The Rothschild Conspiracy Explained in Four Minutes (Video)

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Published on Feb 16, 2015
I know this is a lot different from my other videos, but I really wanted to make a clear and straightforward conspiracy video that people could really comprehend.

How did the Rothschild family become the wealthiest family on Earth? What do North Korea, Iran and Cuba have in common? What objectives did 9/11 really try to achieve? This video attempts to find answers to those questions.

►Please remember that that this is a conspiracy theory. This story isn’t officially recognized by an official entity, but free speech allows us to theorize and ask questions.

►I do not support anti-Americanism or anti-Semitism in any way, I’m simply laying out certain facts as I think people deserve to know what is in accordance with reality.

Seen on Henry Makow’s Twitter page

Note that I substituted for the original source, as that video wouldn’t play. This is the same video, but from a different youtube publisher.

6 thoughts on “The Rothschild Conspiracy Explained in Four Minutes (Video)

  1. The Rothschild dynastic jew-cult family is the deep pocketed uncle for all jew and communist activities in the UK, the US, and around the world. One of their main agents is Soros. But, the problem is not confined to the moneybag jews as Makow and other jew writers try to suggest.

    “Why, why, why? The American is asking. Why are so many
    Jews Communists in tolerant America? Why are all the Com-
    munist spy rings and the important Communist leaders and their
    attorneys Jewish?

    The American has not read history with his eyes open. He
    is cut off from the ancient race-hatred of the Old World. He has
    hardly any inkling of the 2500-year-old master-race fanaticism
    which rabbis and politically-minded, or financially grasping Jew-
    ish international bankers have kept alive as a means of regiment-
    ing and using, and often abusing, their own people.

    With the Communist, the gangster-type of Jew, the craving for
    power and money, and the hatred for any who obstruct or criticize
    his drive for power and money, is a mania almost beyond the com-
    prehension of the gentile, lost in humdrum routines. It is, in fact,
    the very inability of the gentile to comprehend, to accept phycho-
    logically the facts of Jewish racial gangsterdom, which enables
    the Jewish strategists to succeed. Because of gentile blindness
    they are able to enlist millions of our people (such as Henry Wal-
    lace and Dean Acheson) behind a banner of fabulously faked
    Utopian promises, and then to make those gentile followers turn
    in hatred against fellow gentiles (“fascists”, “reactionaries”, “anti-
    Semites”, “hate-mongers”) who oppose their destructive activities.

    This is Communism. It is also Socialism and it is modern
    political Zionism, whose program of world revolution at all points
    either parallels or complements, as an ally or sponsor, that of
    the Communists.
    Fred Rose, Jacob Golos, Nathan
    Gregory Silvermaster, Alexander Bittel-
    man, “J. Peters” Goldberger, Judith
    Coplon, Harry Gold, Sidney Weinbaum,
    Jacob Stachel, Gerhardt Eisler, Hanns
    Eisler, Israel Regenstreif, Gilbert Green-
    berg, Arvo Mike Halberg, Irving Potash,
    Carl Weissburg, Julius Rosenberg—all Jews, according to infor-
    mation carefully checked from various sources.

    While our gates have stood open, or virtually so, ever since
    the Jewish-inspired bombing in 1881 of Czar Alexander II (the
    Czar who tried to give liberty to the six million Jews in Russia,
    only to be destroyed for his appeasement) an endless horde of
    men, women and children have streamed past the Statue of
    Liberty from the Russian ghettos—almost all of them indoctrinat-
    ed with Marxism, incited by power-hungry leaders to hate the
    Christian and the white man’s civilzation,…”.

