Proof that White Privilege is as Real as Hitler’s Secret Nazi Moonbases

22 thoughts on “Proof that White Privilege is as Real as Hitler’s Secret Nazi Moonbases

  1. One has to really wonder who creates such flawed charts.

    Firstly, there is no “white” anything. I am half slav and half Dutch so technically, I am mixed. One also has to look at hours worked.

    Sure one might make let us say 150,000 per year, but one also has see the HOURLY breakdown of those hours.

    If you are making that kind of money, you are working incredible hours…no 9 to 5 that is for sure. Many Asian males come here without the prospect of having a family and work all kinds of hours. There is an underground trail that leads straight to Silicon Valley for drug lords to funnel all kinds of cocaine etc so that the well paid techies can work oodles of hours per day. They do not have families.

    Truth is, if one wants a family, you will not be able to to make alot of money, but really, who cares?

    • “The Asians that come here already have $. They will attempt to rule the now Pagan wild people. Good luck with that. Once the Boomers pass, the back to nature pagan types will eschew the Asian – turned Western Docs.”

      I like the way you think Viking, I hope you’re right.

  2. Also…cost of living expenses. Sure one can make a 100 k in DC, but your rent will be 3k a month. Factor in food etc.

    More whites live in rural areas, which have lower salaries due to lower cost of living.

    There is no White Privilege because there is no ‘white”.

  3. I actually think this post has been posted before, If Europeans are making less money the fact we have been targeted from birth with anti European destructive propaganda via media and schools could play a part of it, while I know VB calls bullshit on this post and to an extent might be right, I do think there are considerably less Europeans becoming doctors, scientists etc today than maybe 50 years ago, and I would blame the Jewish Hollywood and their horrendous “role models” basically making us dumber, Asians, Indians etc are not as well integrated into our society so I would guess they don’t watch the MTV as much at Kumars or Changs house so they are less effected by the propaganda, the American Jackass culture that has dumb’d many “Whites” down.

    • Many “whites” are not becoming doctors today in the USA for a variety of reasons:

      1) The hours…..more hours than in the 1970’s, which really was the heyday of White medicine in the Kwa;
      2) Debt to become a doctor
      3) Malpractice insurance is through the roof

      and on and on….one must not look at salaries alone, but overhead.

      “Whites” are far from being dumbed down. Many have figured out the system is BS and did so a few decades back.

      The USA and “west” are not going through an economic crisis so much as a “values” crisis.

      The vestiges of old are in their final stages of decay, which is GOOD.

      The Asians are just coming to the party late. They will figure it out once the second generation does not do as well, as what always happens because the governments and their lackeys have set it up that way.

    • Here locally there are no younger white doctors even though the career will put you into a 4000 square foot luxury house, two Mercedes or BMWs, and eating out at high buck restaurants every night but a month of vacation in Europe thrown in.

      • Paladin: Same here in Soviet Republik of MA. I had a great “white” PCP for 25 years who passed away 3 year ago. I had a choice of a trannie PA, African or dot head and wound you with a Jewess, atheist, Wiccan lesbian PA. White doctors are hard to come by.

        I had 2 MAJOR spine surgeries in the past 4 years which have left me almost totally crippled. Surgery was at one of the world’s most renown hospitals in Boston, which in reality is a multi-cult butcher shop. Surgical team was a Chinese, 2 Dot heads, 2 Africans and Muzzie. Most of them spoke very poor English.

        I am not trying to get a consult with a 3rd party and I was told NO ONE is accepting new patients anywhere due to being forced to take 3rd world invaders first, and whites last *(a couple of nurses told me this in private). The nurses also confirmed my suspicion that because I am 70, old folks are to be denied procedures they need because they are old white people

        Call me rayciss (more like race realist) but although these doctors maybe have attended American medical schools, their cultural, ethical and genetic roots override Western norms

    • Mat, similar data was posted but it was not this detailed a breakdown. I agree with the rest of your comment. VB has it wrong. This info is not bullshit. It effectively refutes the “white privilege” narrative. As do some of the lifespan studies. Mexicans in the U.S., that “oppressed” minority, live two years longer than whites.

      • No. You are reading the data wrong. A graph simply posting weekly wages without including overhead and cost of living expenses is shallow at best.

