Finally! Strong, Angry Father Vows Vengeance on Daughter’s Rapist-Murderer

karina vetrano

phil vetrano

The last name “Vetrano” is Scicilian. I consider the Scicilians to be members of my white extended family. Nordic supremacists may disagree, but recall that Adolf Hitler partnered with the Italians.

In any case, the father of a slain jogger has vowed vengeance upon his daughter’s rapist-killer. There’s no political correctness in him. There’s no weak, wimpy turn the other cheek.

I believe he will try to have his daughter’s killer executed, perhaps by himself. If I were a cop, I’d let him have 15 minutes alone with her murderer. And if Phil didn’t have a gun, I’d give him mine.

Gothamist reports that there’s now $240,000 in reward money for information leading to the killer.

The entire community of Howard Beach, Queens, heavily Italian-American, has chipped in to the reward fund. This offers a shining example of how white folks should stick together and watch out for our own. Howard Beach has a long history of not putting up with black’s sh*tty behavior. Those folks know that an African primate is most likely the killer. It’s good to see them unite.

CBS News

QUEENS, New York — The New York City man who found his 30-year-old daughter slain in a marsh after she vanished on her jog has a message for the woman’s killer.

“I’m sorry for you, because you will pay,” Phil Vetrano said at a news conference Wednesday. “You will pay here, you will pay now and you will pay for an eternity. There’s no way to hide. We’re going to find you.”

Vetrano pleaded for help solving the Aug. 8 murder of his daughter Karina, who was murdered Aug. 2 as she jogged through a marshy area of Spring Creek Park near her home in Howard Beach, near the Queens coastline. Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said her father went into the woods and found her body as he searched with investigators.

karina vetrano2

Police said Karina Vetrano was strangled and possibly sexually assaulted. She was face down with her teeth broken, scrapes on her legs and her sports bra and shorts pulled down, sources said.

Police sources also said one of her hands was clutching grass, indicating she may have been dragged. Police said she was found 15 feet off the path.

The NYPD believes the attack was a random one, and Boyce has said police believe there to be a “severe community threat.” Officials are offering a $20,000 reward in the case.


Phil Vetrano is no dumb ass, lily-livered, stinking liberal cuck. He’s a real man who doesn’t give a sh*t what anybody thinks.

We have another role model. Let’s follow Phil’s example. Let’s stick together and show no mercy to these monsters.


Update: Fox 5 reports that 700 people turned out for a memorial march for Karina. I also saw a headline that her mother told the killer to “burn in hell.” Excellent!

37 thoughts on “Finally! Strong, Angry Father Vows Vengeance on Daughter’s Rapist-Murderer

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  2. Notice how he doesn’t ‘forgive’ the perpetrator. If he were a Northern Euro he would have all but felted the perpetrator.

    • More poopaganda. I do not hear about Italians burning down refugee camps.

      Lesbo phantasies with middle class moms and faggot Northern Euros. Must be interesting to live in your world. Hahahahahahaha

      • Italians have lashed out at invaders, even running them out of towns, like Rosarno for instance. You haven’t heard of that because you don’t want to.

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  4. I am 100% pure Sicilian. Most people do not know, that the Sicilian language is not a dialect of Italian (per NY Times), but the original of the Romance languages, as it is mixed with Latin. There is a reason for that. The upper echelon of the Imperial Roman Army, and, the loyal ones, who filled the ranks, had gone to Sicily, at the incipient stages when the degenerates who led Rome down the wrong (liberal) path, allowed Rome to fall. Sicily, has the actual families of the troopers who tamed the Great Mantle of Europe. My paternal side, of the Roman general, went into the Central Highlands, and my maternal side is from Palermo. Many teachings during the course of a lifetime. Reasons for everything. I will not fill up your page. Our skin, is properly termed, as Bronze. Two or three minutes in the sun, and we do not go pink, we start to turn bronze.

    Of the many things bred into Sicilians is, what is the Code of the Mafia, who took the Code, from the Roman troopers. It is: “Sicario – Vendicare – Omerta”. Not in a criminal sense, but correctly, that which is necessary to enforce SPQR [Translation: Senate and People of Rome.] [Meaning: You will become one of us, or perish (be killed)]. Blood Oaths. The Vows. “God forgives, I don’t. If you want forgiveness, go to church. You mess with me or mine, you will certainly die.”

    • Excellent comment, Sicilians are great folks. As for the mafia, that is a more recent phenomenon, many have tried to link it to the Beati Paoli and even to ancient times; but I doubt it goes back that far. Sicily was a source of male and female slaves for the Barbary Coast for close to 3 centuries, this long suffering island must stop being maligned.

      • I am a direct descendant of the Roman general, Brittius. He was a (4-star) general, and Consul, of Rome. He led his 10th Legion (Julius Caesar’s legion three centuries earlier), from the very front, never the rear. We was respected and loved by the troops. The Roman Senate out of respect to him, had named him to be Emperor of the Roman Empire. There was a plot by the degenerates to kill him, because he had family values. He died nine days before the plot was hatched, of a heart attack. The plotters were found out via their bragging, and were killed mysteriously by his troopers. My paternal family had to flee Rome and went back to Sicily. There was wealth. Land was owned in the region below Mount Blanc, and in Assisi, Alto Adige, and along the east coast of Italy. After Rome fell, ties were established with Catalan, Spain, of the former 9th Roman Legion families (Espana), the 9th, always were on the flank of 10th. Covert commerce as the new Ten Crowns (kingdoms) made taxation, brutal (sound familiar?). My family came to America in 1861, as shipwrights. The big boatyard in palermo, that builds 300 foot yachts, to this day, confirmed by friends, bears my name in the buttress walls. The men of my family until 1861, were educated in Spain. What happened, is that land in Sicily, was leased to sharecrop farmers. They did not want to pay the lease, because they defiantly said, who are these high and mighty landowners. Price was place on my family members and they were murdered, by the fruit pickers, who worked for the farmers. The farmers, thought, with my family out of the way, the farmers would rise to take their place, and the lowly fruit pickers would become the sharecrop farmers. As it was happening, the pickers, killed the farmers. La Cosa Nostra (This Thing of Ours). That is how the Mafia started. My family had four Counts ($$$). The last of our land was given to family in 1966, who thought they owned the land until a renovation loan and mortgage company checked records. Then they contacted us, and we signed the land as gift to them. The six treasure stashes, have never been found. Imagine, me, rich (ROFLMFAO!!).