    “KNOW YOUR ENEMY”, Robert H. Williams, 1950

    • Deserving special mention is this quote from 1950:
      “KNOW YOUR ENEMY”, Robert H. Williams, 1950
      “By propagandizing with Utopian promises, by organizing our
      people to make them hate their own kind, a handful of Jewish
      world gangsters have managed to divide almost every nation on
      earth today; and thus (seizing the Russian government in 1917
      and turning it against the world) have they brought the tolerant,
      unsuspecting gentile close to a war which may destroy civilization
      and turn millions of Asiatics into our cities, liquidating the white
      A later section details the names and activities of many of those jews behind the communist parties activities in America, and the prime mastermind is named. Where many of the earlier writers fell short is by not recognizing that the jews communist activities were most often carried out by jew names and front-vehicles. including “capitalists”, seemingly not connected at all with the communist party, which is the same situation which we have in America today.

      “The master mind behind all Communist activities in the
      Western Hemisphere for many years was revealed in 1946 by ex-
      Communist, Professor Louis Budenz, to be Gerhardt Eisler…”.
      The secret character of the Jewish management of Com-
      munism is suggested in a remark made by Eisler’s right hand
      man, J. Peters, as quoted by Prof. Louis Budenz before the
      House Committee on Un-American Activities, Aug. 31, 1948.
      Peters was the author of the famous Peters Manual, a Communist
      handbook, in the early 1930s.
      Prof. Budenz (now anti-Communist), testified that Peters
      told him in 1936:

      ‘you don’t know anything about the conspiratorial
      apparatus, the most important part of the Communist Party.*
      Peters told me that the Communist Party is like a submerged
      submarine. He said I only saw the periscope, but that the
      submerged portion was the most important part.’

      This statement is especially significant in view of the fact
      that Budenz, the gentile, though holding a high office in the
      Communist Party, knew nothing about the real conspiracy, while
      the dandified Jew evidently did know about it. It becomes in-
      creasingly obvious that the Communist Party is itself only a
      front for a deeper, all-Jewish conspiracy—as numerous observers
      contended in the early days of the Bolshevik triumph in Russia.”

      • (((Harry Dexter White))) a big wig in the ((Commie))) riddled US State Dept of the 1930s, wrote the (((Morgenthau))) plan to destroy Postwar Germany. This published Jew plan extended the war for 6 months by increasing German resistance in the West. White was a Soviet spy who also caused the Pacific war which led to 36 million deaths. The USA supported the Commie Mao Tse Tung and not Chang Hi Shek under these Jew policies. For his reward White was made the first head of the IMF! He was never prosecuted for treason.

  2. I am not sure why the publisher of this video uses the language of his enemies.
    “Please remember that that this is a conspiracy theory.”
    Never use the language of the MSM, the Jews and the Black Lies Movement.
    I never agree that I am a racist or a white supremacist and neither does David Duke. These words like conspiracy theory are used to attack and mock.
    The word conspiracy is massively overused.
    Other words might fit better, say to describe the anti competitive practices of Hollywood and Wall Street. For private companies to collude against competition is illegal. So call them out for their crimes and do not call it a “conspiracy theory”. For example when oil companies rig the price at the bowser this is called illegal price fixing. Banks the same, when they collude to fix their fees etc. This is not conspiracy it is just a crime. The criminal gang Enron was broken up with their buddies Arthur Andersen. Goldman Sachs, a successful (((criminal gang))) is protected by the corrupt politicians and (((regulators))) they bought and paid for. As (((Bernie))) the wealthy Commie said truthfully “The business of Wall Street is fraud”. He did not say conspiracy.

    PS I hope that these Space Alien Rothschilds do plan to kill 90% of the worlds population. Excellent idea. They will find it a lot easier to kill off the locust breeding Third World than armed, disciplined and organised whites. First they must disarm populations as the gang under Lenin and Trotsky did. Or, give every African man (in Africa only) an AK47 and plenty of ammo. Machetes are not enough to get the job done.

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  4. its not a conspiracy THEORY, its fact. However, they dont give credit where credit is due – the real mastermind is satan himself ; the jew is just his tool. Jesus Himself called them ‘the children of their father the devil.’
    Wake up to who you are YT , and realise who the modern ‘jew’ is NOT. It all begins to make sense…

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