Anarchofeminist Professor Wants You to Turn Queer Too!

sandra jeppesen

Imagine a world in which the old normal has been completely destroyed, replaced by a new normal that follows leftist/feminist/anarchist norms.

Even if you are attracted to the opposite sex in this brave new world, if you are male,you act according to traditional feminine norms, while your female partner acts according to traditional male norms. In short, men act like lesbian women, while women act like gay men. It’s called queering heterosexuality.

Your penis has been replaced by BOB, your partner’s Battery Operated Boyfriend (a vibrating dildo). I suppose that vaginal sex with her is out. Is anal in? I have no idea.

Queering heterosexuality flips the script. That much is for sure.

A number of my students were queer heterosexuals. For example, one very attractive 20 year old coed once suggested some sort of bizarre sex that I did not completely understand at the time, since I was not aware of queer heterosexuality at the time. I THINK (not sure) that what she suggested was some sort of threesome that involved her, me, and another male professor, with somebody wearing a strap on dildo. I’m not sure if that somebody was her or one of us males. I know that following queer norms that we men would be anally penetrated, possibly by each other or by her and her strap on.

This kind of (to me) bizarre sexuality permeates college campuses today. They learn it from pron and they learn it from profs–feminist profs, not men.

The author of “queering heterosexualities”, Sandra Jeppesen, being a good feminist/anarchist does not use capital letters in her paper, excerpted below. How’s that for rebellion?

First, an excerpt from one of the professor’s older publications, from the journal fishpiss. Here she does capitalize.

How to go Insane in Ten Easy Steps
Sandra Jeppesen

1. Skip two grades in grade school, move six times to six different cities, never make any close friends. Hate everybody, they probably hated you first. Be a shit-disturber in class. Swear precociously. Get into fights at school and get sent to the office a lot. Learn to say the alphabet backwards from Z. Fight with your parents about everything. Snigger secretly because you know you are smarter than they are. When they hit you, hit back. Lie to your friends (when you have them) about your black eyes, your broken teeth.

2. Go to university when you are sixteen. Study pure mathematics or quantum physics. Pierce one eyebrow, your bellybutton and both nipples. Shave your head. Read Sylvia Plath and like it. Hang out with people who are more fucked up than you. They will be hard to find. Don’t get discouraged, keep looking. Drop lots of acid with them, control your hallucinations, get cramped cheeks from laughing so hard. Drop ten hits the night before you have to go to the suburbs for Father’s Day. You are still tripping. Listen to your father trying to have a heart-to-heart with you for maybe the first time ever. Look him straight in the eye and say, Y’know Dad, you always did remind me of Elvis. Never laugh when you are straight. This will not be often.

My interpretation of this writing is that while there is an element of satire and trolling, that she is proud of being mental.

I assume that piece is autobiographical. It exhibits a certain detachment from reality. The next piece certainly is autobiographical:

Excerpt from The Anarchist Library. I’ve broken up her long paragraph for readabilty.

in this piece i will be considering the impact that taking on queer politics has had in my life, thinking through ways that queering anarchism might happen in the lives of anarchists and anti-authoritarians who society may identify as heterosexual due to the sex and/ or gender of the object of their desire, but who ourselves disidentify with all things straight, perhaps even with the subject-position of heterosexual.

what does this mean? this means that we are working on queering straight-seeming spaces, that we are straight-ish allies of queer struggles, challenging heteronormativity in the anarchist movement, as well as in the mainstream spaces we inhabit, from workplaces to families, from classrooms to cultural productions.

this piece itself is one intervention that attempts to queer the space of narrative and theory, through non-capitalization[1], on the one hand, and on the other hand, through mobilizing a personal narrative to think through or theorize the queering of heterosexuality and the de-heteronormativizing of ‘straight-acting’ spaces.