    • Palermo is a beautiful city. I was there many years ago. The food and the people were magnificent. The catacombs were a sight to see. The men and women there were gorgeous. I remember going to the fish market and it was literally like being transported in time from the 1920’s.

  5. When Sicilians first entered Ellis Island, they were labeled as ‘black’. When Slavs first entered Ellis island, they were labeled as ‘black’.

    Ethiopians, though African, are more like Indo-Aryans.

    My point in saying all this is who gives a shyte BUT……

    My beef with the WN movement is that it refuses to recognize that Nords are different. If one recognizes the distinctness of Sicilians, of Slavs, etc. then one MUST recognize the distinctness of Nords.

    Every tribe (I do not do race) has its place on this planet. Let Sicilians be Sicilian and let Nords be Nords.

      • PJ, this comment directly violates your policy. It’s so wrong, so unjustified, that I’m sure no other website would tolerate this, either.

      • I’m working on editing offensive remarks out of the comments. I go away for a day and a feud breaks out.

        One thing needs to be clarified though. Zerohedge, Infowars, and many other sites allow commenters to spew insults at each other. I prefer that we not do that since we’re all on the same alt-right team here, even though we may disagree about specific issues.

    • @Rifleman. Your post was most interesting. Far more so than the usual, divisive rants of a certain self-absorbed poster who seems to delight in offending others and deliberately being hurtful, all the while playing the poor victim herself. If she’s not a troll out to sabotage white unity, she sure acts like one. She can’t seem to understand the concept of “extended family” in racial terms. That is, that the precious Nords (whatever her definition of that is, Northern Europeans?) have far more in common genetically with other Europeans than with Asians, Africans,and Polynesians; that all persons of European descent have a common enemy and we should unite to resist extinction. To use one of her favorite turns of phrase, who the “shyte” cares about Nords? Who has ever on this site or anywhere else denied that Nords or any particular European group have their own identity? that they are distinct? Who gives it any thought except for her? The only thing she’s ever written that I agree with is that “Nords are different.” Looking at pathetic, embarrassing Sweden, a person would have to concur. A poster some time back recommended the book Human Accomplishment.. The Scandinavians don’t make the top of the list for significant human accomplishment unless Holland, England and Germany are classified as being in the same group. However, considering this woman’s strict club standards one would think England (Celt ) and Germany (Alpine) would be too mixed for the “oh look I’ve got blond kids” lady. Italy, however, is one of the big 4 (Britain; France; Germany; Italy). Italy has contributed far more to this world than all of Scandinavia combined. Oh, yes, one more LOL comment from this site’s resident arbiter of all things racial: “Ethiopians, though African, are more like Indo-Aryans.”
      Really? Then Indo Aryans must be one dumb bunch. The average Ethiopian IQ is 69 from some references and 63 from others. Anyway, Rifleman, hopefully you’ll continue to post. Don’t let her drive you away as she has so many others.


    These are stories that I care about.

    Toxic masculinity is killing not only women, but now young boys turn on each other as well.

    It is okay to be different. Not every male has to be a loud machismo male. Masculinity and how it is expressed in different tribes is to respected.

    Macho men are a big turn off for me.

    I have two Nordic sons and I frankly I take issue with many of the pussy ass commenters here. You got something to say something to me and me wanting to preserve my familial blood, you can get my email from Paladin and make a statement. Please do.

    Nordicism is beautiful as are my Northern European kids. You have a problem with that, you can go “f” yourself. Why would anyone join the Pro White camp when it goes out of its way to disrespect and destroy Nordic men and women?

      • Nobody is beating her, that would be a big mistake for any man to get involved with this. WTF, most White women are not like this.

      • Hahaha! I meant she was beating her own pussy cause she likes the sound of it. No wonder she’s always so bitchy, no man, decent or otherwise would waste time on her.

      • Right on. I’ve tried to ignore her but they can’t be ignored. Maybe she is being douchy on purpose to draw the response, maybe it gives her a buzz to one annoying. As for “pussy commenters,” this catty shrew claims she doesn’t like macho men- WTF? Seriously, I hope her husband is magically smart, for the kids’ sake.

      • I know, sometimes you just have to slap her upside the head. I believe she stated she’s a single mother. Don’t know the full story. Don’t care. BTW, her “hate macho men” was directed at Rifleman III. She’s jealous she can’t have a man like that. Hell, I’d like to have a man like that! Haha! Head over to his site, very intelligent and well laid out. Just click on his name.

      • Single mom, eh…..why am I not surprised. She hates “macho men” because they won’t pick up the tab for her and her kids probably. Yeah, that Sicilian guys story was pretty awesome!


    There has been speculation….read it somewhere…that the Fairmount Park rapist may have been linked to a string of rapes/murders in Northern NJ. Could he have done this crime near Queens as well?

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