Olympic Hero Usain Bolt Gives Devil-Worshiping Occult Hand Signs at End of Races

usain bolt nwo

666 is the Devil’s number. It’s a number Usain Bolt is familiar with.

When Bolt is not running and then paying homage to the devil, he’s partying with his girlfriend, as seen in the second video in this post. That Jamaican party has a vooddo vibe to it as far as I’m concerned.

The occult, devil worship, and voodoo are things we normally associate with Afro-Caribbean culture. Thus, it’s not surprising there are so many photos of Bolt making incriminating signs.

Since some race realists believe that blacks have no souls, I won’t go into whether Bolt sold his soul to the devil. But a related issue is whether he makes these hand signs (many more photos are on the Internet than just the two seen here) because he’s demon possessed.

Since I accidentally walked in on a Satanic ritual at the university more than a decade ago, I know that many people secretly worship Satan and that the number of his recruits seems to be growing.

What’s your opinion on these bizarre actions by a leading Olympian?

occult 666 usain bolt

Usain Bolt Illuminati Plaything

Video discussion thread at GLP

Photos of Usain Bolt making occult signs.

21 thoughts on “Olympic Hero Usain Bolt Gives Devil-Worshiping Occult Hand Signs at End of Races

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  2. Bolt is a good name for a sprinter, I wonder if it is his birth name? Not a very African name. As to the hand signs, his (((promoters))) probably pay him plenty to make these signs. It may be required by his product endorsements to earn the big bucks.
    Most modern wannabe musicians make these Satanic hand signs without being paid anything. They just ape the big stars. “Horns up, dude”.
    Once upon a time a Christian athlete would make the sign of the cross before a race.

    • According to the Internet, Bolt is his real name. Your theory about why he makes hand signs is an alternative to the theory that he’s a serious Satanist. I doubt he has the intelligence to be a serious Satanist. I got into posting this material when a white woman I know was speaking in admiration about the bodies (muscularity) of the runners. She compared them to giraffes. I asked if any white men were winning any races. She said yes. I don’t know because I haven’t seen a single Olympic event.

      • Blacks are allowed drugs.

        East Germany used to win all the time when they were allowed drugs.

      • There were books written. One was written by a German athlete who said look at Carl Lewis’s big steroid jaw bone. He was busted but that was swept under the white genocide carpet.

        Ben Johnson was just too obvious. We looked like he’d fly to bits when he was running, so they had no choice.
        castefootball.us used to be a good site for this sort of thing but is now fubar. Maybe the info is still there if anyone can be bothered with their crappy new format.

        Also, in the 100 m sprint timing is so inaccurate records are closer together than the timing errors. Whoever anticipates the start without falsing out gets the prize most of the time. They should time each runner independently using sensors. Tail winds up to 2 m/s are allowed. Gravity can make a measurable difference.

        Besides, those highly muscled blacks only win the start. The rest of the race is whitey’s.

        Since the 100m is all in the start, it is promoted like the return of Jesus so Soros’s immigrants can complete the last 6 inches of their heroic voyages and impregnate our brainwashed women so the Kalergi plan wipes us out.

      • Interesting and lucid exposition of your knowledge of the 100 meter race. You may find this interesting: The 100 YARD dash had a record of 9.2 seconds, which was set, I believe, in the 1950s. In the late 1960s I was watching a TV show, in Los Angeles, which was a live broadcast of a track meet from Compton (yes, THAT Compton) Junior College. There were several meets, each year, and many records were challenged by the superlative athletes, who attended them from all over the western United States. The two announcers talked up the 100 yard dash, to be run that day, with an up-and-coming runner, who was aspiring to be a world champion. I think the guy was 19 years old and, of course, he was black. Finally, the 100 was ready to be run. The runners took their marks, the gun went off, the runners lunged forward, and the much ballyhooed runner’s starting blocks went all fucked-up city, causing him to go down hard, on his knees. He got to his feet and took off, several strides behind the rest of the guys. He hit “afterburner” and took off. It was mesmerizing; he passed all the other racers and WON the race. That was incredible enough but his time was 8.9 seconds, a new world record. It was immediately announced that he had officially won the race but his time was not official, because he had an 11 mph tailwind, when it had to be below 10 mph. It WOULD have been an official world’s record because the Compton meets met all of the international requirements for the timing of races. Just several weeks later the kid blew out a knee and never raced again.

  3. I’m highly offended by this shit, just as I’m highly offended by assholes hitting a home run then blowing kisses to God and pointing both index fingers towards the heavens. That niggro who played for the Cubs, was the worst offender, and he should have been thanking his steroid connection, instead of God. Fuck ’em all.

    • The feetsball players seem to be the worst, although since I don’t watch sports anymore, I can’t say for sure. Showboating blacks ruined football for me. I don’t like their antics.

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  5. Funny thing is…

    The whole Jamaican T+F Team (n0 Russians, or that Stunning “racist Geeek bird, was banned in “0!3.
    Hussein Bolt being the only “clean” naif.
    MO(hanned) (((Farah)))BRITISH DAMMIT!!!
    Slept through a two hour doorbellkreig,
    by dopetesters.
    Booked ahead.
    Its “great white Hut”
    being packed to the gunnels by
    creatures after itself by gift and nature.

    Ears of furry tin.
    Another gift from Whitehatia.

    Robbed of aural acuity by White perfidy i’d imagine.
    Years of it.
    Reality proof.

    By comparison Cats and minimonkey’s?
    What’s the harm?

    C/O Mr Anglin…

  6. Being a Christian I still am shocked at how widespread and accepted Satanism is in the West, especially by the young. There must be zillions of JewTube videos showing political figures, sports heroes, pop muzak idols, corporate suites, even the pope throwing satanic hand signals and gestures.

    Once Killary gets in the former White House, look for Baphomet statues to pop up everywhere, even on former Christian church properties. Well Amerikkka and white Europe, you get what you pay for, congrats you collectively spit in God’s face and piss on his only begotten Son (eg: joo larry david)

    God has packed up and left the building, and Satan has been more than willing to fill that void. It’s only my incontinent old man thinking, but we are on a rocket sled to hell…….buckle up and enjoy the ride goyim. Only a collective change of heart and turning from evil can we survive; it’s either that or wait for Jesus to return (there’ll be a lot of splaining to do Lucy)

  7. No devil worship is not commonly associated with Afro Caribbean people Christianality is. Afro Caribbean people love and worship God our Heavenly Father

    • Voodoo damned sure didn’t start in Alaska, with Eskimos; it started in the Caribbean, with black people. Take your BS, made-up, revisionist crap, and try to peddle it somewhere else. Where is Haiti located? CLUE: It’s not in the Mediterranean.

  8. That seems to be true, and it scares me a lot. We should pray ony to GOD. There’s no point in worshipping the devil, since the devil is the “bad guy”. So if someone worships the devil, that person will certainly suffer terribly bad consequences.

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