through an examination of the queering of hetero-space from an anarchist perspective, a liberatory politics of sexualities and genders emerges that intersects with anarchaqueer liberation[2] in challenging dominant forms of social organization including the state, marriage, capitalism, parenting, love relationships, friendships, families, and other important sites of anarchist politics and struggle.

non-normative sexuality means, among other things, that people ditch sexual norms, and just hook up with and have long-term relationships with whoever inspires them, doing whatever they are into sexually.

for me, sometimes this is women, sometimes it is men. often it is with people who are not my age. when i was younger i dated older people and now that i’m a bit older i seem to date younger people. these are more or less the people i seem to find myself hanging out with.

i don’t really see age as an interesting way of dividing people. my friendships have always been across ages and even generations. my current partner is more than ten years younger than me. when we got together we were polyamorous and, although we communicated well and had great sex, we weren’t taking the relationship too seriously. it was lots of fun. we both had other partners, but soon that kind of went away, and we made more of an explicit commitment to each other, first to be primary partners, and then to be monogamous. i’ve always felt a little ambivalent about this decision.

recently i moved to another town, and we decided to be poly, although neither of us have acted on it yet.

There’s an introduction to Queer Sexuality at Wikipedia. This article on queer heterosexuals is also informative.

Here’s a short video that introduces students to their queer/anarchist/feminist/bisexual professor:

This is what taxpayer dollars are buying today. Is it any wonder that students emerge confused and ignorant.

david bowie in dress

5 thoughts on “Anarchofeminist Professor Wants You to Turn Queer Too!

  1. #1. The bitch thinks she’s so smart? In the middle of her un-capitalized single-sentence/paragraph, the word should be “whom,” not “who.”
    #2. After performing 20 minutes of zen-inspired cunnilingus on a woman, she said to me, “Oh my God, you’re so good, you’re better than my vibrator.” That’s a direct quote.

    • I have the feeling that educational standards aren’t very high in her department. I researched her teaching survey comments on Rate My Professor. Remember that students that take a course from her are probably hard core feminists. Her ratings were mediocre at best. There were only six ratings that I saw, but one or two of them said that your strategy with her is to agree with her when being tested.

  2. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.
    “Read Sylvia Plath and like it.”
    Wow that really is a bridge too far.

    Paladin your story about that proposed threesome resonates with me. I have not been in this situation but a woman I know “intimately” has.
    She believes in “freedom” for women, which means having sex with a man of her choice, when she wants, and only when she wants including husband, boyfriend etc. She does not believe in duty or loyalty but only her own selfish pleasure which may at times coincide with the pleasures of others.
    She hates boredom, routine, plans and schedules and loves spontaneity, risk taking and recklessness. She is a mother of three children!
    She had such a threesome years ago with her husband and a bisexual man, a long term friend of the husband. She was kissing this bum bandit and “fell in love with him” to some extent, but luckily he prefers guys to women. There was a lot of poofter interaction between the two men and this turned her on. There was at some stage some strap on incident (she wearing it) with a man, but maybe not the same day – probably her husband, which was not successful and she is still angry about it.
    There is porn along these lines, two bisexual poofters having sex with a female.
    I do not get it, poofters need a female like they need a hole in the head. Women love homos and bisexual men take advantage of this fact and create lots of poofter boy babies.
    So my guess, it is all about power or “empowerment” where a women can dominate and humiliate a man or men by getting them to do bum bandit things even if they do not want to. “There is no such thing as a free lunch”.

    • Bingo! The power angle is a good one to bring up, Robert. The girl in my story offered me some enticement (oral sex from her maybe?) to go along with her distasteful plan. She was wanting to marry a much older chick with a dick at one time.

      At the time I had no idea what she was talking about. It’s only been fairly recently that I happened upon some porn that had weird threesomes that I think I understand it. I think, not sure, that part of it was a blowjob by one of us males on the other, while she blew the male giving the blowjob. None of this interests me personally, but as a study in human depravity, it’s interesting.

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