Oxford University Researchers Claim Trump a Bigger Psychopath Than Hitler

trump compared to hitler

The leftards are pulling out all stops in their efforts to demonize Donald Trump.

You might call this “We are all psychopaths, including JESUS.”

Sky News

Where Does Donald Trump Rate On Psychopath Leaderboard?

Donald Trump is more of a psychopath than rival Hillary Clinton – and many infamous villains from the past, according to a new study.

Researchers say we are all on the psychopathy spectrum, but have been exploring the traits of the two presidential hopefuls and comparing them to leaders including Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

They used a psychometric tool – the Psychopathic Personality Inventory – Revised (PPI-R) – to get the scores for the presidential hopefuls.

According to the test, Mr Trump scores more highly than Hitler on psychopathy traits – and just below Idi Amin and Henry VIII.

His overall score of 171 ranks him well into the top 20% of the general population for psychopathic traits.

:: Psychopathic Trait Leaderboard

1) Saddam Hussein – 189
2) Henry VIII – 178
3) Idi Amin – 176
4) Donald Trump – 171
5) Adolf Hitler – 169
6) William the Conqueror – 165
7) Saint Paul – 157
8) Jesus – 157
9) Winston Churchill – 155
10) Napoleon Bonaparte – 153
11) Hillary Clinton – 152
12) Emperor Nero – 151
13) Oliver Cromwell – 136
14) Margaret Thatcher – 136
15) George Washington – 132

According to the Oxford University research, Mrs Clinton also rates in the top 20%, scoring 152.

Dr Kevin Dutton, author of the report and an expert on psychopathy, said that psychopathic tendencies have both positive and negative components – which can support good leadership.

“The PPI-R does not say that someone is or is not a psychopath,” he said.

“Both great and terrible leaders score higher than the general population for psychopathic traits, but it is the mix of those traits that determines success.”

Dr Dutton points out that several professions attract more than their fair share of those high on the scale.

For example, surgeons, lawyers, the military and politicians all score highly.

Hillary looking insane

Academics tarnish their reputation by pushing out junk science like this.

9 thoughts on “Oxford University Researchers Claim Trump a Bigger Psychopath Than Hitler

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  2. What a bunch of CRAP posing as science. There is not one JEW in the top 15, when they should hold all the top 15 places, such as Greenspan, Kissinger and Soros to name just three. Not to mention Moses and other psychopaths.
    Saddam was Number One yet he was attacked and murdered without any cause by George Dubya who is not even on the list.
    Henry the VIII is ranked alongside Field Marshal Idi Amin. Henry VIII was a great achiever and a winner. Idi Amin was a cannibal, a corporal, and a crazy man and above all a big time loser.
    This psycho stuff is such garbage that this Dutton guy shouls be locked up in a mental hospital and be treated only by member of his own profession – the ultimate in punishments.

    I hope Trump is more honest than Hitler. If he deports or kills all the non whites in the USA then he is a winner and a hero of the white race. Hitler spent most of his energy killing the best whites and building Israel. Hitler handed all of Central Europe and some of Western Europe to Stalin, when he could instead have given the same territory to the Western Allies which would have really pissed Stalin off. Corporal Hitler was a stooge of the Jews and a traitor to the white race, in my opinion ,shared by Henry Makow and a few others.

    Why was William the Conqueror a psychopath? He was a winner too, a tall fair Viking, a “Northman” from Normandy, it seems that these psychoanalytic turds hate winners. Note that King Harold, from Norway, does not rate as a psychopath. Losers are OK with the psycho community. They want all of us to be losers. So (((they))) can steal and shag our women after they diagnose them with some bullshit mental disorder, as Freud did with his young Shiksa blond, the filthy Jew pervert.
    Saint Paul – that would be Saul the tax collector so there is maybe one filthy Jew on the list = but only to discredit Christianity.
    Who pays this Dutton guy? The Jews or Hillary or both?

    • Hitler wasn’t even a Corporal, he was a LANCE Corporal, the same as a Private First Class. One of his senior Generals, in WW2, always referred to him as, “that Lance Corporal.”

      • He yielded all of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Prussia to Stalin when he could gave given all to the Western Allies instead. Then those unlucky countries may have ended up with democratic government instead of Jew controlled Communist Governments. Hitlers words were nice and true but his actions pretty much destroyed the white race everywhere. For all time.
        Battle of the Bulge in the West late 1944 is proof of his intentions.

      • Wrong again. You obviously didn’t watch the film. And it was the ALLIES who bombed Germany to smithereens in a failed attempt, for the jews, to kill ALL Germans. Read this while you’re at it.:


        And please go over my site, the history of the stinking jews is all laid out there. You’re still jew brainwashed, Robert, if you think Hitler destroyed the White Race. Show me your evidence.


      • I think you’re too hard on Robert. But I’ll let him respond fully. I stay out of discussions about Hitler because I haven’t done sufficient study to respond with any authority. The issue seems to revolve around whether Hitler was secretly a Jewish agent or whether he fell into a Jew trap and ended up with Germany destroyed. If I ever have time, I’ll study this era more. You have a lot of material on your site on it.

      • The links I gave Robert should give you sufficient information. You can study the rest later. I am hard on ANYONE who is so obviously intelligent yet fails to understand the truth. I am counting on your wide readership to pick up on the links if there are any doubts.

        You know Digger, he’s a personal correspondent of mine. I hope you post his link on Hitler. The comments are telling.


        We are running out of time! Why don’t you people get it??? I have no time to be pretty, I’ll go it alone if I have to.

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