Latino Mayor Pleads NOT GUILTY to Taping Teens Playing Strip Poker at Youth Camp

anthony silva

How do you say “dindu nuffins” in Spanish?

Excerpt from Sacbee

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva pleaded not guilty Thursday in Amador Superior Court to charges stemming from his alleged participation last summer in a drunken strip poker game with teens at his youth camp in Amador County.

Silva, 41, was arraigned on a felony count of recording confidential communications and three misdemeanor counts: contributing to the delinquency of a minor, providing alcohol to minors and endangering the health of a child.

Evidence includes videos and photos confiscated from Silva’s phone and laptop in November 2015 by federal agents who stopped him as he returned to San Francisco from a trip to China.

Wearing a gray suit and flanked by his two lawyers, Silva addressed the media after Thursday’s arraignment, saying the allegations are unfounded.

“I am innocent of these charges,” said Silva, who is running for re-election in November. “The timing is extremely suspicious.”

The rest of the story at the Sacbee goes on to relate the less than honest behavior of Mr. Mayor. Mexicans in Mexico or the U.S. are equally corrupt. God help anyone white living in Stockton, California.

Besides corruption of all kinds, in my experience Mexicans are predisposed to have a sexual interest in underage youths.

It will be interesting to see if a Mexican jury convicts the Mayor. This dirtbag has so far dodged a prison stay. It’s about time he went on a vacation behind bars.

2 thoughts on “Latino Mayor Pleads NOT GUILTY to Taping Teens Playing Strip Poker at Youth Camp

  1. What ages are the teens? Some can be 18 or 19 which is an adult in most places, but maybe not bullshit California where they think that only 21 is an adult (though I am out of date on this information). It is OK to go to war and be killed at 18, but not to have a drink.
    I guess the real issue is that he was in a position of trust and authority over the teens, so even if they were adults it is wrong and exploitation.

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