Cute Blonde Waitress Fired After “Niggers” Remark on Snapchat


Posting taboo thoughts on social media under your real name is foolish. So is drinking too much and going to work hung over.

By now, everyone should have learned that the left is out to destroy as many white people as possible, male and female. No mercy will be shown. No apology will be good enough. Only the taste of blood will satisfy the left.

A Cheddars waitress in Murfreesboro, Tennessee has just lost her job after posting a racist image on Snapchat, which of course went viral. In the Snapchat photo, she captioned her angry face, complaining that “I’m so hung over and have a section full of ni***rs right now.” Somehow a woman named Chelsea, one of the people in that same group she was serving, saw the hateful message and wrote some thoughts on Twitter.

Here’s the story of what happened, according to Chelsea Mayes’ Facebook post, one of the women who was being served:

Yesterday this photo of a Murfreesboro Cheddar employee started circulating on social media. Being as though I was lucky enough to be one of the “N***ers” she speaks of, I feel it’s only necessary to give my view!

Afte church a few fellow First Baptist Church of Murfreesboro TN college choir members and I decided to go to Cheddars as we do very often. After patiently waiting 30 minutes to be seated, we were placed in this lovely lady’s section. The funny part about this was she was “friends” with one of us that sat at this table. She smiled laughed and joked with us as we all enjoyed our meals.

Being that we were pleased with the service on a busy day, we each GENEROUSLY tipped her and went about our day. So imagine how extremely disheartening it was to see this circulating only hours later.

I said all of that to say this. You never truly know the person behind the smile. No matter how much love and joy you spread, there will always be someone with hate in their heart towards you, regardless if it’s in your face or when you leave. It’s up to you how you handle it.

I am personally extremely proud of myself. If this had been Chelsea a couple years ago, Cheddars would have been flipped upside down. But now I just feel sorry for her.

This “n***er” is pretty nice.
This “n***er” actually enjoyed your company.
This “n***er” is praying for you.
This “n***er” loves you and there’s nothing you can do about it

A Cheddar’s spokesman told WSMV-TV in a statement that, “We, ourselves, were shocked and offended after learning one of our servers had posted comments on social media that were hurtful and derogatory. This type of behavior will never be tolerated in our restaurants. The server was immediately suspended and ultimately terminated after our internal investigation.”

Click2Houston adds to the black woman’s response:

Mayes’ response to the incident has gone viral. She told CNNMoney that she hasn’t always been so positive in the face of disrespect, but the death of her 4-month-old son last year from a respiratory illness put things in perspective.

“You learn from something like that,” she said, adding that “life is too short” to let herself be consumed by anger.

On Monday night, after she posted her statement, Mayes said she took comfort from Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, where she said, “When they go low, we go high.”

Mayes, a 21-year-old cosmetologist and day care worker who is attending business school, said she was later contacted via Snapchat by someone who claimed to be the waitress’ mother.

She said the mother wrote, “People are being shot by attack rifles and stabbings all over the world and you are this concerned over one comment that was made by a sweet cute little blonde?”

“My response to her was that last year there were nine people shot down in South Carolina by a sweet little cute blonde,” said Mayes, referring to Dylann Roof, who is charged with murdering nine black parishioners. “Does that make it OK?”

CNNMoney was unable to immediately reached the waitress or her mother.

Use of the word nigger does not lead to anyone being shot. Mayes argument is a total non-sequitor. Her claims about being Christian, blah, blah, blah are also so much bullsh*t. A decent Christian would have talked to the young waitress privately.

This situation was overblown by Mayes and Cheddar’s. I would avoid Cheddar’s if I lived in Murfreesboro. It’s a company that does not respect its employees speech rights and privacy rights when off duty.

14 thoughts on “Cute Blonde Waitress Fired After “Niggers” Remark on Snapchat

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  2. She really shouldn’t have posted that. I hope she can find a husband to care for her, getting another job will be difficult now.

    • Yep, this would be a good time to find a good husband or go to school full time. Maybe a family member can give her a job in a family business.

      I have no idea why people feel compelled to offer up their every thought on social media, under their real names. Well, actually, I may know why, but like you say they shouldn’t be doing it.

  3. Never, ever post such comments using your real name or anything connected to your email address. Corporations (not all but many) do search social media for employee postings that they feel have an impact upon the company image. Never post your picture, either. Use a handle and an account generated thru Google or Yahoo. Avoid Facebook for rants and raves. The Internet is getting smaller and it is easier to track down statements that cast a business in lights they perfer not to content with, even if it is a personal opinion, but especially if the company is involved. Never give them an opportunity to link you directly. These trolls are very good and highly efficient at protecting the company’s image. Many take a wierd delight in uncovering such activity because it justifies their jobs and they carry out these duties like KGB assissins.

  4. I don’t get it. I outgrew the whole name calling thing around age six. How does the word “nigger” inflict harm on a person? It’s just a word. A two syllable word that is defined as either (1) a sub-Saharan African, or (2) a notably low character sub-Saharan african. Either way, it’s either true or it isn’t. And since negroes routinely use the word as a term of endearment among one another (I.e. “They go Tyrone, he my nigger! Dat nigger n me come up togetha ova on da eas side when my momma crib be ova they. I noes all dem eas side niggers, dey’s muh homies,”) this proves the word itself causes no injury.

    So what this really is, is an expression of negro superiority over whites. If negroes can control our speech, they prove their power over us. Initially they could do this because of our weak sister cultural stupidity in banning certain “bad” words (I.e. “shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits”) as noted by the late George Carlin. But today, since negroes love the word and use it constantly, it’s simply another means of controlling whites and proving their power over us.

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