Smear Job on Trump Supporters: “Conspiracy Nuts Voting for Trump, Study Finds”

conspiracy theorist

In other words, Hillary supporters are really, really ignorant and dumb.

Well, they’re heavily nonwhite, so yes, I think dumb is the right word to use.


Call them what you like: conspiracy nuts; tin-foil hat wearers; truthers. However you label them, they’re pretty much in the tank for Donald Trump.

Social media analytics company Demographics Pro scoured social media sites and found that people who spend their time spewing paranoid theories and rants also tend to be Trump supporters. According to the study, which was covered by the Daily Beast, followers of Trump on Twitter are 4.2 times more likely than Hillary Clinton followers to tweet about the New World Order. In addition, almost 40 percent of those tweeting about #NewWorldOrder follow Trump; just 9.3 percent follow Clinton.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the NWO is a doozy of a conspiracy theory that news site the Quint helpfully explains thusly:

“The NWO is believed to be a global movement orchestrated by the globalists with the goal of world domination. The endgame is to prune the world’s population down to a manageable 10% of its current size; to enslave the people through a campaign of manufactured wars, false-flag terror attacks, artificially created pandemics, and poisoned drinking water to keep the masses dumbed down and pliable; a global LGBT movement to discourage reproduction, etc.”

All of these ideas are actively pushed by Infowar’s Alex Jones, a man who has dedicated his life to propagating—usually by yelling himself red in the face (see: this video)—every paranoid, insane theory that exists. (Gay people are being manufactured by the government; the pope is the Anti-Christ; Beyonce is a tool of the CIA.) So it follows that followers of Jones are also 4 times more likely to follow Trump than to follow Clinton. The study found 31.9 percent of those who follow Jones also follow Trump. Just 8 percent of Jones followers overlapped with Hillary followers.

A few more quick hits: Nearly 32 percent of people tweeting about #FalseFlag follow Trump, compared to just 10 percent who follow Clinton. Roughly 36 percent of people who follow Jesse Ventura follow Trump, while 16 percent subscribe to Hillary’s feed.

“We had a much larger list, but right down the line the correlation was pretty clear,” Corey McCarren of Demographics Pro told the Daily Beast. “It’s three to four times more people tweeting about conspiracies who follow Trump [than Clinton]. Illuminati was on there, too.”

It’s a bit of a chicken vs. egg situation when it comes to figuring out why Trump’s following is so filled with the conspiracy crazed. On the one hand, what used to be referred to as the right-wing fringe (but as it turns out, is just the Republican base) is full of those who thrive on fears of every variety, and that’s core to most of their conspiracy-based beliefs. On the other hand, Trump himself not only repeats this nuttery back to his crowds, he’s been a one-man conspiracy theory factory since before he joined the race, back in his birther days. Remember when he lied about American Muslims cheering the death tolls of 9/11? When he claimed Obama banned Christians while allowing Muslim immigrants passage into the U.S.? Recall the time Dr. Trump MD claimed the CDC was making up information about Ebola? Or when, just a week or so ago, he lied—and actually admitted to lying—about watching a video of the U.S. giving payoffs to Iranians?

Appearing on Meet the Press in March, when confronted about one of the many bullsh*t things he’s said, Trump responded with this defense: “All I know is what’s on the internet.”

So, the guy who relies on a digital world notorious for misinformation and disinformation, hoaxes and made-up half-truths, unverified rumors and urban legends, spreads whatever he finds there, regardless of the source, because he doesn’t care about its truthfulness and/or is too lazy to even bother with Snopes.

That explains everything.

If not for the Internet none of us would know much of anything. Although I’m sure the writer of this piece would dub it a conspiracy theory, the media is controlled by a (((certain group.)))

This smear job on Trump and his supporters offers no pushback against the idea that there is a New World Order. How can it? President Bush I described the globalist conspiracy fairly clearly, using the term “new world order.”

And note how when an inconvenient truth comes along it’s dismissed using the c word. When Bill and Monica were sharing cigars, Hillary was on TV denouncing a “vast right wing conspiracy” lying about Bill’s sexual habits even though she knew that Bill was bopping other women.

The purpose of this propaganda piece is to discourage Trump supporters from wearing their MAGA hats and Trump shirts. After all, no one wants to be identified as a nut.

Except here’s the real nut:

hillary insane gif face

conspiracy theorist defense

22 thoughts on “Smear Job on Trump Supporters: “Conspiracy Nuts Voting for Trump, Study Finds”

  1. Nowhere does the word “Jew” appear. That is the group for whom Alex Jones works and he is paid well for his lies and bullshit and half truths shouted wildly.
    ” people who spend their time spewing paranoid theories and rants also tend to be Trump supporters.”
    It is obvious that the writer is a Jew and a Democrap. “Vile spew” is one of (((their))) favorite attacks on those that speak the truth.

    “Call them what you like: conspiracy nuts; tin-foil hat wearers; truthers.” The first two of these are extreme insults, made up by Jews to attack those that believe Senator McCarthy was a good man. Or those that dare to say that only Jews danced in the streets of New York as 911 was still taking place.
    These epithets would be like calling most of Hillary and Bernie supporters Marxists or Trotskyites.

