Black Thugs Threatening to Kill Donald Trump

From the youtube information box:

Published on Aug 19, 2016

A bunch of black thugs are threatening to kill Donald Trump (again). The death threats being made against Trump continue to be posted by Black Lives Matter thugs and the mainstream media continues to ignore it, Secret Service does nothing, and of course, Twitter allows it. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

Sample comments:

Mark Dice6 hours ago
BLM: Blacks Looting and Murdering. Subscribe to my channel above if you’re a first time viewer and come every day for a new video every day exposing the violent progressive Left and race baiting bastards. See ya tomorrow!

Clay Ronso5 hours ago
If it was white people saying the same thing (but with better grammar) in regards to Hillary the Secret Service would be kicking down doors left and right.

Michael Thomas3 hours ago
+ACguernica as long as their not white , you can basically say or do anything without repercussions now.
threaten lives, threaten violence to entire suburbs , burn down cities, lot and rob stores when your upset but only as long your black and angry even if it’s a lie you have to be black and angry or if its your fault

happystanceable1348 minutes ago
Niggers are royalty in Leftist ideology. They can say whatever they wish and whites are always to genuflect whenever such BLAK royalty enters the room. Therefore, such black tribal savages of the Left can tweet for the assassination of presidential candidates, but I’ve had my twitter accounts suspended for simply using the proper noun for that black version of Rednecks.

The G Word was “hate speech” in the royal court of King George III. George was a royal asshole like the typical Nigger is today, so he required his royal subjects to use much loftier and more flattering appellations when referring to the king, such as “Your Royal Majesty, King of the American Ghettos”.

Ettienne Groenewald2 hours ago
They are just always looking for some white person to HATE on! for a reason to justify them living in garbage and a reason to justify their rioting and looting! Look at any black country and you will see the same pattern when it comes to the riots and looting!

Mark is doing a fine job of exposing the extent of thuggery among the Negroid population. He’s done similar videos before. Note that Twitter has no problem with publishing death threats against Trump. Those bastards.

9 thoughts on “Black Thugs Threatening to Kill Donald Trump

  1. Nothing will happen of course. And if it does it will be reversed on us a la “see, dee establishment be scurrd, dey scurrd of a po’ keeid, dey ain’t shit! If da empire so pow’ful, ha cum dry scurrd?!” Going after this guy would show a lack of ‘jobless oblige,’ not going after him shows his omnipotence. So it can be used to bolster the propaganda meme. White “conservatives” can learn from this: use everything to bolster the meme, turn everything around.

    • Right, real name Mark Shouldice, I believe.

      Perhaps one difference I might have with some of my readers is that I like certain Jews: Henry Makow, Dice, Brother Nathanael, the Mad Jewess, and Jew Among You. There are a few others as well. Oh, Michael Savage (aka Michael Weiner).

      Mark’s subject matter and his mocking manner appeals to me. I follow his Twitter where he’s making racism respectable. I don’t expect him to call out the Jews, but given what he focuses on, he helps my people in my opinion.

      • I doubt he is full-Jew. I heard him talking about going to church regularly years back. So religiously he is likely not a Jew, he is probably only partially Jewish, he doesn’t present himself as an Israel-firster. And he is one sole individual- so what? Guys, try to remember one thing; even if you don’t like someone, never discourage anyone from doing the right thing. Dice is alright.

      • I like some of each race, including my oh so reviled jews. There’s nothing wrong with liking someone engaged in righteousness.

      • Right on guys, he’s just one dude. We don’t need to go into a purity signaling spiral over the odd dude here and there.

      • I like Henry Makow and Brother Nathaniel, except for the Bros constant bleating for cash and Henry selling the same type of crap that Alex Jones does. (Why no marketing of rubbish or begging for cash here???). I hate those ads, very simliar to junk ads on the major sites like Yahoo.

        To me Mark Dice is a bully and tainted by his connection to Alex Jones. To mock Americans by tricking them with bullshit questions is like taking candy from a baby. Easy, and not nice and not funny IMO. Also he is tall, like that very nasty very tall bully on Fox, whats his name. Somehow, to me as a another tall man, a tall man should be a gentle man. Only little men need to bully, not big men. In acting roles compare the calm and thoughtful Burt Lancaster 6 feet two inches with the wise arse aggressive Jimmy Cagney at 5 feet 6 and a half inches.

      • I don’t control the ads here. WordPress does. No advertiser would come here given the content. Henry and Nat need the income from the ads to live, I suppose. I’m doing this as my contribution to humanity and because I like to write and do research.

        O’Reilly is probably who you’re talking about on Fox. His staffer Jesse Watters goes out on similar man on the street interviews, showing up Americans to be dumb. O stays in the studio yelling at guests.

        When a professor of economics, I had to pretend that students were not ignorant and arrogant about their ignorance during my last decade in the profession. Thus, I personally enjoy seeing the stupidity of American youth mocked by Dice, who is skillful at mockery.

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