Woman Loses 210 Pounds Plus Boyfriend

mallory buettner before

mallory buettner after

Mallory Buettner’s childhood photo published with this story at the Mail shows a fat child. It appears that some people are destined to be fat because of their genes, while others are destined to be thin.

Western culture prizes thinness in women, although the popularity of fat porn betrays the fact that some men prefer a lot to love.

Mallory’s boyfriend was perhaps among the chubby chasers. It seems that he preferred the fat Mallory to the new thinner one.

Daily Mail

A primary school teacher has worn a bikini for the first time in her life after losing 210lbs (15st) and having 10lbs of excess skin removed.

Mallory Buettner, 29, from Quinte West, Ontario, Canada, underwent a gastric bypass two years ago after her weight reached almost 400lbs (28st), helping her to shrink to 187lbs (13st).

On June 30, to complete her transformation, Mallory had a tummy tuck and brachioplasty to remove 10lbs of loose skin from her stomach and arms.

Having never worn a bikini before, even in her own garden hot tub, the delighted teacher celebrated by purchasing five new two-pieces.

But the super slimmer paid a price for her new body – including surgery complications, and having to call off a wedding to her ex-fiancĂ© who she said struggled with her new life.

Now the brave brunette is opening up about ‘life after going under the knife’ to encourage other weight loss hopefuls to ask for help.

I am not a medical expert on obesity, gastric bypass surgery, or weight loss. So let me question the wisdom of surgery as a means to weight loss. Is this a healthy thing to do? Wouldn’t it be better to count calories and exercise to lose weight?

It’s not clear to me that this is the inspirational story that the Mail makes it out to be.

Mallory will benefit however. Although the chubby chasers liked the old Mallory better than the new one, including her ex-boyfriend, she will surely have more admirers than previously. And her career prospects should improve, as I believe it’s human nature to have a negative view of people who are severely obese.

I always wonder whether the positive psychological benefits of such a radical change in appearance are lasting, though. Maxwell Maltz in his best-selling classic book Psychocybernetics reported that his patients who underwent plastic surgery to improve their appearance did not experience a better mental attitude.

For example, the late Michael Jackson was never satisfied with his appearance. Many others have followed in his footsteps, paying for one plastic surgery after another, obsessed with their appearances.

Mallory can consider her surgery successful if her foray into appearance modification ends here and ends now.

So, kudos to her for now. Here’s to wishing she finds a new boyfriend who appreciates her new look.

6 thoughts on “Woman Loses 210 Pounds Plus Boyfriend

  1. You know why her boyfriend stopped chasing her?

    Because he’s chubby himself… and after she got skinny, she outran him.

  2. Did she in fact lose her boyfriend or did she decide she could do better and then made up some other slight to move on and blame it on him? Losing that much weight is like getting fake boobs. I have never known a woman to do either and be with the same man she was with when it happened before a year was out. Never, and I have been acquainted with several who have done either or both in some cases. In fact when I was running the medieval enactment tourney circuit, which brings in a lot of guys with their wives and girlfriends, we could usually spot the next breakup coming well in advance because the said GF or wife began dropping weight and/or showed up with new boobs right before it happened. The reason we were so interested in the other participants relationship was due to the issues it could, and sometimes did, cause when setting up the tourney trees. When two men have “feelings” for the same woman you DO NOT let them wail away at each other with blunted instruments.

    As a side note any woman who gets fake breasts will show them off at the drop of a hat too with very little encouragement and any woman who drops weight like that will show off the new her just about as fast.

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