Police Investigating Underage Dindu Sex Broadcast Live on Facebook

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Excerpt from WMAC Action News

An underage girl may have been sexually assaulted during a Facebook Live broadcast in Memphis.

A spokesperson for the Memphis Police Department confirmed officers are investigating a sexual encounter involving an underage girl and multiple teenage boys. The encounter was broadcast live through Facebook.

It was at Denver Park where a group of teen boys took a 15-year-old girl and broadcast on Facebook Live their sexual activity with her. Parts of the video were shot inside a vehicle, while others appeared to be recorded on a playground.

“I’m just sitting there watching. I heard a girl say ‘record me, record me,'” witness Derrior Demuney said. “I’m like ‘aw man, they must be fixing to do something.”

Demuney said he saw a group of teens having a sexual encounter with a 15-year-old girl at the park and those teens were broadcasting it live on Facebook.

“I hear a boy saying ‘yeah, we live. We turnt up,'” Demuney said.

He said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He said it looked consensual, but the girl appeared very young, and possibly had special needs.

“I’m just looking. I’m like ‘they fixing to do something they got no business doing’ and they did. They did what they did,” Demuney said.

“That’s awful,” Arkisha Martin said. “That’s really awful.”

Martin was shocked when she heard what the teens are accused of doing to the 15-year-old.

“It’s sad. It’s really sad,” Martin said. “I feel for the parent of the young lady and I feel for her [the young lady] too.”

Martin wonders if the boys even realize the damage they’ve done.

“You ruined this young lady’s life. Whether she was disabled or not disabled, you ruined her life,” Martin said. “She will never be able to come back from this, and I hope you won’t either.”

She doesn’t think they realize the damage they might have done to themselves.

“Whether it was consensual or not, you’re going to be considered a pedophile after this, and that’s going to live with you for the rest of your life,” Martin said.

Police said they are investigating the video, which drew more than 18,000 viewers and 200 shares.

Patricia, who is also a mother, worries if all those people will be in trouble for watching and sharing what she considers is child pornography.

According to University of Memphis law professor Steve Mulroy, those who shot the video, shared it on Facebook, or even took screen shots of it, could be in violation of the child pornography laws.

The black teen witness to the sex in a public park is interviewed in a video at the source site. Correcting for ebonics, what he said was, “Dey did what dey did.”

If blacks spent as much time working and studying as they do having sex and stealing they might get somewhere in life. Or maybe not.

5 thoughts on “Police Investigating Underage Dindu Sex Broadcast Live on Facebook

    • Ya gotta worry about both dude, don’t let the negative effects of unbridled sexuality off the hook just because the negative effects of the holy koran/qu’ran are simply quicker and more apparent.

  1. “He said it looked consensual, but the girl appeared very young, and possibly had special needs.”

    Is there any woman younger than the menopause who does not have Special Needs?

    This girl got her Special Needs, she demanded that the incident be filmed. Although a high IQ rape victim might have this cunning idea, it is not likely that a Cooness could think this far ahead.

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