    ” figuring out why Trump’s following is so filled with the conspiracy crazed.” This implies that a majority of Trump supporters wear tin foil hats and believe in Martians. Jewish cock and bull. Why the word “crazed’?
    The jew cannot help giving himself away by going too much over the top and insultkig his own readers, Goebbels never made this error. Propaganda should be subtle, not obvious.
    “By their bullshit insult code words against good whites, ye shall know them as flaming Jews”.

    • Alex Jones is an interesting character. His was one of the first sites I found in my search for the truth, along with amren, Henry Makow, Jeff Rense, and Stormfront. If Jones is paid, controlled opposition ( he lives about a hundred miles up the road from me in Austin Texas) he’s doing a poor job. The news items he posts describe a corrupt political system, the truth about blacks, or at least a good part of it, and a truth about immigration. I may be wrong but I think most of his readers figure out on their own the truths he leaves out. Maybe his value to the powers that be is in pacifying the disenchanted white male, which seems to be his demographic.

      Having been the victim of a Jew smear job myself and having been on the front pages of the paper and on the Drudge Report in stories filled with half-truths and lies, I know a Jew smear job when I see one. This story is just that. For example, Hillary’s problems with her email server was dismissed as a nutty conspiracy theory at first. Likewise, Bill’s bimbo eruptions. Many, many things proven true get labeled that way and the truth teller demonized as a dangerous paranoid nut.

      Like you say about this story, it “jumps the shark,” if I’m using that phrase correctly. It’s over the top and exaggerated, filled with insults. The writer may not be a Jew or may be. I was thinking she’s a Jew-brainwashed feminist Trump hater, Hillary lover. The method she uses is pure leftist in its style, like you point out.

      Hopefully, everyone that reads your comment who might not have “gotten it” before gets it now.

      • I had listened to Jones daily and watched all of his early videos but after the Y2K terror storm that Jones and some porn again Christians (the ones who take every mark of punctuation in the Bible as personally written by God) who promised at 1 minute past midnight in the year 2000, planes would drop from the sky. all the nukes would be launched, dogs would be sleeping with cats, famine would rage, etc. What Jones and Fundie (Jesus is coming back tomorrow at 5:35 pm) had in common was the endless begging to buy survivalist products from their web sites.

        I listened to Jones off and on until Bathhouse Barry was installed in the former White House. I got through on his listener line a few times, “welcome back Art from Cambridge”. I noticed if I varied at all from the approved script or the time I asked that perhaps Zionist Jews were behind it….CLICK! got disconnected

      • I used to follow Jones years and years ago, the comments section was a very revealing battleground. After he forced us to register, all of us friends dropped away from him. I went to a convention in downtown LA where he was speaking and all he did was scream and he had no control of his audience, so I left in the middle of the second day. He’s just a jew troll.

    • Damn well said. Another “insult” is “they get it from the internet,” as if this medium of information is the go to default for “conspiracy theories.” Before the internet, did jews scream at the likes of Eustace Mullins that he got his “crackpot theories from the library???”

      • Heh heh, I was accused of being a rube who gets his info from the kiddy porn, tin foil UFO internet. I was in the net gathering very reliable info back in 1981, about 14 years before Joe and Jane six-pack even hear of the term Internet. I was smeared on Usenet groups by college intellectuals (almost all with Jew surnames) in response to over 300 articles I wrote and posted that were widely read and accepted from 1982-1993.

        I had a website in the early dayz 1993-2001 that focused on alt health, conspiracies, gay nonsense, bible thumping nonsense, etc. Many of my visitors had alphabet agency domains .FBI, CIA etc etc

      • >>cartiermccloud
        >>on August 20, 2016 at 12:32 pm said:
        Looking back I kick myself for erasing all articles and the manuscript to a sci-fi novel I was 400 page into writing back around 2012, when I kept getting one bad bit of medical news after another which continues to this day. Erasing all past writings podcasts, etc was a form of suicide on my part; very stupid. Also side effects of the last 2 major surgery anesthesia (each longer than 12 hours) caused some permanent neurological damage; memory loss and dyslexia

      • God damn, Art, I am so sorry. I should have kept my stupid mouth shut. Keep posting, we all enjoy what you have to say. We can only move forward from where we stand now, yes?

  2. How about these conspiracy nut jobs. Convinced the cops are out to kill blacks.

    When it’s themselves doing most of the killing.

    Now that’s what I call a conspiracy not job.

  3. Well, lately a lot of conspiracies have been proven false (like the NSA).
    If there’s someone who believes everything the government tells them and doesn’t believe in any conspiracies, then you have a problem in my opinion.
    Just goes to show, probably trump supporters would question the govt more than hillary’s liberals who just inject whatever it tells them into their brains.

  4. Trump should use this SHITE as an example of how the media is out to wreck his possibilities. He needs to pull this out at a convention or whatever public place he decides, and read it. I don’t care WHOjew did this “study” but they are truly desperate as hell.

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