Hillary Camp Committing Voter Fraud in Vegas (Video)

trump poster

We may vote Trump, but he won’t win if the system is rigged.

Everyone that has seen the video embedded below thinks it’s a big deal.

I don’t.

Some unknown low-level Clinton staffer in Nevada has been caught breaking the state’s election laws.

Nothing much is going to happen. Nevada is Democrat Senator Harry Reid’s state. He’s corrupt. I assume the state is corrupt.

As Donald Trump has repeatedly said, “The system is rigged.”

11 thoughts on “Hillary Camp Committing Voter Fraud in Vegas (Video)

  1. Oh come on!! Jesus h Christ! The electorial system has been “rigged” ever since they killed Lincoln for trying to deport the niggers after the war. They have ALWAYS controlled our presidents. Why is this even “news?”

    • Yeah, they went crazy over this video on GLP and on I think it was Gateway Pundit or wherever the heck I saw it. I posted it here to see if anyone could convince me that I’m missing something.

      When Nixon lost to Kennedy in 1960, the vote count was falsified in Illinois. I’ve known this for decades. So why wouldn’t voter fraud still be going on.

      It’s really silly to get excited over something like this.

  2. Of course, it’s rigged, the reason Obama won. It’s nice to know someone in Vegas was caught.

    Trump knows and planning for it. Not sure what he has in mind. Not talking.

  3. When God decides to give the state of CT an enema, He is going to stick the tube in Bridgeport where, in past elections, the Dems have openly bragged about “fixing” the election results.

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