Security Breach: Ape Terrorists Attack Trump Motorcade in Minneapolis (Video)

motorcade attack

A group of young, peaceful ladies and gentlemen of color were minding their own business, engaged in deeply intellectual conversations about Socrates, the Reformation, and various other subjects that superior minds are inclined to discuss, when suddenly, out of the blue, racist wealthy Donald Trump supporters attacked them for no reason. One young gentleman of color even ended up on the hood of a big SUV, clearly an attempt to run him over.

Watch the video and be disgusted with such meanness, which was surely organized and encouraged by the Donald himself.

Read the story at Truthfeed.

No arrests!

6 thoughts on “Security Breach: Ape Terrorists Attack Trump Motorcade in Minneapolis (Video)

  1. If he gets arrested it’ll be oppression. Oppression so heavy that few can bear it. It’ll be slavery x 300. If he is not arrested, it’ll demonstrate the power of one man against a weak system. Guys, their propaganda is magnificent.

    • Yes brilliant but it’s Satan himself who writes their poopaganda and is the muscle behind their jungle savage victories.

      I actually fear for the Donald’s life knowing form first hand experience what the satanic fat lefts and it’s shock troops are capable of

  2. Why is it that lefties and Soros thugs, who control the Government, always wear masks in demonstrations? Who do they fear? They will not be fired from their cushy University jobs or get their welfare benefits cancelled for opposing the Donster.

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