Black Man Makes White Woman Teacher Cry–by Paying for Her School Supplies

sabrina drude and lester brown

Black altruism is the subject of this post.

It’s not something that appears here very often because it’s not seen very often.

But here it is. And right in my own backyard.


Teacher brought to tears when stranger pays for her school supplies at Wal-Mart

SAN ANTONIO, Texas– A teacher brought to tears by a stranger’s generosity hopes the positive moment will encourage others to talk more about teachers and education in the United States.

Sabrina Drude, who teaches 7th grade science, was at Walmart buying notebooks for her students when a man in line behind her surprised her by paying the $97 total.

KENS-TV spoke with the mystery good Samaritan, identified as Lester Brown, after viewers learned who he was on social media.

“I paid it and then she started to cry,” Brown remembered. “And then she was going to make me cry, so I looked away.”

Brown, a father of five, works as a pastor and a re-entry specialist at the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

“I remember I had this hundred-dollar bill with the intention of responding to something in need, and God said to respond,” Brown said. “You want people to live better, love thy neighbor. Love thy neighbor means do your part.”

Drude says she has stayed in touch with Brown after their unexpected meeting at Wal-Mart.

“I would love for more people to be influenced by (the story),” Drude said. (It) has started some great conversations about teachers and education.”

Drude also shared these photos of the classroom where Brown’s newly-bought supplies will be going to use:

Kudos to Mr. Brown for his colorblind investment in education. He offers a good role model for the black population of America.

What’s your opinion of this story?

10 thoughts on “Black Man Makes White Woman Teacher Cry–by Paying for Her School Supplies

  1. That blacks need the structure of religion in order to thrive. Because they lack the ability to think abstractly and aren’t future time oriented, they need the structure of religious accountability. This is why blacks are far worse, and far worse off, than 50 years ago. Back then they all went to church, and church imposed morality and nonviolence.

    I have black friends but they are all in a very strict religious community. Christian religion makes blacks act white. Think about it.

  2. Just another black angle to get with a white woman, notice he already has his arm around her and his hand on her hip testing her acceptance. Stop trying to make his pickup move into something altruistic.

    • Yeah, pretty much what i got from it too. If he really wanted to be altruistic, he would have just gave her the money and that’s that, but he wants to be know for being altruistic, so he’s just using it to get attention, her and others.

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  4. This story for me is a bum note on a great site, and a tongue in cheek Paladin provocation (“shit stirring”). Beethoven and Mozart never included any bum notes in their music. Hitler never wrote a paragraph pointing out that many Jews are good people. There are always a tiny number of good people in any group, even criminal gangs and murderers may do random acts of kindness usually for their own selfish motives. In Columbia for example many people get housed thanks to the USA drug addicts paying for it, via Colombian drug lord cash. Hitler loved small children and dogs but a huge number of them died due to his policies.

    My question is why on earth would any teacher buy any supplies for her children out of her own pocket? This is stupidity. I thought whites were meant to be smart? Another bum note about this article. If people cannot or will not buy books for their kids, the Government should pay in order to keep the little darlings out of jail later on. Whites especially should never spend any money at all helping non whites, which increases the number of non whites through reckless breeding. Most of all, never send any money to Africa.

    I did not watch the video of course, but in the photo the Coon is touching the white around her waist. This to me is a no no, black men should not touch and manhandle white women, even if he did sling her $100 donated to him by his own flock, or from his high paid AA job. Yes I agree that the crafty Coon may want to slip this naive female a length. A crying female is a vulnerable female and these tears show she has other problems in her life. He may be a predator, I do not know. Psychopaths can pick a victim on sight in the same way that wolves can in the wild. Some pastors and other religious priests, Imans, ministers, rabbis do take sexual advantage of their younger and better looking followers, just as cult leaders also do.

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