Teachers Ordered to Refrain from Calling Students Boys and Girls


(((The left))) is amazingly adept at keeping decent folks on the defensive with ignorant, offensive tyrannical dictates, such as ordering teachers to avoid calling kids “boys” and “girls.”

Ostensibly, the left says its mean to use those words because a six year old tranny’s feelings might be hurt.

An excuse like that is just a cover story. The real agenda has to do with forcing everyone into a single gender, single race, single country, single language, single religion, single way of thinking, and single money world.

In short, we the people must learn to be good slaves and obey our globalist masters.


Educators at a North Carolina public school district have been ordered to avoid using gender-specific pronouns when addressing pupils, according to a recently published training manual.

A slideshow presentation, entitled “Supporting Transgender Students,” provides guidance for the upcoming school year to K-12 teachers of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district, directing them how to properly handle students with gender identity issues.

“Transgendered,” “transsexual,” “transvestite,” “MtF or FtM,” “Cross Dresser,” and “Drag Queen/King,” are all terms teachers are instructed to avoid in order to “maximize academic achievement for every child.”

Instead, the slideshow suggests, teachers should familiarize themselves with terms such as “Questioning,” “Cisgender,” “Non-binary,” “Genderqueer,’ and “Gender nonconforming.”

A worksheet with a purple unicorn appears amid the instructional, which students are intended to fill out with their own gender identities.

Among techniques to “avoid gender specific classroom management,” the slideshow tells teachers to line students up by birth month, favorite color, or alphabetized, rather than “boy/girl.”

Children should also be addressed as “scholars or students vs. boys and girls,” the guidance recommends.

Additionally, faculty should “allow students to dress in accordance with their gender identity” (emphasis theirs), and “students must have access to the restroom/changing facilities that correspond to their gender identity,” in accordance with a recent Fourth Circuit court ruling.

Home school your children, America, if you possibly can.

One thought on “Teachers Ordered to Refrain from Calling Students Boys and Girls

  1. I knew it! First they steal the happy word “gay”. Then the steal the children’s rainbow. So what next, unicorns of course. Queers are pedos, plain and simple. They want to have sex with your children. Next cab off the rank, “princess” will be a word to denote a bum bandit faggot.

    “A worksheet with a purple unicorn appears amid the instructional”

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