Brazilian Blackmail: The Case of Jimmy Feigen

jimmy feigen

At about 4 am central time U.S., published this alert:

US Olympic swimmer Jimmy Feigen agrees to pay about $11,000 to charity in order to leave Brazil after robbery scandal, his lawyer says – AP, ABC News

I don’t know about you, but I would say that Brazil successfully blackmailed an American Olympian.

Stay the hell out of Brazil.

Meanwhile, dumbass white cucks are condemning #JimmyFeigen and the other American swimmers in a situation where the Mestizos are obviously lying in order to line their pockets. Sample:

Never take the word of a Mestizo over a white person. Corruption and lying are in their genes. That’s Race Realism 101.

4 thoughts on “Brazilian Blackmail: The Case of Jimmy Feigen


    Just throwing this out there….

    Awhile back I read that the majority of the US swim team is Jewish

    Many ethnic Jews assimilated into Kwan culture by marrying INTO Germanic families/tribes where they were able to do gene hijacking and become more athletic than your typical “pure” Jew…hence the swimmers on the US swim team being mischlings and athletic.

    I have read there is much anti Jewish sentiment in South America. Perhaps this is at the root of this scandal….Brazilians getting back at the Jews….much banksta hate down there.

  2. You’re right Sab. Having been to Mexico twice when I lived in CA, I saw it firsthand. One thing they ask to do is watch your car while you’re at the bar or restaurant. Some kid will stand around your car as a guard for a few dollars. They’re casing your car. I always drove a late model car so there was nothing to grab at.

    When I lived in NY many New Yorkers would go to Aruba or one of the nigger islands during the winter. Several co-workers came back robbed of money and jewelry. They were naive enough to leave certain valuabls in their room. Big mistake. I told my hygienist the other day when she goes to Las Vegas leave nothing like an Ipad or anything of that nature in their room. Orc maids love to go through the room and steal shit.

    They create forced staged collisions. They did it in CA. They’d deliberately slam on their brakes so you would hit them. They would in turn win the insurance lottery. Something you always had to watch out for.

    Orcs lie even when they don’t have to. They’re a failed race. I stay out of mud countries.

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