Horrific New Sex Attack: 22 Girls Assaulted at Swedish Music Festival

dont touch me wristbands sweden

It looks like the “Don’t touch me” wristbands didn’t work. So far, 22 girls have been sexually assaulted at a Swedish music festival.

The Swedes must not have been nice enough to their sh*tstain Muzzie migrants. That’s the only possible explanation for so many sex attacks.

Oops! I jumped ahead of myself. The police will not reveal details on who the attackers are. It must be those sexed up Amish again.


Police confirmed they have received 22 reports from women saying they have been attacked during the We are Stockholm event.

Officials said seven complaints came on the festival’s first day on Tuesday this week, with another 15 reported by Thursday.

Stockholm police added the figure was expected to increase as the event is still ongoing.

They also refused to disclose the nationality of the suspected assailants.

Police spokesman Kjell Lindgren said: “Many report the incidents a while after the assault happened, so there is reason to believe the figure will increase.”

The official said the majority of the reports had involved men groping girls in the crowd.

Mr Lindgren added police had identified the assailants in about half the reported incidents as he said it is believed the same person had committed several assaults.

Police officer Mats Eriksson said the reported attacks had happened while the artists were on stage.

He added: “It is difficult to identify the perpetrators because there are so many people in a small area.

“Many [girls] say they have experienced an assault, but have no idea of who did it.”

I offer some friendly advice to Swedish women: Prod your men to take on the sewer rats that your politicians are importing to your formerly lovely country. Encourage your men to “encourage” every Muzzie to high tail it back to the sand dunes. They’re all guilty, so every one of them needs that prodding.

4 thoughts on “Horrific New Sex Attack: 22 Girls Assaulted at Swedish Music Festival

  1. What Sweden needs is multiple Swedish versions of Norwegian Breivik. Actually the whole fucking Europe needs that kind of first responders.

  2. Sweden is a land where pink unicorns roam about. There is always a rainbow. What a fun place for young women to live, with lovely tinted human garbage imported to grope and rape them.

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