Ugly Nonwhite Girls Are Winning Beauty Pageants To Satisfy The Diversity Agenda

tess halliday nude

Magnolia Maymuru

One of the many objectives of the New World Order is to turn everything upside down. Convincing people that ugly is beautiful is one mind game that (((they))) play.

Thus, paintings that are chaotic and ugly are glorified by Jewish art critics. Ditto statues. Public buildings, once modeled after ancient Greek architecture, now resemble something from a surreal nightmare.

Fashion also glorifies ugliness, especially women’s high fashion.

Now, this worship of the ugly has made its appearance in beauty pageants.

Excerpts from Return of Kings

Toxic SJW notions of “beauty” (think awful role model and alleged scammer Tess Munster) are well-known. Sadly, it appears that the need to appease certain groups has now filtered down to giving beauty pageant titles to girls based on their race or ethnicity. Two recent “winners” of state-based national beauty pageants, Magnolia Maymuru (Miss World, Northern Territory, Australia) and Arianna Quan (Miss America, Michigan), are so unbelievably plain and even ugly that the “beauty” in beauty pageant should have been removed from the contests they each entered.

In the case of Quan, the biggest criticisms came from her ancestral homeland of China. Chinese netizens need not fear the kind of racism accusations that would be leveled at white Americans questioning whether she deserved the Miss America title for one of America’s most populous states (Miss America’s national event will be in September).

Media coverage of Maymuru’s crowning was ecstatic, namely because, in the words of many racial quota-leaning commenters, “it was about time” that an Aboriginal Australian won such a title. Few online respondents dared to call her unattractive due to the near certainty of them being labeled as racist bigots. She eventually placed in the top 10 for the Miss World Australia final, “beating” much more attractive competition.

Here’s a picture of Miss Michigan Arianna Quan, who became the topic of a Roosh V Forum thread, after her victory:

arianna quan

And here’s another shot of Miss World, Northern Territory Maymuru, whose other photo features as the main image for this article:

Magnolia Maymuru2

All that aside, there comes a point at which certain agendas of the political, racial and ethnic variety try to determine who wins what. Magnolia Maymuru’s “triumph,” for example, resulted in a media that could not contain its delight about someone of a certain race winning a beauty pageant title. With all the fanfare regarding her minority status, it is hard to see how she won on merit. Shouldn’t a win like this speak for itself if it is deserved? In the end, what SJWs say should be treated as a normal thing is actually treated completely very abnormally, as if to justify it. The exact same thing happened with the laudatory coverage of Tess Munster for being “fat and beautiful.”

When real “beautiful women” win pageants, journalists do not usually feel the need to reiterate how dazzling the girl is. Maymuru’s winning of the Miss World, Northern Territory title resulted in tabloid soliloquy after soliloquy. Just in case you did not already know, she’s beautiful! Miss World’s mantra “beauty with a purpose” is meant to soften criticism about the looks of a winning state, national or international entrant, pointing to, say, their charitable or community involvement. But is it a beauty pageant or not? If the answer is yes, attractiveness is the overriding factor.

By far the most offensive example of declaring that which is ugly to be beautiful is the case of First Lady, Michelle Obama. The word “beautiful” has been used to describe her over and over.

The press could be polite and use the noncommittal word “attractive” to describe her. I would not object. But to declare the masculine, misshapen dark creature as beautiful is more than I can take.

michelle obama manly face


A society which glorifies lying is a society that is at war with itself. Truth is beauty. Lies are ugly. Saying that the creatures pictured in this post are beautiful is a lie. Our lies will destroy us as no external enemy ever could.

27 thoughts on “Ugly Nonwhite Girls Are Winning Beauty Pageants To Satisfy The Diversity Agenda

  1. So true. Ugliness abounds. You see it in design everwhere. Automobiles used to be beautiful and you could immediately tell one make and model from another. To me, today’s cars look ugly and they all look alike. Another example is today’s contemporary mass produced cheap furniture. I dislike it so much that I have slowly and patiently refurnished my whole house with antiques, thrift store finds, quality furniture from Habitat for Humanity stores and yard sales. I only buy items of beauty (from large to very small) that I am able to afford. I look for beauty and I find it.

