Obama Golfs with Vile Christian-Mocking Jew Larry David

david obama

When I was listening to a youtube video of pro-white Jewish radio talker Michael Savage yesterday, he expressed his extreme disgust with Larry David, who is golfing with POTUS Obama during his Martha’s Vinyard vacation. Savage questioned how Obama could hang out with such a horrible individual, who gives all Jews a bad name.

The Hill

President Obama is hitting the links with comedian Larry David on Thursday.

Obama, on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., took the “Seinfeld” co-creator out for a game of golf, along with frequent presidential golf partners and businessmen Robert Wolf and Jonathan Lavine, according to pool reports.

David parlayed his striking impression of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) into regular appearances on “Saturday Night Live” this past year.

David played golf with Obama last summer at Martha’s Vineyard as well, where pool reports noted the comedian’s struggle to get out of a sand trap.

Obama played his 300th round of golf as president while on his annual summer vacation.

Between Larry David and Sarah Silverman, it’s hard to say whose worse. Both are smart mouths who practice destruction for the sake of destruction. Both are anti-white and anti-Christian.

Obama’s golfing with such a vile creature simply shows once again what a piece of excrement he is.

obama bug eyed

5 thoughts on “Obama Golfs with Vile Christian-Mocking Jew Larry David

  1. How much does Nike sling the POTUS for advertising their shoes in public? That Jew creep is in on the kickbacks as well, wearing the same type of shoes as the Cash Collector In Chief.
    Also the flaming Jew looks blacker than the half breed POOFTUS,

    • Very observant re the shoes. Like the Clintons, Obongo can’t wait to leave the WH and start cashing in. Maybe he’ll come out of the closet at some point, but not if it interferes with his mission to destroy America and get paid while doing it.

  2. Nero fiddled while Rome burned…
    Obama putted while America drowned and burned…

    He’s the first president during my too long 70 years that every time I see his face or hear his voice or that of his trannie husband I want to throw up

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