        I do not believe in white privilege. I also do not believe in the idea of white as a race. Judaism is a culture, a belief system. White is a culture, a belief system.

        I think many Asians that DO come here are the ones who stole wealth from the masses of poor working back in China and wherever.

        Communism is Capitalism and Capitalism is Communism. The Crapheads steal from the Community in an attempt to become the Ruling Crass (no class, just crass)

        The Asians that come here already have $. They will attempt to rule the now Pagan wild people. Good luck with that. Once the Boomers pass, the back to nature pagan types will eschew the Asian – turned Western Docs.

        It is all smoke and mirrors bullshit.

    • I’m wondering why (((they))) were left out. Deliberately, perhaps ? I think you will find that (((their))) earnings outstrip the earnings of everyone else.

      Also because these will be legal earnings. That will explain why Blacks and Hispanics occupy the two lowest spots.

      • Hispanics do okay. They work under the table and do not always count their earnings.

      • Judaism is a belief system in mongrelization. There are Orthodox Jews and Zionists.

        Judaism is not a religion, but a belief in worshiping money and goods. It is a void Cargo Cult. It means nothing because it is nothing.

        White was and is an invention to unify groups of tribes from Europe who really have nothing in common. White, like Judaism, is a false belief system.

        Smoke and mirrors.

    • Jews are not a tribe, just a mongrelized religion. They do not exist just as “white” does not exist.

      You cannot quantify what does not exist.

      • But you claim to able to recognize Jews when I’ve posted various stories here.

        Among whites, a breakdown by Irish, Scots-Irish, Italians, French, etc., would be useful.

      • Italians demographically were not considered white. Neither were/are Slavs. Ethiopians consider themselves Aryans.

        Yes, I recognize Jews. I can point one out a mile away.

  4. America is not a nation. It is not a country. It is an Empire with various tribes that have had their uniqueness obliterated. Within America there is the White belief system, which is patriarchal, two parent family, two kids, money centered, CONFORMIST KWANISM. Black is ANY culture that opposes White Culture in the Kwa. Black = NONCONFORMIST.

    Judaism is a counter culture that eeked its way into “white” culture and pretended to be white as in the Kwa white = good. Really Jews are not white as they do not wish to assimilate or ingratiate but DOMINATE and SUBJUGATE.

    When I traveled through Europe, I could pick out Americans a mile away. How they walked. How they presented themselves.

    I can pick out a Jew a mile away. They wish to SUBJUGATE and I pick up on that right away and resist as subjugating others is simply evil and wrong.

    Just my two cents.

  5. I can’t find the source for this data, it’s a very interesting chart but before sharing it on social media I’d need to be sure it’s actually sourced from those listed sources. (I’ve looked, and can’t find.) Any assistance appreciated.

  6. I know for a fact that in the cities, many good government high paying jobs are held by blacks and hispanics. The lower paid white men pick up the slack and get zero credit. They hate the white man, but have no problem having him unplug the toilet or fix leaky pipes. Counties around me make me sick, they’ll go out of their way to hire some police chief or government mukky muk who’s non-white. I won’t live in a county with a nigger sheriff.

    I saw it in the cities, blacks and hispanic government workers driving Escalades and other high dollar cars, while white men and women were driving 15 year old funker dunkers. Every single time a FEDEX driver comes to my house for an Amazon order, he’s black. And Fedex drivers make good money. A lot of the lineman for the power company are non-white. The only white men around me I see working are at low paying retails jobs or picking up the trash.

    • Dark Side…”The only white men around me I see working are at low paying retails jobs or picking up the trash.”
      I have seen for years that only whites, almost always men about 40 to 60 years of age are cleaners on the streets of Sydney, never ever a dark skinned person. Also the same white men get the job of walking through trains and picking up the huge amount of rubbish that is illegally thrown down daily in Sydney commuter trains, in the new MultiCult Unicorn paradise of Australia.
      When I was a child and then a young adult in Sydney, there was never any rubbish dumped inside trains and there were hefty penalties for doing so.
      White society in the West, equals no rubbish thrown in to the streets. Cooned and browned society, lots of dumped rubbish.
      “White privilege” is a Jew insult and trick. there is no white privilege and there never was.

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