    • I’m with you all the way, Inga. Today’s look-alike cars are ugly. Like you, I buy used solid wood pieces of furniture as I find them at good prices. Older really is better in so many things. That would include music and movies too, at least for me.

      • Definitely music and movies as well. I rarely find films that I like that were made after 1960.

      • I noticed that about cars years ago. Time was, they were distinctive, one could spot a make of car from way down the road. Now, one has to get up to the car to see what make it is.

        They were icons. Not any more.

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  3. The Canon of Beauty, established long ago has basis in mathematics, and we all know, numbers, never lie. More specifically, it is not the asymmetry, which is of issue in many instances, but the inner soul that surfaces, and reflects that which is in the heart of the individual. For instance, it is accepted that all women, due to their origin, as women, are beautiful. Then certain traits of the individual surface such as the all too common, sour puss face, or a hatred that manifests itself and the face suddenly is no longer seen as beautiful but as ugliness [e.g.: Mooch]. The issues of weight have different reasons from stress, to previous generations having gone through famine. Generational changes to have children survive, can include dwarfism, where one apple feeds three small people, or, obesity, where food is converted to fat, to serve as fuel when food no longer exists. Migrational variances of peoples, are largely due to environmental effects of nature. Hot sun. Wind. Lower amounts of sunlight. Etc. Many changes are pleasing as seen from others within a group, as opposed to when viewed from the norms existing outside of any given group. Physical change, differs from what surfaces from within a person. Then the cross breeding comes into play, and descending generations’ selection for reproduction, causes change physically in numerous categories, ranging from skin color, hair color, eye color, bone structure and composition. Per historians, the human race is traced to 14 blood lineages, having six females in common with all humanity. I believe there were 23 human species bloodlines that went extinct. Our, Biological Adam, is found to be an African bald male, who knew how to think and make tools. From that moment until now, many changes and, unfortunately, people with something harbored inside of them that surfaces. As teens were admonished when I was young, “Stick with your own. Don’t go mixing”. Sage advise.

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  5. These latter day beauty queens should come with an eye bleach warning. The Bible does make mention of things to watch for during the end times; darkness for light and vice versa. Ugly is beauty yadda yadda.

    Like some other people I find myself buying used and old stuff. Newer Better in many cases

    • Yep, God predicted everything, including Muslim violence. Mohammed was a descendant of Abraham’s son by Hagar, whose progeny Ishmael was sent away. He was to be “a zebra of a man” who was in constant warfare.

      The ugliness of everything is what started my red pilling. We white women have let ourselves go, it’s shameful. I am the rare woman who has kids and is skinny and attractive.

      • Sorry I meant to type, Mohammed was a descendant of Abraham’s son Ishmael, by concubine Hagar. Ishmael was sent away and the Ishmaelite people have hated Jews ever since.

        I often think about the Mosaic Law God gave the Israelites, many of those laws condemned practices known to the Muzloids. Cutting, mistreatment of women and children, incest, pedophilia, goatphucking, all of that. God also had the ancient Israelites slaughter those pagans, sometimes including the children, because of their disgusting practices. He also forbade them from intermarriage. People say that was cruel, but this is the same God who will execute the wicked on Judgment Day.

        The Muzloids haven’t changed since then.

    Crikey, Abos are the ugliest race on earth except maybe for tribespeople from New Guinea. Many of the ugliest and most horrible people come originally from India, all kicked out most likley as human garbage many years ago – Abos, Gypsies, Bedouin and Red Indians. All scum, even if I did once read “Bury The Truth At Wounded Knee”.

    • I started reading “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” shortly after it was first published, and gave up on about page 3. Whatta POS. Dee Brown is a racist, ignorant, stupid twat.

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