Lying Latino Charged in Imam Murders that Idiot Muslims Blamed on Trump

oscar morel

Hispanics may be much loved by leftists because of the relative ease with which they can be sent across the border into America to displace the European-American population.

But this story shows that Latinos are in the back of the bus compared to Muslims sitting in the driver’s seat. The New York City legal system is taking some big steps to pander to Muslims in the case of the Iman murders.

Excerpt from the New York Times

The Queens district attorney’s office on Tuesday upgraded the charges against a man accused of gunning down an imam and his assistant on a sidewalk, adding a single count of first-degree murder for an attack that a prosecutor described in court as a “coldblooded and premeditated assassination.”

imam shooting death nyc

On Tuesday, the man, Oscar Morel, 35, made his first appearance in Queens Criminal Court since his arrest in the Saturday afternoon attack. He is accused of approaching the imam, Alauddin Akonjee, 55, and his assistant, Thara Miah, 64, from behind in the Ozone Park neighborhood and shooting them execution-style.

Although investigators said they had not determined the motive for the attack, Peter McCormack, an assistant district attorney, described it as “a most horrendous and despicable act.”

“The defendant ran up behind both of them and pumped numerous bullets into them,” he said, “striking them both in the head, leaving them lying on the street mortally wounded.”

Mr. Morel, chained at his hands and feet, shuffled into a packed courtroom, filled with worshipers from the men’s mosque in Ozone Park, family members of the victims and some of Mr. Morel’s relatives. His mother sat with her head in her hands.

The judge ordered that Mr. Morel be held without bail. He is scheduled to return to court on Thursday.

His lawyer, Leonard Ressler, said that his client maintained his innocence. He said that Mr. Morel denied any involvement and “insists this case proceeds as quickly as possible.”

Mr. Morel, who has been in police custody since late Sunday, was charged on Monday night with two counts of second-degree murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

In a search of Mr. Morel’s home Monday night, investigators found a weapon that ballistics tests confirmed was used in the attack, law enforcement officials said. The weapon, a .38-caliber revolver, was found inside a wall in his apartment, officials said.

Prosecutors added the first-degree murder charge, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison without parole, because the attack was believed to be “the intentional killing of two individuals during the same transaction,” the district attorney, Richard A. Brown, said in a statement.

Pursuing such a charge is an unusual step, officials said, typically reserved for cases like the killing of a police officer. Examples in recent years in Queens include the case of Mazoltuv Borukhova and Mikhail Mallayev, who were convicted in the 2007 killing of Dr. Borukhova’s estranged husband at a playground in front of the couple’s 4-year-old daughter, and the Wendy’s massacre in 2000, in which bound-and-gagged fast-food workers were shot execution-style.

Many in the Bangladeshi community who live in the area around Ozone Park have argued that the attack on Saturday was a hate crime, noting that the men were dressed in religious garb. Officials said prosecuting the case as a hate crime remained possible.

“While the motivation for this violent act is still unclear and continues to be investigated, one of the possible motives being explored is whether this was a hate crime,” Mr. Brown said. Regardless of whether a hate crime had been committed, he added, “the crime will be vigorously prosecuted, and we will seek the most serious penalties that our law allows.”

Outside the courthouse after the arraignment, the victims’ relatives said they were struggling to grasp what had happened. “I would like to ask that man why he killed my brother,” said Mashuk Uddin, Mr. Miah’s brother. “I want to know what was his reason.”

Mr. Morel, who was seen after his arrest wearing a work shirt embroidered with his name and the New School’s logo, has worked as a porter for the university since November 2013, the school said in a statement. He had one previous arrest, on a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession, law enforcement officials said.

His relatives declined to talk to reporters after the hearing.

Ali Rivera, a longtime friend of Mr. Morel’s, said he was stunned by the allegations. He added that he had never heard Mr. Morel, whom he saw two weeks ago at a family function, say anything disparaging about Muslims. “He’s a good guy,” Mr. Rivera said. “He never messes with anybody. I don’t believe he could do it.”

Morel is lying about no involvement. Hell, the police found the murder weapon concealed in his wall. Furthermore, although the story doesn’t mention how police were led to him, he allegedly was involved in a hit-and-run accident as he fled the scene of the murders.

What’s missing right now is the motive. The press are going to have trouble pinning these killings on “Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric.” “Divisive” is what the left calls honest talk about race, religion, and ethnicity.

Somehow, looking at him, I don’t think Morel is a Trump supporter. If he were, the police would be reporting that they found a Make America Great Again cap in his apartment, along with the gun.

Latinos don’t like blacks and Muslims. They’re likely to act on that dislike. That’s probably what we’ll find to be the motive in this case, along with some personal reason unknown to police right now.

Expect to hear the refrain, “It’s Trump’s fault” over and over again before the November election.

8 thoughts on “Lying Latino Charged in Imam Murders that Idiot Muslims Blamed on Trump

  1. They’re still gonna blame Trump for it, they can’t back off it now. “Conservatives” can really learn something about political psywar from libtards- keep on your position. The more irrational lit is the better chance you’ll have of dominating.

  2. Uh, oh. Crap hits the fan now. A minority murders a Moslem. Gotta find a really crazy, extreme motive or the angst will kill the entire platform. I know! Let’s blame Trump!

  3. Does this spic have no TV set? No double murderer ever hides the murder weapon in his own wall. He throws it in to deep water, maybe off the Staten Island ferry would be a good journey to take before going home. In the TV shows they just chuck it off a jetty or pier, only at night of course.
    Only an idiot would hide the murder weapon used on their own property. especially if he had a car accident, hit and run style,on the way home. So I do not know what to make of this.
    Maybe the muzzies did not pay him, or were firing him?

    • I suspect that there’s a dispute over money or a woman involved. This Latino looks mostly black and pretty damn retarded. Their stupidity knows no upper bound, so hiding the gun doesn’t surprise me.

  4. “Latinos don’t like blacks and Muslims. They’re likely to act on that dislike.”

    Paladin, I know you dislike Latinos, but what you stated is the key to a divide and conquer strategy. The far right can never win. Latinos are the reason I’ll never see a BLM protest in my neck of the woods. I don’t have to worry about the knock out game or any other nonsense. The Latino can be turned against the jew on the basis of stealing labor.

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