Negros is “abhorrent” and a “rant.” How unfair to label efforts to counsel youth in such a manner.

One might surmise that mom’s counseling did not arise spontaneously. In other words, we might ask what those young ladies and gentlemen of color did to trigger mom to offer such sage advice. They really should go back to Africa. Mothers know best.

Speaking strictly for myself, this is one bikini-clad mom who can counsel me anytime she wishes.

9 thoughts on “Bikini Clad Mom’s Wise Counseling of African Youths to Return to Africa Sparks Internet Outrage

    • She also got into that conversation about race that liberals want that the sainted MLK was having sex with white women the night before someone went coon hunting. That tips me off that the youfs beez saying how nasty dat mom beez lookin in dat bikini.

      In other words they made sexual harassment remarks to her and she didn’t put up with their shit.

  1. I’m sure the lady got sick of the nogs and all their bullshit. Having lived in Florida for 3 years you find out really quick how disgusting, loud and obnoxious they are. They all need to go.

  2. Her breasts are stupendous, especially at that point in her life. Really thick-looking too. Fantastic. Oh yeah, and good going yelling at those hoodlums too!

  3. She looks alright. The truth of what she says will be lost in the fog of her ‘presentation’ – looks, cigarette, boozy, etc.. This country is becoming a lost cause.

      • What I meant was that her style will be the subject – cigarette, hair not fixed, boozy – than the truth of her words.

        I don’t think her shape is awful, but the suit isn’t flattering. A different suit and hair-do would help. Even though her words are true, the vast majority of more impressionable see her as white trash because of those things.

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