Japanese Police Hunt for Man Who Slashed 8 Women’s Buttocks in Public Swimming Pool

tokyo summerland pool

If you know anything about Japanese sexual fetishes, then you’re probably on board with the theory that the Japanese butt slasher in this story got his sexual kicks from the dirty deed described in this story:


An unidentified assailant has cut eight young women with a blade at a pool of the Tokyo Summerland water park. All women sustained minor injuries and were hospitalized, while police say the attacker went unnoticed in his actions.

The eight women, all aged between 19 and 23, were swimming in a busy pool when the attacks took place. According to police, cited by local media, an unidentified male would allegedly swim towards the women and, unnoticeably, cut them lightly with some sort of cold blade, aiming for the women’s buttocks.

According to the Tokyo Fire Department, all women were transported to hospital after reporting their cuts, and are currently receiving treatment. The department notes that none of their injuries are life-threatening. Security forces are currently at the scene attempting to determine the circumstances of the incident.

It is reported that the assailant fled the scene. Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has launched a search operation and is investigating the case. The identity of the man is unknown, as are the motives behind his actions.

Liberal/progressives come to this site and say about nonwhite groups, “They are just like us.”


Go back and read the list of 10 Japanese sex fetishes at the above link, if you don’t believe me.

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