Negro Beats, Decapitates Kebab Auto Parts Store Owner Who Befriended Him

raymond jackson

Because of issues related to brain evolution that led to a corrupt brain structure in the Negroid race, blacks generally lack any empathy or self-control. Thus, the race realist’s mantra of “Avoid the groid, around blacks, never relax.”

A Middle Eastern descended auto parts store owner in Houston, Texas would have benefited from this wisdom distilled from the Caucasian experience with Negros.

Washington Times

Raymond Jackson, 62, is in police custody Friday, a suspect in the Thursday evening beheading death of Enayatolah Khorsand, a Houston auto-parts store owner.

“He’s caught on camera decapitating and beating this man to his death,” the Houston Chronicle quoted Houston police homicide Detective Alex Vinogradov said. “It was brutal.”

“So far, investigators have not determined a motive in the slaying. There was no forced entry at the shop,” said the Chronicle, noting also that “a man who knew Khorsand told investigators he was well-liked and not involved in anything suspicious.”

The headless body of the victim was found at Mykawa Auto Parts Inc., and Mr. Jackson was charged with murder, the Chronicle reported.

The Associated Press coverage of this story adds:

No motive is known for the slaying. Friends say Khorsand had befriended Jackson about four years ago and had given the man odd jobs around his store.

That’s the thanks you get for trying to help out a po’ ole nigra down on his luck.

Some reports state that the alleged killer was a convert to Islam.

Black + Muslim = Deadly.

Imagine, just for a moment, how beautiful and peaceful America would be if there were only people of European descent populating the country.

white arkansas billboard

5 thoughts on “Negro Beats, Decapitates Kebab Auto Parts Store Owner Who Befriended Him

  1. ““He’s caught on camera decapitating and beating this man to his death,” Said PC Plod.
    Surely, if a mans head is chopped off, the beating may have had nothing to do with his death?

    Should of said ““He’s caught on camera beating a man then decapitating him,” (no need to mention the consequence of death as even a dumb arse knows we cannot live without our heads).

    Anyway, Coon kills towelhead, all good. Towel heads and Coons have both done a lot of decapitating, although not enough for the needs of our mother Earth.

  2. WTF????? Decapitation? How upset could his ‘friend’ possibly have made him? What could he have said or done that could warrant more than a middle finger or possibly a punch in the gut? Decapitation?

  3. First off for the idiot racist who posted this BS about not trusting black people, No the whites have been killing people, have been untrustworthy, and Thieves forever. Lacking empathy or any since of feeling. The chemical makeup in their brains are that of an ape.

    • I agree. Same chemical makeup, just much larger.

      Whites need to be kept as far as possible from blacks. Blacks have suffered enough already.

      Aaaaah.. as far as possible… sorry, I was dreaming again.

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