Huge Black Whale Trashes Store After Shoplifting Candy Bars

store trashed negress

The Smoking Gun

A woman spent nearly 10 minutes trashing a Florida market after the owner caught her stealing candy bars and locked the front door, according to surveillance video.

In a bid to identify the suspect, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office today released the above video showing the woman throwing items around the Shell convenience store during the March incident.

According to police, the store owner automatically locked the front door upon seeing the woman place $11 worth of candy bars in her pockets. Unable to depart the business, the woman (pictured at right) began tossing merchandise on the store’s floor.

The vandalism was recorded by four surveillance cameras.

After the woman started smashing and throwing bottles, it appears an employee relented and unlocked the door, allowing the suspect to escape on foot.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the woman’s identity to call the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, while the local Crime Stoppers is offering a possible reward of up to $3000.

Full surveillance video:

A minute and a half excerpt from the surveillance footage:

This dummy will be back inside the store within a few days, acting like nothing happened. The Negress is too stupid to know that she’s stupid.

The cost of doing business in the ghetto due to shoplifting and vandalism by the jigaboo population must be enormous. Eventually, those costs get passed along to the rest of us.

14 thoughts on “Huge Black Whale Trashes Store After Shoplifting Candy Bars

  1. I don’t get it, why the clerk simply didn’t sucker punch her, he was Black too, hence no wacist consequences for his action, no riots, no MSM attention and sheboon wouldn’t even qualify for Hussein’s daughter

    • Most of these sows carry knives. Maybe he didn’t want to get cut. Probably though, there’s a company policy regarding shoplifters and he didn’t want to get fired for violating company policy. Policy probably says you can’t hit them for fear of a lawsuit.

      I’me just making a guess. But mark my words, she’ll be back in that store like nothing happened unless the police nab her first.

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  3. Yeah, yeah. We’d all do this and we’d all do that, however, we were not there and as was mentioned above, we don’t know the store policy on shoplifting and robbery. With 4 cameras rolling, they’ll pick her up eventually.

    The first responsibility for a clerk is to secure his personal safety and then that of the owner’s property. I’m hoping he’ll give an interview so we know exactly what happened.

  4. In the United States of Arabia, one can steal a soda and get up to five years in prison. Yet, women and men and children get physically, sexually, and/or psychologically abused all the time and nothing is done to the perps. In fact, the groupthink out here in Arabia is to blame the vic, especially if the victim is female (why was she walking at that time….blah blah).

    Serves the turban heads right for trying to come here and usurp power. Ultimately, your own brothas and sistahs in brown or black will turn on you.

    She was smart and manipulated this man in letting her go.

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