Video: Driving Through Detroit at Night

Spend two minutes witnessing the truth about Black Run America.

This video went viral after being featured on the Drudge Report Sunday. For those unfamiliar with the “Coontown” section of American cities, here’s a good look. Detroit is almost all Coontown.

6 thoughts on “Video: Driving Through Detroit at Night

  1. It ended too soon. I thought that I was about to witness a genuine instance of shots ringing out on a street gone wrong.

  2. It’s worse than this. Some streets that are a mere few blocks away from the decayed downtown will have cars on blocks and loads of colored people shuffling along the sides of the streets. Never do they use the sidewalks for some reason. 20 to 30 people shuffling thwir crack walk. It looks like a zombie scene in parts. Detroit turned me into a race realist.

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