Dyke Ellen Degeneres Facing Racism Accusations After Posting Usain Bolt Pic

Nobody cares.


Comedienne and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has been the subject of a fierce social media backlash after tweeting an edited picture of Usain Bolt at the Olympics that some have described as racist.

“I am highly aware of the racism that exists in our country,” DeGeneres tweeted on Tuesday in response to criticisms. “It is the furthest thing from who I am.”

The row centered on a photo of Bolt taken during a 100-meter semifinal on Sunday, in which the Jamaican sprinter appears to smile as he glances back towards his competitors in the race.

The image his gone viral in recent days, with many different versions of it created for comic effect and shared widely on social media.

On Monday DeGeneres tweeted saying: “This is how I’m running errands from now on.” The image showed her riding on Bolt’s back.

Many criticised the depiction of a white woman riding on a black man’s back:

The story goes on to show numerous Tweets condemning Degeneres’ racism, along with many others with a more sane view of matters. Some of the insane Tweets even refer to Ellen’s “white privilege” and advocate boycotting her TV show.

Since Ellen is a politically correct anti-racist, lesbo activist, let’s enjoy the spectacle of the left feverishly trying to destroy one of its own. These lunatics will never stop looking for opportunites to be offended so that they can have their 15 minutes of fame.

The more the left turns everything into a racist accusation, the more exposed they are as petty little worthless tyrants.

13 thoughts on “Dyke Ellen Degeneres Facing Racism Accusations After Posting Usain Bolt Pic

  1. ‏@Meanjean2300
    @MikeAllen_47 @TheEllenShow You coon lovers need to STFU. Go be offended by the jews killing innocent Palestinians and the Holohoax.
    7:45 AM – 18 Aug 2016

    I just wish Twitter gave more spaces to type. Let’s see if he answers.

      • Maybe I’m so politically incorrect that I just don’t get why this is “racist” in any way. So okay, Bolt is black and she is white but obviously she is trying to highlight how FAST he is – not anything about his race.

      • Anyone with common sense when they read Ellen’s comment would see there’s nothing “racist” about it. The left’s goal is to create anarchy and scare everyone into accepting a leftist police state. Most people understand that the left consists of mentally ill petty tyrants who hate us because we are successful and able to think clearly about their evil agenda.

  2. She is riding on the back of the black man, and she is a burden for the white man also.. She is a Jew Racial Supremacist and she is also a lesbian.
    Jews like her are parasites, so the image is an apt one. Yes she is a racist making fun of Coons. Big teeth, even, that is a big no no..
    Jew + Lesbian + no talent equals TV star on the Jew owned networks.

    • I checked but could find no evidence that she’s a Jew, but I only had time for a cursory check. Her brother was known in the New Orleans music scene when I was a young man.

      Wikipedia has nothing on her being a Jew and she doesn’t fit the New Orleans Jew type that I knew growing up there. I agree that she’s worthless, but why Hollywood has promoted her I attribute to he lesbianism, not her Jewishness.


      • To me she looks and acts AshkeNazi Jewish.
        BTW we should never try to stop a catfight, or lefties attacking each other. Always stand aside, never step in to the middle and become the target instead.
        Her picture is racist to me. She just thinks because she is a lezzo (and maybe a Jew) that she can get away with it.
        Wiggers love blacks but what about the other way around? Probably Coons hate wiggers and celebrities that pretend they “love” blacks.
        Ellen Degenerate should be a member of the Insane Clown Posse, she shares their disgusting values and wears an ugly mask.

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