First Trump General Election Ad: Make America Safe (Video)

There’s some very effective imagery in the ad that ought to resonate with any reasonable person.

21 thoughts on “First Trump General Election Ad: Make America Safe (Video)

    • My own theory is that there’s a split among the power elites who own us. Trump represents the branch that believes there’s more money to be made by keeping America white rather than turning it into another third world also-ran version of Mexico. As much as Trump is fond of Jews, there’s still reason for me to write favorably about him, given that the alternative is dying Hillary, who would be replaced by Tim Kaine. Kaine is a globalist who loves nonwhites and hates whites. Trump doesn’t hate whites. Hillary appears to be totally lacking in natural human affection. I don’t think she’s even capable of loving a cat or a dog, much less a human.

      • Perhaps you are right, but the ultimate agenda is the extermination of the White Gentile race. Petty squabbles over methods is a moot point. It is not money they are after, they have trillions at their fingertips, it’s power and (((righteousness))) as they believe they are the superior race. They have to get rid of us as WE are the superior race.

      • To cartiermccloud, yes we are the superior race and that is why the Jews never ever refer to white superiority. They had to make up the hate/insult term “White Supremacy” to disenfranchise whites.
        Most whites would agree with and not be upset by the term “White superiority”. It is a fact and not racist.
        Jews are inferior to whites especially in numbers about 50 to 1 against the Jew. For every brainy Jews there are 20 brainy whites.
        Jews have more cunning, ruthlessness and dishonesty than whites which is how they can dominate such a large group of otherwise intelligent people. Above all their tribalism gives them strength, which exists even among atheists and those who have converted to say Christian Science etc and even those Christians of 2 and 3 generations who are ethnically Jews.

      • That was brilliant, Robert, and absolutely correct. I’ve been saying this for years and you are one of the few that gets it. And another thing that makes the jews so successful is their tribalism; they stick together no matter what. That’s where their strength lies. Whites have scattered themselves and have no cohesion.

      • It’s practically impossible to foresee what kind of POTUS Trump would be, whereas Hillary’s crap, empowered with epic POS Kaine, is perfectly predictable. Hence, there is no enigma in the formula Hillary or Trump, and this amazing video clearly disperses any dilemma on that subject. It’s SIMPLE, it’s just Trump.

    • Maybe yes, maybe no. I met men like Trump when I worked in NYC. He’s a typical tough talking, abrupt New Yorker. But he’s not a phony. I’ve worked for men like him, tough but fair.

      Trump has nothing to gain by making America more of a mudslime country. He’s worked with Jews in NYC, he knows how they are. I’m a good reader of body language and I don’t get he hates whites. Hillary and Kaine, definitely.

      • You don’t know that. You and many others are sending out that energy that may or may not be true. I think you should cut the white man a little slack until he’s elected.

      • Yes I do know that. All the presidents, at least since Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was a fucking jew, followed the jew agenda.

        Do you really think that nigger Obama is NOT following it? They are having Thump cater to White middle class America as everyone is heartily sick of that gibbering ape in the WH.

        Sending energy?? What kind of new age BS is that? I’m merely stating the facts. Robert, in his last comment, is the typical White american they are catering to. He’s already busy kissing Thump’s ass.

      • Sending out energy Cartier is not new age energy and there is no need to get so GD mad about it. It even says in the Bible as a man speaketh so is he.

        All I’m saying is even though I despise most kikes whites give them way too much power. Most of them aren’t that bright. Most whites are so damned gullible and weak they won’t fight back.

        I’m not kissing Trump’s ass and I don’t understand your vitriol. I’m done with being scared of kikes. The only politicians who are nervous about kikes usually have some skeletons in their closet that can be manipulated.

        If Trump’s nose wasn’t clean, it would have came out a long time.

      • You’re absolutely right about weak Whites. I see no hope for us. I wasn’t mad, just asked what kind of BS you’re talking about. And Thump’s nose IS dirty, he’s been snorting jew ass for decades. And the jews wrote the bible you all are so fond of quoting:

        If I sound mad, it’s because I’m sick and tired of the same old crap from Whites and we are running out of time. If you have time, let me know what you think of the article I posted above.

      • To cartier…” Robert, in his last comment, is the typical White american they are catering to.”
        I have declared here many times I was born and bred in Australia. I am not a US citizen and not eligible to vote there. I support Trump as way better than Hillary. Trump is a USA firster. He is a Nationalist. He may attack Iran (for Israel) or Russia (?), who knows. Maybe he will be a peacenik like Obama who disobeyed his Jew masters re Syria and Iran. Trump will reduce US military bases around the world, maybe in a tiny way.

        Hillary is an Israel firster, and “Free trader”, that is the main difference between them. She wants more brown and black scum in the USA and more US jobs sent to China and India. Trump says he will deport the illegals. Has any big party selected candidate promised that in the past few generations? He said he will build a wall along the Mexican border and I think he will do it. The wall cost would be peanuts compared to American military invasions elsewhere in Muslim lands.

