93 Year Old White WWII Vet Completes Three Year Coast-to-Coast Run

ernie andrus

The Guardian

After two years and 10 months, 93-year-old Ernie Andrus has made it across America.

The second world war veteran dipped his toes in the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday morning, ending a cross-country run that started in San Diego.

Local media reported that Andrus was surrounded by hundreds of people including family members and friends who have joined him at different parts along his journey.

He started his trek on 7 October, 2013 on the sands of San Diego, weaving his way over the months and years through the southern US until he reached St. Simon’s Island in Georgia on Saturday morning.

“Oh, it’s great,” Andrus told The Brunswick News after the run was over. “I’m glad to have finished and met the goal. But I wish it wasn’t over.”

People travelled from as far away as Arizona and New York to be there at the end of his journey. A marching band welcomed him, and the crowds shouted his name.

“All these people, it’s so wonderful,” he said. “This is great, this is the biggest crowd I have had, ever.”

Andrus turned 93 on Friday.

He was running to raise money to return a WWII-era ship in Indiana to Normandy, France, for the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landing. He was a medic on a similar ship during the war.

Now that this epic run is finished, Andrus has already planned a new adventure. He’s going to drive his motor home to Alaska where his stepdaughter lives and drive the Alaska Highway.

I don’t believe you’ll see a single nonwhite person there to celebrate with Ernie. It’s a shame that nonwhites have little to no interest in American history or people of accomplishment not tied to Hollywood and other corrupt influences.

If the white race dies out, so will stories like this one.

The finish line:

Ernie speaks three years ago:

6 thoughts on “93 Year Old White WWII Vet Completes Three Year Coast-to-Coast Run

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      From “our-africa” website…what nonsense……
      “South Africa is called the ‘Rainbow Nation’. This is because of its multicultural diversity, after different groups came here in previous centuries. The country’s more recent history of apartheid is better known. Now people can live anywhere if they have the right opportunities, such as a good education.”

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