Black Wife Rips Open White Husband’s Scrotum During Row

vianey manzanilla de la cruz

The Afro-Caribbean Negress in this story is a medical doctor in Britain. What the *#%k! There is no way in hell that this violent, rather stupid looking creature should be practicing medicine in the West.

Her husband’s last name originates in France, but he may be a “white Hispanic” rather than an authentic Frenchman. Whatever, his scrotum situation illustrates why marrying a Negress is not a good idea.

A doctor ripped her husband’s scrotum with her long fingernails during a drunken row, a court heard.

It is alleged that Vianey Manzanillo De La Cruz, 32, grabbed hold of Alexandre Daband’s privates when he tried to throw her out of their flat in Bermondsey, south London.


He ended up having to have it stitched up in hospital following the attack in which it is alleged she threatened him with an umbrella and knife.

His now estranged wife, from the Dominican Republic, was arrested but told police she was only acting in self defence when she scratched her spouse’s testicles.

Prosecutor George Heimler, said: ‘The injury in this case is caused by her grabbing hold of the testicles and with her nails and actually ripping the skin part.

‘The issue really in this case is not did the defendant cause the injury but whether or not she did so unlawfully.’

The alleged attack happened in April after they had been drinking heavily and he had been sick repeatedly from all the tequila.

While in bed he said she attacked him with an umbrella and brandished a knife. When he tried to get her out of the flat.

ow my balls gif

Deport this worthless creature before a white man loses his manliness to her foul temper.

4 thoughts on “Black Wife Rips Open White Husband’s Scrotum During Row

  1. The whole ‘spicy Latina’ trope can put a man to sleep. Perhaps she was ‘spicier’ than expected. Mr. Daband head can be considered “Alpine,” which is the most common head type in France.

    • France is all about the swirl. Napoleon might as well have been an Arab.

      Napoleonic marriage enslaves a “white” woman to be married to a man while he dabbles in Mystery Meat mashing with no recourse or ability to divorce. Look at New Orleans, a cesspit of mystery meat – octaroon balls and “white” Irish men killing off their own women with an average of death at age 19 while these men then move on to some brown poon and marry Africans

      “F” the French. “F” most Mystery meats, which is in fact most of Europe.

      Europe = Mystery Meat

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