Latina Waitress Receives “Hate” Note Instead of Tip, Brouhaha Ensues

latina cash register receipt tip citizens

What? A white customer does not have the right to refuse to tip a nonwhite waitress without a sh*tstorm rising up from the anger?

In brief, a white grandfather of a young Latina waitress took a note left by a customer and went public with it. The note said, “We only tip citizens.” Grandpops, who’s married to a Mestizo woman, later had a hostile interaction with the note writer.

This story is a good example of manufactured news, not real news. Nobody cares.

Ain’t diversity grand?

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A young waitress at a Virginia diner was left ‘rattled’ after one customer left her a hateful message rather than a tip.

Sadie Karina, 18, was working at Jess’ Quick Lunch in downtown Harrisburg Monday when a man scrawled the message ‘We only tip citizens’ on his receipt.

Karina – who was born in America – was shocked by the note, but it was her granddad who took it public to shame the nasty customer, WHSV reported.

Tips are not mandatory. The Latina is out a few bucks at most. So why is an elderly social justice warriot gotten his jockeys in a knot. It makes no sense.

sadie karina

Karina is an American of mixed Mexican and Honduran descent, and has rarely encountered direct racism in Harrisburg.

Still, she said, the couple gave off an odd vibe when she served them their gyros and drinks.

‘They wouldn’t talk to me,’ she said. ‘They would just nod their heads.’

But it wasn’t until she read the note at the bottom of the $26.11 receipt that she realized how hostile they were.

‘It shouldn’t even matter, I just feel like it’s rude and disrespectful,’ she said. ‘I’ve never met, I’ve never done anything to them.’

But her reaction was nothing compared to the fury her grandfather John Elledge, who is white, felt.

On Monday Elledge posted on Facebook that he’d ‘happily do the jail time’ if he ‘could get just one solid punch in to the face of the son of a b***h’ who left the receipt.

The pair later visited the diner to complain, and they ran into Elledge, whose reaction was far less relaxed than his granddaughter’s.

‘We didn’t talk much,’ Elledge told The Washington Post. ‘She was mad that I posted it … the guy, he was being really belligerent.’

He continued: ‘She was asking me why I posted it. I said “Obviously, it was an insult – your signature against my granddaughter – darn right I’m going to post it. And no apologies.”‘


Gramps is a lawyer. He should know better than to invade the privacy of other people who did nothing unlawful or even immoral. The customers don’t like Mestizos? It’s their right to feel however they want to feel.

These kinds of hostile interactions are an unfortunate side effect of diversity. Aggravations like this do cause stress and sometimes make people snap. Racially homogeneous societies do not have these problems. Stress levels are lower and people enjoy life more.

21 thoughts on “Latina Waitress Receives “Hate” Note Instead of Tip, Brouhaha Ensues

  1. Could be a Jew trick as well. Many times IF I pay with a credit or debit card, I often leave the tip in cash. This little girl could have easily written in the comment herself. Hell………it works for the jews and blacks are even getting in on the scam. I don’t buy it. Most Whites, even the most racist of them, have the common decency to pay a person for their labor. I don’t buy it.

    • Yes, some of these in the past have been tricks. It’s hard to tell but I think the couple here admitted to leaving the note. Actually, it was nice of them to say WHY they weren’t leaving a tip. Otherwise, the girl might think she gave bad service or something.

  2. Better not to eat in those places. One can never be sure.

    Blacks never tip and they never complain.

    “A hateful message.” ???????

  3. I rarely dine out, but when I do, I try and avoid getting a non-white server. If I do get a non-white server, especially a black woman or man, I never tip. I pay the bill up front at the cashier’s desk and leave. Blacks and hispanics (and a lot of women) are shitty tippers if any. I know that from being a waitress for many years. So I just return the favor.

    But if I wanted to leave a note on the receipt, I would have never used a credit card where they would have my name.

  4. Off topic : Here we go again. Mental Issues.

    “BREAKING NEWS: Three injured as machete-wielding woman goes on the rampage on a bus in Brussels before being shot by police

    Woman attacked three people as they were getting off a bus in Brussels
    Armed police arrived and shot her in the arm when she failed to comply
    Two people have have been taken to hospital, one with serious injuries

    Read more:

    “Sources close to the investigation say police do not believe the incident was terrorism or politically motivated and the assailant is said to have had mental health problems.”

    I’m not a terrorist. I’m a nut job.

    Oh, well that’s ok then. Phew. that’s a relief.

  5. >>I’m not a terrorist. I’m a nut job.

    Well then, the left now has another category to add to their “dindu nuffin” growing list of protected minority species “nut jobs”, but we can’t cell them nut jobs because that would be hate speech, unless the nut job in question is a white male.

    Here in jew England many of those on the receiving end of hate speech, racist, etc….after the media feeding frenzy died down were found to be self inflicted; jews spray painting Nazi stuff on synagogues, nigroes defacing negro sacred tings with KKK stuff. When the truth comes out, the response by lefturd zombies is ……….sound of crickets……

  6. I live here and you folks have no understanding of how strong the SJW mindset is. It is the craziest mix of old school Marxist, weird Mennonite believers (they don’t call it the Mennonite Central Committee for nothing), demented white self haters, college students ready to beat the drum for any social justice cause, capitalist who jumped at the chance to import cheap Hispanic labor to boost the bottom line of the old Rocco and other chicken producers, and old timers like gramps who love to use the power of the media , the police and the courts to punish anyone who would challenge their orthodoxy. This might be the center of the Shenandoah Valley but it might as well be Havana. They call Harrisonburg “the friendly city” but it’s not so much if you dare to speak against any of these groups. Just as an aside Barack Obama made Harrisonburg one of his stops during his first presidential campaign…
    he knew there would be a friendly crowd here.

  7. This story is deeply worrying because it shows nobody hates whites so much as other whites. Divided we fall. We have already fallen. We have been divided for fifty years and the Jews have been running the show for those same fifty years.

    “On Monday Elledge posted on Facebook that he’d ‘happily do the jail time’ if he ‘could get just one solid punch in to the face of the son of a b***h’ who left the receipt.” Th’s dirty old man is a race traitor to his own country and a deranged SJW, who sadly is on the side of history. He and his dark scum family have the numbers. Even if Trump wins this year, no right wing President can ever again past about the mid 2020s, the number of white voters will be too small to counter the darkies.

    I agree that anyone leaving a note like this should only pay in cash. Offending anyone who is not white is always a hate crime which can get years in jail. Only SJWs are allowed to define hate crimes.. The Jews wrote these anti white hateful laws for every country that has them on the books. Hate crime is one of the most evil laws since the days of Hitler and Stalin.

    • This story was as much about Gramps as the waitress and her lack of tip. The fool did encounter the couple in the restaurant later and he did not take a swing at the male as he threatened to do. He may be showing off for the ugly old brown hag of a wife he has. I’d rather be single myself than married to that.

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