Canada Says No to White Immigrants, Yes to Chinks


Canada’s Minister of Immigration says the country wants to become China.

Immigration Minister John McCallum says the Liberal government is trying to make it easier for Chinese tourists, students and temporary workers to get visas to come to Canada — but not to the overheated housing markets of Vancouver and Toronto.

McCallum said he had “very positive and open” discussions with Chinese officials last week, seeking permission to double or triple the number of visa application centres where Chinese people can apply to come to Canada. There are currently five, including Hong Kong.

“They didn’t say yes, but they certainly didn’t say no,” McCallum told reporters in Vancouver after a roundtable discussion on immigration.

The federal strategy to attract Chinese workers and others comes at a time when debate about the role of foreign money in Vancouver’s skyrocketing house prices has reached a fever pitch.

McCallum said the government’s intention is to encourage immigrants to settle outside of Vancouver and Toronto.

“We would like to spread the immigrants across the country relatively evenly,” said McCallum.

“The last thing we want is every immigrant goes to either Toronto or Vancouver.”

McCallum said he’s hearing appetite for more immigration at his consultation sessions across Canada, especially in the Maritimes with an aging population.

“There’s a significant feeling that Canada does need more immigrants, partly because we have an aging population, and so we need more young blood to keep our economies going.”

But McCallum admitted the government can’t require immigrants to live in certain places, as Quebec’s immigrant investor program has shown.

“That is against the Constitution of Canada. If they are permanent residents, we cannot require them to stay anywhere. They have the right to live anywhere in Canada they wish to live.”

If this were about economics, then white immigrants from South Africa and Europe would be welcome. As would their wealth they could bring to Canada.

But there is a race replacement agenda that the Minister won’t admit to.

11 thoughts on “Canada Says No to White Immigrants, Yes to Chinks

      • Doesn’t matter who gets in, they are all jew run and will continue their extermination agenda. I think, and so do others, that WW III will start in earnest in 2017. Civil war? We are in it now, although because 2 different races are involved, some call it a race war. But war is war and things will come to a head sooner rather than later. We are out of time, we are neither organized nor fighting back on any level. Someone said Whites are now at 8%, last I heard it was 9%. Doesn’t matter, they are winning by sheer numbers.

        I’m pretty much done. All I can do from here on out is live as best as possible and go out with their blood under my fingernails.

      • Before I would let them inherit the planet, I would push the button to destroy it. One thing holds me back. The wildlife. I wonder if a neutron type bomb could be built that would leave the plants and wildlife intact but just take out nonwhites.

  1. What did you expect from a country, like USA run by a love child of a sex worker ?? (That’s the politically correct version) The normal version is “bastard sons of a whores” !

  2. “There’s a significant feeling that Canada does need more immigrants, partly because we have an aging population, and so we need more young blood to keep our economies going

    So the answer to an aging population isn’t more advance tech or the promotion of more children for your own people through government programs… It’s through more immigration and it’s aid with government programs.

    The days we live in now will be known as the days when stupidity took over humanity and when government and elected officials actually worked AGAINST the people who chose them. Traitors all of them. And the idiot majority is too brainwashed to see it.

    Not to mention the complete hipocrisy of libtards saying there are too many people in the world, so when european/white nations start declining, which imo isn’t that bad since it would lead to better resource management, what fo we need? More immigration of course!

    • Excellent thoughts. The right government policies would result in more white children. Furthermore, who needs a bunch of unskilled labor now that we’re on the verge of roboting many functions formerly performed by humans.

      • Yep, pretty much. And even if humans performed those jobs, if there is a high demand for it you can bet wages will go up and ofc people will then go towards that job. That’s how market works. But instead, libtards and corporations want to bring in immigrants that work at the lowest wage, thus driving them down. Because, if there are people who would do a job at a lower pay, you can bet that corporations will hire those people.

        And also, if there was 0 unemployement in a country and everyone who wanted a job had one and a good one at that and you had a lot more vacant jobs that needed filling, then and ONLY then i’d agree with immigration and it should be immigrants that are schooled and know the language and how to do their job (not to mention abiding the country’s laws and culture).

        But none of this is happening. I’m sure you know why.

    • Those aging populations should have had more kids, but the Boomertards were too busy California groovin’ and listening to the Beatles.

      The gooks are just here because there is a billion of them and they are cheap fodder. They will be the docs administering anesthesia for the multiple surgeries the Boomers will need to sustain their health, their wealth, their lifestyle. Once the boomers go, so will the gooks.

      Europeans in the States and in Canada just need to keep having kids and more of them and fuck worrying about welfare – let the taxes from the gook income pay for that shyte. Make it expensive for them to be here. Live free and do not buy shyte. Get what you can and have no shame in this “game”,

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