Milwaukee: Dishonest CNN Edits Out Footage of Dindu’s Call for Burning Down the Suburbs

CNN caught blatantly misleading its viewers. Pathetic.

Published on Aug 16, 2016 – See the buzz!

CNN is editing the footage from the sister of victim Sylville Smith to make it seem as though she is calling for peace. When in reality she wants to “burn down the suburbs”.

Watch the unedited version here.

Sample youtube comments:

CNN is nothing but propaganda. Fox News is not much better. There has been an almost media blackout on Wikileaks and the Soros hack. Due to collusion of the 6 major media corporations, antitrust law needs to be used to break big media them up. Read the 28 pages and the wikileaks cables. This is the real news. The establishment for prison. #SethRIch

Even this version is edited. Right after she says WE NEED OUR SHIT she actually said something like, “WE NEED OUR WEAVES.” Not even fucking kidding

Dude was a killed with a stolen hand gun and long rap sheet. The world is better off.

Maybe killing/arresting/snitching on your local gangbanger would be a better idea than burning down innocent folks home?

CNN is not allowed on my television. They are liars.

14 thoughts on “Milwaukee: Dishonest CNN Edits Out Footage of Dindu’s Call for Burning Down the Suburbs

  1. That get’s said every time there is a riot. It ain’t gonna happen. They never even go out of their neighborhood to other parts of the city. The neighborhood they burn is their own safe space, unless the cops go with them to the suburbs to make sure that they won’t get hurt, they won’t go. The suburbs are unfamiliar and somehow scary.

  2. I have seen this clip. The Reluctant Nabi You Tuber does an analysis of this….she is all concerned about saving “weave shops”. Very high concerns here (sarcasm).

    Really, these people should go down DC. DC and its pandering to the oligarchs is the root of all these problems.

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