“Good Morning America” Anchor Amy Robach Apologizes for “Colored People” Remark

amy robach

At one level this story is trivial. It’s a distraction from the real things that matter.

At another level, it’s not trivial at all. The objective is to teach white people that they must worship the Negro god or face the consequences.


Good Morning America host Amy Robach has apologized for using an outdated racial term on air Monday morning.

During a segment about Zendaya’s rumored role as Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Robach said, “We all know Hollywood has received recent and quite a bit of criticism for casting white actors in what one might assume should be a role reserved for colored people.” Her use of the outdated racial term “colored people” sparked some immediate backlash, and Robach quickly issued a statement apologizing for her mistake.

According to the Associated Press, Robach’s statement said she meant to use the more modern, accepted term “people of color,” and that the mix-up was “a mistake” that was “not at all a reflection of how I feel or speak in my everyday life.”

What does NAACP stand for? The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. So blacks can say colored people (like they can say “nigger”) but white people can’t.

I call bullsh*t on that.

Again, to be clear, this fake outrage is not real. It’s about exercising power over white people. It’s about extracting that apology and forcing people to prove that they are not “racist.”

thats racist gif

10 thoughts on ““Good Morning America” Anchor Amy Robach Apologizes for “Colored People” Remark

  1. They are not colored, they are Black, which is not a color. Whereas Chinks are a color, yellow. Muzzies and wogs and Hispanics are a nasty color, brown. Native Americans are red.

    Here is what she did not say, which would have been the truth…”We all know Hollywood has received zero criticism for casting black and Jewish actors in what one might assume should be a role reserved for white people.”

    There is a nigger in the woodpile at the MSM.

    • Antiracists are fond of saying that black is a combination of all colors, which is actually a bastardization of what is said by scientists.

      I love it when Hollywood’s racial agenda is exposed. She had the chance, as you point out, but I guess she wanted to keep her job. I looked her up since I’d never heard of her before. It looked to me like she is divorced, having been married to a Jewy looking guy named Shue. It’s likely that a Jew put her in the driver’s seat, where she is now.

      • I’ve posted, several times, on different websites, the fact that black is the ABSENCE of all colors and white is the PRESENCE of all colors, and the assholes to whom I directed the comment ridicule me and my scientific knowledge. They would deny that up is up, if that conflicted with their racist, illogical beliefs. “I’m gonna hold my breath until you agree with me.” Well, buddy, take a BIG breath and bring a lunch.

  2. My reply:

    Reply to a Tweet
    Tweet Text

    ZsaVette Ellis-Frye @ZsaZsa_ATL
    @GMA Please let Amy know many people find the phrase “colored people” highly offensive 👀 #ZendayaWillSlayAsMaryJanepic.twitter.com/8zZ72tuWmB
    5:00 AM – 22 Aug 2016

    @ZsaZsa_ATL @GMA You apes have no clue what you are. Get over your stupid selves. Your whole race is offensive. #WHITELIVESMATTER

    Come on, guys, everyone bash this bitch. This is what twitter is for.

  3. Anchor Amy Robach Apologizes for “Colored People” Remark….
    Well she’s not a man ! She lack cojones ?? Maybe her contrition would be having to suck some big black doodah & having it inserted in other orifices ??

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