Crazed House Cat Attacks Group of Pit Bulls and Owners Out for a Stroll


The crazed cat went for the pit bull’s eyes and nose. The dog is lucky to be in as good a shape as she’s in.

Excerpt from CBC.CA

A pit bull owner is calling for a change to animal bylaws in Saanich, B.C., after her dog was viciously attacked by a cat.

Javiera Rodriguez told CBC News a house cat attacked her pit bull while they were out for a walk with a group of six other pit bulls and their owners on Monday evening.

“The cat actually ran towards the dogs and started swiping at [my] dog’s face,” Rodriguez said.


Her three-year-old dog, Bandida, suffered scratches on the face, ears and chin. Rodriguez was also scratched in the attack. She described the cat as being average in size with white fluffy fur.

Kyla Grover, the owner of two of the other dogs on the walk, said she couldn’t believe what she saw.

“At first I was just shocked that this cat would go after seven dogs,” she said. “I thought it would get scared and run away but it never did.”

She said she stepped in to help halt the attack.

“Bandida being a pit bull, I knew if something were to happen she would get blamed and I couldn’t have that happen, so I just needed to get them apart,” she said.

Grover also received puncture wounds and scratches that had to be treated in an emergency room, which took five hours she said.


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12 thoughts on “Crazed House Cat Attacks Group of Pit Bulls and Owners Out for a Stroll

  1. Sab, I know you like dogs, but my neighbor’s dog was out of control for a long time. He was constantly coming over to my yard (they didn’t keep him in check) was chasing my poor little 10 pound cat up the tree. I’d come outside and she’d be high up on the tree because he chased her up there. I’ve had to throw a stick at him to keep him from trying to kill my cat. (We don’t have a leash law here).

    Finally she got sick of it. I’m sure it was her but his eye was majorly F’d up. He doesn’t bother her anymore.

    • Good for her. Before my Spooky died a few weeks ago, his last act, before he collapsed, was to punch Penny, my neighbor’s pit mix, four times in the nose. Even though he’s gone, she’s still afraid to come upstairs.

  2. I saw a cat fight only yesterday, where the male owner of one cat tried to stop it without luck. Then the fight went high up in to a tree.
    Maybe cats have an instinct that pitbulls have been used in the past to kill them? Humans think all dogs are cuddly and forget that certain breeds like pitbulls were bred for very cruel purposes, fighting to the death in pits. I have not done any detailed research but it seems likley that pit bulls would have been put in fights against cats and other non dog animals in such pits. A popular pit fight was between a Jack Russell and twelve or so terrified rats. Naturally enough one or more of the rats would give the dog a hell of a bite on the nose, even though it knew it had no chance of survival.
    To humans these fights were amusing entertainment, great to gamble on, and only two hundred years ago and less. Bear baiting, bears against dogs and so on.
    Pit bulls were bred to fight in pits, not to cuddle and think how cute they are.
    Fighting dogs are dangerous. These particular dogs have been “pussified” by their owners so did not fight back.
    I know that in the Australian greyhound racing industry, it is highly popular, though illegal, to blood the dogs by putting them together with a possum, a fairly harmless animal but with strong claws. When the dog attacks and bites the possum it gets a surprise, a bit of a mauling and this turns it in to a more successful racer in future.
    ie being injured may make the victim, the greyhound, more aggressive. Or maybe it is the taste of the blood of the possum which makes the dog run fast after fake rabbits.

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