Switzerland Slams the Door Shut on Illegal Migrants

makeshift camp swiss italy border

Great looking Nike’s in the picture. I wonder where those were shoplifted from.

While I hate to see the Italians get stuck with the parasites who think the West owes them, it’s good news to read that the Swiss have made a move to keep them out.

Now, if Italy will just start deporting them on first contact.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Hundreds of migrants have been left stranded on the Swiss-Italian border after Switzerland has been accused of shutting their borders to asylum seekers – and breaking the law.

While Swiss authorities reject accusations they are violating would-be refugees’ rights to seek asylum, migrants on the border say it is closed to them.

Several hundred migrants have slept on towels and blankets in the park near Como’s train station since the Swiss clampdown began in mid-July, separating people from relatives or friends who had crossed some months before.

Swiss left-wing politicians are checking for possible violations of Swiss asylum law.

With the migrant crisis now in its third year, more people are arriving and more are dying on often dangerous journeys to Europe from northern Africa and the Middle East.

For many migrants, Italy has become the gateway into Europe now that – in response to a public backlash over the more than one million who streamed to the continent in 2015 – borders have slammed shut along the Balkan corridor and an accord between Turkey and the EU has stemmed an influx into Greece.

More than 140,000 asylum seekers are now housed in Italian shelters, up sevenfold from 2013. Italy has increasingly struggled to cope as Austria, France and Switzerland have turned back migrants seeking onward travel.

In Switzerland, asylum requests fell by more than a third year on year in July, even as those trying to enter rose. Last week alone, Swiss border guards swept up nearly 1,800 people trying to cross from Italy without permission.
More than two-thirds have been turned away since July, up from one in seven through June this year.
Swiss Customs said this upholds the law – under Europe’s so-called Dublin System for handling refugees, migrants can be returned to their first country of registry – and reflects a rise in migrants aiming to transit elsewhere in Europe.

Under Swiss law, its Secretariat for Migration (SEM) must process anyone requesting asylum. That means border officers or police must put asylum seekers in SEM’s care even if they are ultimately deemed ineligible to stay.

migrant italy swiss

7 thoughts on “Switzerland Slams the Door Shut on Illegal Migrants

    • Slam the door, put a lock on it, and build a wall around the country! Those African primates who can climb the Swiss Alps to get in can stay. Long enough to rest and then be deported.

      BTW, I’ve never seen a black mountain climber. Too lazy? Too stupid? Both!

  1. In Switzerland the law requires (I think) that every adult citizen keep, maintain and be proficient with a modern military rifle. What is going to happen if these mud people somehow manage to become Swiss citizens?

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