Prank: Third Party Presidential Candidate Karl Marx Garners Support from Millennials (Video)

Indulge me.

Since I had to put up with the abysmal ignorance level of students my last decade teaching in higher education. I enjoy these snarky Mark Dice videos that show that ignorance on full display.

In this one, most of the youths who talk to Mark clearly have no idea who Karl Marx is, but they’re ready to vote for him as an alternative to Trump and Hillary.


12 thoughts on “Prank: Third Party Presidential Candidate Karl Marx Garners Support from Millennials (Video)

    • You can’t troll intelligent, informed people. We could all show up at the beach where Mark trolls and get similar results. But his manner is so hilarious as he knowingly works on drawing out the stupidity.

      • He is an American mocking Americans. I am Australian so if I do so is not treasonous as it is with him. An Australian comedy TV show called “The Chaser” had a segment like this in the USA every week, which made me laugh once or twice, then only cringe. Very easy to prove that many US citizens are badly informed and ignorant. Also any TV show or presenter can edit out all the intelligent people who show up the interviewer in any way.

        Dice uses ridicule to promote himself. He is a bully and a trickster. To be fair I do not know a lot about him except that he worked with Alex Jones for a long time and I do not like these videos. I have never liked a bully, or a shouter like Jones, and I never will. Dice is ethnically a Jew who changed his name and therefore suspect to my mind. Jews always get the fast track in any entertainment medium, even clown acts and blackface, of course.

    • A Jew yes, but I don’t believe he’s a troll. His little five minute diversions from more serious matters give a laugh and expose a truth, especially now that he’s going more and more race realist. He picks the low hanging fruit, while Henry Makow for example digs deeper. Different approaches, but both have value to me personally.

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