Oklahoma Highway Noose Allegedly Shocks Drivers Before Being Removed


Public lynchings ought to be legalized.

Lynching is on people’s minds, for sure.

CBS News

MOUNDS, Okla. – A display of nooses shocked motorists along an Oklahoma highway.

CBS Tulsa affiliate KOTV reports the display was up for only a short time, and had been placed there because the homeowner was trying to deter thieves.

The nooses were hung in a tree with a sign that read: “It’s best not to be hanging around this area after dark.”

Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice told KOTV the homeowner removed the signs voluntarily after a day or so because of the negative attention on social media and possible danger of people stopping on the highway to look at it. Rice said the display was not illegal.

KJRH-TV reports that the owner of the display, Merle Martindale, says it was not meant to be racist, just merely a warning to any potential thief.

But driver Terrance Reed Sr. says a noose in America represents what used to happen to African Americans. Reed says he considers the display to be an attack on his heritage.

Driver Dennis Varner says the display also bothered him. Varner says the display is discrimination and America shouldn’t put up with it.

The only drivers shocked by the nooses would be blacks. Otherwise, nobody cares.

hey thats pretty good gif

thats racist gif

3 thoughts on “Oklahoma Highway Noose Allegedly Shocks Drivers Before Being Removed

  1. By legalized public lynching, I mean that after a trial and conviction for a capital crime, then then a large group of volunteers would be legally empowered to drag a prisoner from his cell, transport him to a prominent tree where a crowd would gather as witnesses. Then the volunteers would be empowered to hang the miscreant. The whole process could be broadcast on the Internet.

    Harsh? Yes, but it would have a strong deterrent effect. I care more about victims than murderers and rapists. Can you say the same?

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  3. So is a noose automatically and only associated with lynching and Black people? That’s it, all around the world? It is and has been death penalty here and elsewhere, why not associate it wit that. Why associate it at all? I associate nooses with cowboy movies, like “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.”

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