F*ck yourself: German vice-chancellor ‘flips bird’ to right-wing youths who call him traitor

sigmar gabriel salute

And you think democracy is real when the leaders of Germany have utter contempt for the people? Wake up.


A handful of noisy far-right youngsters tried to disrupt an event of German Social Democrats in a town of Salzgitter, shouting insults at the party leader, Sigmar Gabriel. But the political heavyweight did not get flustered and fired back.

A video that emerged online on Tuesday, shows a group of young men in black jackets shouting “People’s traitors!” at the vice-chancellor and his aides while holding placards reading “Who betrayed us? Social Democrats!”

Gabriel then tries to bring his angry staff to reason, smiles and all of a sudden gives his middle finger to the far-right protesters.

Accompanied by his staff, Gabriel turns his back and slowly walks away.

The incident happened on Friday in the town of Salzgitter, central Germany, where Gabriel had come to support the Social Democrats’ electoral event.

“Man, your father loved his country, and what are you doing? You’re destroying it!” they yell, referring to Gabriel’s father, who was a member of NSDAP party until 1945.

In mid-June, Gabriel gave a stunning interview to several German newspapers, telling reporters that “I’ve already heard everything what they [the far-right] say from my father, who was a Nazi until his last breath.

“There’re people … who want the old West Germany of 1960s back, where women sit at home, gays and lesbians are unseen and old Wehrmacht songs are being sung in beer bars,” he claimed, according to Die Welt. “Terrible.”

Sigmar Gabriel had better hope that the right wing youths in Germany whose justifiable disgust with his party’s policies don’t turn violent and assassinate the son of a bitch and his family. For now, these protests are peaceful, but a people pushed against the wall will eventually make a bloody revolution inevitable.

Note that in the video I found of the incident that the publisher calls the young protesters by the slur neo-Nazi. Soon, that label will be worn proudly by traditional youth worldwide, if the elected politicians do not listen while there is time to listen.

5 thoughts on “F*ck yourself: German vice-chancellor ‘flips bird’ to right-wing youths who call him traitor

  1. “Note that in the video I found of the incident that the publisher calls the young protesters by the slur neo-Nazi.”

    Yeah, it seems like anyone who cares about his country and isn’t buying into the whole liberal bullshit is now a nazi or neo-nazi.
    And we see, again, the same thing happening as before WW2, where nationalistic germans were denigrated by jews and their affiliates with the term nazi.

    • Bingo. Just call anyone you disagree with a Nazi. It’s become tiresome at this point. I hope people are aware of the rhetorical trick. And if you don’t call them a nazi, just call them a racist.

  2. Are they so Americanized over there that they don’t even have they own forms of cussing to where they have only the middle finger?

  3. here is even more – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=013Jq2eoDfw

    This is why mad cow Merkel is so “successful”, as Germany is packed with liberally tranquilized Socialist morons. Although we are surprised that this is happening in Germany, particularly in dependence on German’s tradition, and we somehow have high expectations from Germans. Unfortunately, this shit is spread across the whole White civilization, and generation-Z (pussy-generation) is probably even worse.


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