Elderly White Man Charged with Murder of “Dirty Arab” Neighbor


This is a pro-white, Christian, traditionalist, alt-right web site. It is not a hate site by any stretch of the imagination.

We know as a fact that there are problems mixing racial groups and cultures with European culture and blood. We reject that mixing by pointing out the foibles of other groups and MOCKING THEM.

Once in a while we run into a true hater among our own people. It’s much rarer to find a hater among the European peoples than the SPLC and the lapdog media would have the world believe.

Generally speaking our objective is separation, not a “final solution.”

The criminal acts of Vernon Majors have NOT helped our cause. Furthermore, his marriage to a man indicates that he is not one of us, but rather an eccentric outlier.

Excerpt from Heavy

An Arab-American Christian was shot dead on his porch by a neighbor who racially harassed the victim’s family for years, police said. Khalid Jabara, 37, was killed on the night of August 12 at his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The suspect in the shooting is Stanley Vernon Majors, 61. He’s also accused of hitting Jabara’s mother with his car in 2015. Homicide Sergeant Dave Walker told the media that Majors has had problems with his neighbors for years.

After the shooting, KJRH reports that Majors pointed a gun at a witness before fleeing the scene. He was arrested a short time later hiding behind a tree at a nearby school. While Jabara was rushed to a local hospital, he was pronounced dead there shortly after arriving.

In 2013, Jabara’s mother, Haifa had a protective order issued against Majors, reports Fox Tulsa. The station says she was accusing Majors of sexually and racially harassing her. While Khalid took out a similar order against Majors in January 2015. News on 6 reported in September 2015 that Majors took out protective orders against the Jabara family, accusing them of threatening to blackmail him.

Tulsa World reports that Majors is accused of hitting Haifa Jabara with his car in September 2015.

The statement from the Jabara family says that Haifa Jabara says that she suffered a broken shoulder and ankle as well as head trauma and collapsed lung following the incident. Tulsa World reports that Majors is due to go on trial in March 2017 for that offense. At the time of the Jabara shooting, Majors was forbidden from owning a gun. He is being charged with first-degree murder and firearm possession.

News on 6 reported in September 2015 that when police pulled over Majors after Haifa Jabara was injured, he told them that the victim’s family were “filthy Lebanese.”

Majors is no stranger to law enforcement. The Tulsa World reports that in 2009, he was sentenced to 16 months in prison for threatening to “terrorize” Los Angeles. While in March 2015, Majors was also taken into jail for violating Haifa Jabara’s protection order. The World reports that Majors refused to put down a beer he was drinking before he was arrested and then “chugged it.”

Speaking to the media on August 15 Assistant District Attorney John David Luton said it was too early to say if Majors will be charged with a hate crime. While Oklahoma Civil Rights director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations Veronica Laizure, told the Tulsa World, “There were some concerns arising from the perpetrator’s past actions, and there are some questions about how he was able to continue to harass and threaten and intimidate this family, as well as others in the neighborhood.”

Online records show that on Christmas Day 2014, Majors married a man named Stephen Anthony Schmauss, 74. Further records show that the couple lived in Diamond Bar, California, just east of Los Angeles, together.

I believe Majors had an easy choice to make, which was to ignore the Middle Eastern family he terrorized, while devoting his energies to protesting America’s immigration laws. He made the wrong choice.

He should have been in prison after his earlier crimes. He will be now.

Good riddance.

I first saw this story on the Daily Mail. It’s also being widely covered by most major news outlets.

9 thoughts on “Elderly White Man Charged with Murder of “Dirty Arab” Neighbor

    • His faggotry won’t buy him a pass on the murder charge, but the MSM will bury the story. If he was straight, white, and Christian, he would be the lead story on the news for days.

      I guess maybe he did it in revenge for the Orlando fag murders?

  1. USA is lenient on haters. In the UK and Europe words are enough to go to jail.
    “the victim’s family were “filthy Lebanese.””
    Yes that is true, Lebs are filth.

    “The World reports that Majors refused to put down a beer he was drinking before he was arrested and then “chugged it.” That is fair to me, he paid for it, it is his property and only one way he can carry it with him.

    This guy is a legend, shame he is a Gaylord. If all whites were as ornery and action minded, dirty Lebs would stay in Lebanon and filthy Arabs would stay in filthy Arab countries.
    Actions speak louder than words.

    • I’m not sure what the police purpose was to include that business about the beer. Maybe to show he didn’t care about the arrest. Obviously, they want us to know that the victims are Christians, whatever the hell that means in a Middle Eastern sense.

  2. He is a strange looking man. “Guilty as hell” Nixon would say. Juries will not like this guy. he looks eccentric, unkempt and a bit mad. They will not like the victim Muzzies either.
    Top of his head is narrow and eyes close together. Maybe his skull was crushed by forceps during birth, or he might be a bit inbred?

  3. “Christmas Day 2014, Majors married a man named Stephen Anthony Schmauss, 74. ”

    How could a happily married poof kill anybody? Homos are so gentle, sweet and kind, that is what they have been telling us for decades on the (((MSM))). They would not hurt even a small boy!

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