Baylor U. Football Player Shown in Horrific Acts of DOG ABUSE in Snapchat Video


Nothing to see here, folks. Just TNB. It’s only a dog. Nobody cares. The sacred race rules over all creatures.

The NFL is going to love this shitskin’s mean, nasty attitude.


A video exclusively obtained by News Channel 25 shows yet another ugly side to Baylor University football.

In late June, a video of Ishmael Zamora, a wide receiver for the Bears, was shared on another Baylor player’s Snapchat. The video shows Zamora abusing his dog.

Viewers can hear Zamora’s dog yelp as Zamora hits the dog with a belt. The player then kicks, yells and curses at the dog.

Former Baylor student, Shelby Ball, said she knew she had to do something as soon as she saw the video.

“I went to authorities probably about two hours after I saw the video,” Ball said. “Dogs can’t speak for themselves… I felt like something needed to be done.”

Police documents show that Ball initially went to Animal Control and the Baylor Police Department with the video of Zamora. The documents show that the school’s athletic department knew about it.

Documents add that Zamora said he was only trying to discipline his dog and not harm him.

Zamora expressed that same sentiment in a statement he released to News Channel 25.

“I lost my temper trying to discipline him,” Zamora said. “I’ve been through training with a dog trainer to help me learn new potty training tips.”

But Ball said she doesn’t think trying to discipline the dog is a good enough excuse.

“I can’t imagine anybody who loves their dog and treats their dog well, hitting their dog against the face because they had an accident in the house,” she said.

This gentleman of color was fined $500 for his TNB.

Two points must be made:

1. A paltry $500 fine is nothing. Muh Nigga ought to be sentenced to a hundred hours of community service, plus a much larger fine. And then jailed if he does not comply.

2. The poor creature must be taken away from him and his family and then a good home found for the dog. You abuse animals, you don’t get to keep one.

Oh, one more thing.

The so-called Christians at Baylor University must expel his sorry African ass. Permanently.

Shelby Ball, a young lady of color, the color white, is to be commended for her quick action in notifying authorities. In general, with a few exceptions, white people do not tolerate animal abuse.

Asslete worship must end!

8 thoughts on “Baylor U. Football Player Shown in Horrific Acts of DOG ABUSE in Snapchat Video

    • They can’t help being what they are. We can help ourselves by realizing that they do not belong mixed in with us. I reject “out of Africa” until someone can prove it. There’s plenty of reason to believe that humans sprung up independently of each other in varied locations. There is not one race, the human race. Our race evolved differently from the African. We’re incompatible.

      • Read the book “Erectus Walks Amongst Us”, by Richard Fuerle.

        It WILL change your life.

        Topics covered include (but are not limited to):
        – black DNA is part chimpanzee, but these genes do not exist in Europe.
        – why Chinese have slitty eyes and short legs
        – how crime investigators can tell race from one single tooth
        – black ear wax is different
        – white skulls have a nose spike you can rest a pencil on
        – brain differences are profound
        – oldest human fossils were 2 million years old, in Europe
        – races split before humans even evolved
        – the white race is the oldest race
        – out of Africa is bullshit

        This information is covered up more than anything in this world, even more than the holocaust.

        All of it is backed by science, not that black Africa style bullshit that Dunning-Kruger Effect martyrs believe in.

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