    • Cartier, I have the book Nature’s Eternal Religion, it’s very good. I read it a long time ago. I did read your article about FDR. Yes they have been pushing the Jewish agenda, but they could not have done it without white cucks and white sellouts. Even here where I am, an all white enclave in the south, we have cucks who worship negroes and Israel.

      Around here if someone states they’re a Jew (which is rare) I swear the earth stops and you can hear people hold their breath. They’re in that much awe of jews and they are afraid of them.

      I don’t believe all hope is lost with whites. The first battle one has to win is in their mind. When I said you’re sending out that energy, I meant it. If one wants to lose weight, stop smoking or stop drinking, they have to change their mindset and watch what they say. I had a pentecostal minister tell me a long time ago, what you say (sound) never disappears. It just keeps going in the universe. And he was as far from a new ager than I am a black panther.

      Horus the Avenger, on Follow the White Rabbit, talks about sound, changing the narrative, and watching what you say. That’s not new age, it just common sense. It’s called positive self talk or no stinking thinking like they say in 12 step groups.

      Not to be personal, but I believe you mentioned you’re in Hollywood. California is shit. I left there 6 years ago. I lived there for 20 years. It’s full of jews, arrogant beaners and white cucks who are willing to fellate any hispanic or jew for a dollar. The energy there is as bad as South FL, NYC or any other mud city. You cannot live in a mud city without it affecting your mental health and peace of mind. Now if you want to stay there, that’s your personal business. I no longer try to help people move out of the cities or get to white enclaves of safety. It’s a waste of time. But bearing all that, living in nature around 4 legged creatures who are sweet is a lot better for your mind and your health than living in a concrete jungle with niggers, spics and jews.

      • Thanks for your detailed and personal answer. And yes, you are totally right about white sellouts. I’ve often said our real enemy is our own kind. I do live in Hollywood and while you’re correct about the spics, niggers et al, I will throw you own admonition back at you: it’s your attitude (energy) that determines how well and perceptively you live no matter where you are. My environment does not determine my life, my mind does. I would write & post as I do even if I lived in Disneyland. And if you’re questioning my mental health, then YOU have a problem, not me.

        You could say that ALL cities are shit but you’re wrong. Any enclave where people gather is going to attract the lowest elements of humanity. I don’t have a car so can see things from street level and know how to side step if needed.

        While I would love to live where you do, I have neither husband nor anyone to help me so I will make my stand from where I am, not where I wish to be. That’s all we can do.

  1. How come Israeli Jews hate black people but NY Jews love blacks? Supposedly.
    Maybe the truth is that Jews hate and fear blacks just as much as white people – maybe more. Surely not all Jews want the USA to turn in to Brazil, if this has not happened already. Maybe Venezuela, Zimbabwe or South Africa, even Jews do not want this outcome. Do they?
    Trump is the best potential President in many decades. He cannot undo the Jew crime of 1913 where they stole the USA for all time. No one President can dismantle the Jews stranglehold on unlimited US money creation and thus power over the whole world.
    Trump will do his best and it will be a lot better then Hillary.
    I am sure that Trump has one eye on the history books. History and his lasting fame is more important to him than pleasing swindling Jews.
    Trump does not mince his words and if he wins he has a popular mandate to keep his promises.

    • In private, Jews mock blacks for their stupidity. I also have a feeling, though, that they mock whites too.

      Anyway, Trump has changed the conversation. The genie is out of the bottle and can’t be put back in even if he loses.

    • So who will you vote for cartier? Hillary, or a Third Party candidate with no hope of winning? Or will you stay at home and be angry about the whole thing? David Duke is right, vote Trump because he is by far the best candidate even though Duke does not agree with Trumps pro Israel stance.
      As US folks say, voting for Trump for any white person is a no brainer. Any white that voted for Barry the Poofter was a white traitor. Voting for Hillary is a similar act of treason and self hate for any white except LGBTs, mentally ill weirdos, juggalos, mudsharks, nigger lovers, USA Lasters and Commie Rats. Staying at home achieves nothing and helps the browns and blacks and LGBTs and Jews. Better to turn up and write Adolf Hitler or Joe Stalin on the ballot paper as a one person protest if you can not vote Trump.
      I did not know you were a woman until this page, so suddenly I understand the personal attacks. Women seem more easily offended by my posts than men. Dark Side is a woman too I believe, but she has never attacked me or vice versa. I did not think I attacked you but obviously that is not the way your feminine mind “felt” when you read my reply to your comment.

      • I never considered myself attacked by you, Robert. I just disagreed with what you said. And I must have missed your posts of you being Australian, sorry about that. I get rough because we’re running out of time and I think WW III will be starting next year.

        I would have thought my avatar would show me as a woman, I’ve never been offended by any of your posts and I’m sorry you thought that. And while a woman, I don’t consider myself to have a “feminine” mind. I try to stick to the facts.

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